The Journal of Charles Rawn
August 12, 1849 to September 14, 1849 (Book 20)

Edited by Erik J. Walker

Charles C. Rawn was providing legal counsel or serving as a person’s lawyer in four cases during this thirty-four day period in 1849, when he was 47 years old. He was representing a gentleman named Mills in a case that involved "seduction" and "abortion," possibly with a 16- or 17-year-old girl in the Henry Sutz family. Rawn spent much time with another legal assistant or lawyer, Mr. Emerson, visiting Mills in prison while the legal proceedings continued. Rawn also served as a lawyer in a case that involved the arrest of five Irishmen for a riot. The type of riot and the reason for it are not mentioned. In addition, Rawn served as legal counsel for an inheritance case for Trimble’s heirs, and also in a case that involved the American Telegraph Company of Baltimore.

From August 15 to 17, 1849, Rawn took a summer "vacation" with his family. He only mentions his wife three times over the thirty-four days, and never mentions her during the family vacation, but he always mentions his children. The Rawn family probably left early on August 15, ate breakfast at Harpers, and then traveled to Jonestown where they stopped briefly at Rauks Inn. He may have conducted some legal business and then departed for Fredericksburg or Stumpstown and then to Pine Grove. The family arrived at "Fremont" at the Shipply Hotel and later traveled to the small village of Donaldson, where they walked around and later returned to the hotel.

On August 16, 1849, the family vacation continued, their travels starting after breakfast at the Fremont. They traveled through Williams Valley to Bear Gap, where they stopped at a tavern before passing over the mountain. They later stopped at "Shaffers" to look around a mining area, and then traveled to Halifax by way of Richards Gap, where they stopped and spent the night at "Fredericks Hotel." The next day they returned home.

In September, 1849, Rawn had a legal intern under his tutelage by the name of James Bredin. As a student of law, Bredin paid Rawn $30.00 as a first installment for his instruction. On September 14, Bredin had his first examination on the first volume of Blackstone's Commentaries. The test results of Bredin’s first exam were not recorded on this day.

The Journal

Transcriptions for this section of the journal begin August 12, 1849 and end September 14, 1849. Click on a date to begin reading.

List of Names Mentioned

  • Ahciro[?], Miss Margaut
  • Albrights of Hanover
  • Allsman, Philip
  • Anthony, Mr.
  • Awl[?], Jacob M.
  • Barnitz’s, Mr. and Mrs.
  • Bealty, Mrs.
  • Beattys
  • Berver
  • Boas [?]
  • Boon, Garvin [?]
  • Boroman[?]
  • Bowman
  • Boyer, Esqs.
  • Bredin, James
  • Briggs, Mr.
  • Briggs, C., Esqr.
  • Brooks, Mr.
  • Brun, Esqs.
  • Burr
  • Callum, Mr.
  • Calvin, J.
  • Chas., Mr.
  • Chas.
  • Clearton, J.
  • Clendenin, Mr.
  • Clendenin, Mrs.
  • Daffy, Lawrence
  • Dewalt, Mr.
  • Donnehy, Magdalena
  • Dougherty, Philip
  • Duff, Saml.
  • Eliza
  • Emerson, Mr.
  • Eppley, Dave
  • Fackler, Mrs. Elizabeth
  • Falsicks
  • Felden, Mr. & Mrs. [?]
  • Fenn, Theo.
  • Fishburn, Samuel
  • Fisler, Jacob
  • Fornteys
  • Frazer, Reah
  • Green Stehley & Robbins
  • Hamilton, Rev. Mr.
  • Harman
  • Hays, Mr.
  • Heberlings, Jacob
  • Hipple, Mr. [?], Jr.
  • Hooker, Perry
  • Keagy’s
  • Keener, Mr.
  • Keever, Mr.
  • Kelker, Rudolph
  • King, Rev. Mr.
  • Krause
  • Lappe, Charles
  • Layng, G. W.
  • Martin, H. P.
  • Mary
  • McFaden, Mo.
  • McGee, Rody
  • McKeever, J. K.
  • McManus, Mo.
  • McNeal, Mrs. [?] William [?]
  • Miller, Mr.
  • Mills, Mrs. Eliza B.
  • Mills, Dr. J. G.
  • Mitchell, Rev. Mr.
  • Moyers or Myers
  • Murphy, Mr.
  • Murray, Miss Eliza
  • Murray, Keeper
  • Neidig, Saml.
  • Penniman, Geo. C.
  • Perriman, G. C.
  • Perven[?], Wi. [?]
  • Philip
  • Plunket, James
  • Pollack, Mr.
  • Rhawn, A.
  • [Rock], Peter
  • Rock, James
  • Sanders, Mr. [?] T.
  • Schaeffers
  • Shaim[?],Jas.
  • Shunk, Mrs.
  • Shunk, Mrs. Jane
  • Shunk, Jas.
  • Shunk, Sam T., Esqs.
  • Simenton, Rev. Mr.
  • Snyder
  • Snyder, C.A., Esqr.[?]
  • Sutz, Henry
  • Sutz’s family
  • Taylor, Gen.
  • Thompson, Eliza
  • Trimble, James
  • Utz, Geo.
  • Wallace, Dr. Wm.
  • Wallace, Wm. F.
  • Walters, Samuel

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