The Journal of Charles Rawn
February 20, 1830 to March 5, 1830 (Book 1)

Edited by Michael Barton

Here begins Charles Rawn’s thirty-five years of record-keeping, although it looks at first as if he is simply intended to record a mishmash of notes or wasn’t sure how to keep a journal. It starts with "Charles Cotesworth [sic] Rawn’s Memorandum" dated February 20, 1830, which page is then crossed out. Next comes a laundry list, literally, of items for his washerwoman, dated almost five months later, July 13, 1830, and that is crossed out. Another laundry list follows, and then we see, upside-down, "1830 Lessons, Dutch." Finally, he re-commences and maintains a daily journal, dated again February 20, 1830, and that is the point where it makes sense to begin our transcription.

The main items he mentions in the first two weeks of his journal are an Anti-Masonic state convention held in Harrisburg; a round of cotillions, dances, and parties he attends; preparation for those activities with dancing lessons; and the courtship of Miss Mary Clendenin. His attendance at court comes up too, but the journal’s opening is more about social than judicial matters. Weather conditions and church attendance are always notable matters.

The Journal

Transcriptions for this section of the journal begin February 20, 1830 and end March 5, 1830. Click on a date to begin reading.

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