The Journal of Charles Rawn
July 1, 1852 to July 31, 1852 (Book 23)

Edited by Gerald Eggert and Michael Barton

Originally discovered and edited by Prof. Gerald Eggert of the Department of History at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, this portion of the journals contains some of the most compelling narrative passages. Here Rawn tells of his visit to the Richmond, Virgina, slave market, in order to redeem Jim Philips, a Harrisburg African American. Philips had been accused of being a runaway slave and was taken to the south by his captors. There he was sold into slavery. Because he was a prominent defender of men accused of being runaways, Rawn was employed by abolitionists to go to Virginia, purchase him, and bring him back to Harrisburg.

This portion of the journal was published in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, volume 109, pages 571-576, in October, 1985.

The Journal

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