The Journal of Charles Rawn
June 1, 1864 to June 15, 1864 (Book 28)

Edited by John W. Wolgamuth, Jr.

During June of 1864, Charles Rawn was having difficulty with his health. Despite this, he was able to continue with his career, household, and community responsibilities. He was an active lawyer, a landlord, an attentive homeowner, and a member of the Board of Enrollment.

Rawn recorded the weather every day. Rawn records that most days were "fine" and "clear"; he also describes the weather in June as "pleasant" and "coolish." Rawn does record that in a two-week period that there were three days of rain, most of which fell during the overnight hours.

Rawn ate many different types of proteins or meats. During a two-week period he consumed beef, fish, pork and eggs regularly. He also appears to have a healthy appreciation for fruits and vegetables such as asparagus, rhubarb, and strawberries. Rawn may have a sweet tooth as well, because he does purchase both white sugar and brown sugar on a few occasions during the first two weeks of June.

Rawn keeps extremely detailed records about how he spends his money, down to every nickel and penny. When Rawn goes to the market to purchase groceries or other household items, he is very disciplined about accounting for everything that he has purchased. For example, on June 7th, Rawn notes in his journal that he purchased 2 1/2 pounds of beef for $.50, and that he bought 2 lbs of butter for $.40, as well as salad for $.04. Rawn was also equally as detailed in recording the fees that he received from his legal clients or the rents that he collected from his tenants. On June 7th, Rawn records that he received $5.00 in fees from Mrs. Mary Lehman for his services in a lawsuit on her behalf. He also received $8.00 from John Hamilton on the 7th as rent.

Rawn makes mention of every day and the amount of time that he spends working with the Board of Enrollment. During a two-week period he works with the Board of Enrollment examining drafted men on eleven different days. The number of days that Rawn devotes gives a good indication that the need for manpower is very important in the Union Army. This need is further emphasized by the fact that Rawn travels to or is involved in examining drafted men in three different counties, Snyder, Juniata, and Dauphin, in just two weeks.

Rawn is involved in two legal cases during these two weeks and mentions working with clients on six different occasions; unfortunately, there is too little information to get a good grasp on the cases. The same can be said for Rawn as a landlord; he expends very little effort discussing his role. Rawn does note when, and from whom, and how much rent he collects, but he provides no other details. During the two weeks Rawn collects rent from nine different individuals, a total of $104.00.

Rawn appears to enjoy riding very much, which he does with Calvin on two occasions. Rawn also was involved with his church; he attended church on June 5th which he seemed to enjoy very much. He goes into great detail in describing the sermon that Reverend James DeWitt gives on this particular Sunday.

A significant event that takes place during the first two weeks of the month is the reception that is planned and held for the "Penna Reserves" that return from the "battle fields of the Potomac" after three years of conflict. Rawn makes the comment that they left with 20,000 men and that only 2,000 have returned home. Rawn appears to have taken part in the planning and was present at the reception when the troops arrived in Harrisburg.

The Journal

Transcriptions for this section of the journal begin June 1, 1864 and end June 15, 1864. Click on a date to begin reading.

List of Names Mentioned

  • Anderson, Samuel
  • Baker, Geo. G. S.
  • Baker, Henry N.
  • Beal, Mr.
  • Brmnold, Mr.
  • Calvin, Rev.
  • Charlton, Dr.
  • Clement, Captain
  • Curtin, Gov.
  • Davis, Mr.
  • De Witt, [James] - Son of Rev. De Witt
  • De Witt, Rev.
  • Guhl, James (?)
  • Hamilton, John
  • Jake (my boy)
  • Jones, Mr. - Tenant
  • Maylauehlim (?), J. M.
  • Mahon Jr., Mr. & Mrs.
  • Mathers, William - Sells hats
  • Moist, David
  • Muerich, R. L.
  • Neitzel, Niz
  • Owlidgme, Asker [name was very distorted, this only an approximate spelling]
  • Patterson, J. J.
  • Peffer, Alo
  • Ruin, Henry
  • Rumfort, Mayor
  • Sautter, John
  • Sehiman, Mary Mrs.
  • Srger, Melsrs Ott [name was very distorted; this only an approximate spelling]
  • Stewart, Mr. - Of Middletown Council
  • Stryker, S. Mr. - Mayor
  • Van Dyke, James
  • Whalton, Dr.
  • Wolf, John

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