The Journal of Charles Rawn
June 29, 1864 to July 14, 1864 (Book 28)

Edited by Joshua Green

This portion of Rawn's journal spans July 1 to July 14, 1864. Mr. Rawn keeps a careful record of what he pays for various items such as groceries. He also goes into great detail keeping track of the rent. He records how much he receives and who pays him.

Rawn describes some of his activities with the Board of Enrollment. He doesn't give much detail but explains the travel and time spent. He gives his approval to the new minister in his church, which he attends every Sunday. Rawn shows his feelings about the war when he says that it is a "shame and disgrace to the State and National government" that they are not protected from the Rebels.

The Journal

Transcriptions for this section of the journal begin June 29, 1864 and end July 14, 1864. Click on a date to begin reading.

List of Names Mentioned

  • Baker, Geo. S. S.
  • Balwin, Jno.
  • Baltis, Kitty
  • Bimer, Dr.
  • Boas, Fred K.
  • Borthick, Mr. H. (col)
  • Brand, Mark
  • Brownold, Mr.
  • Brunner, M. F.
  • Charlton, Dr.
  • Clement, Capt.
  • Coleman, Mr.
  • Curtin, Gov.
  • Frisch, Mr.
  • Fyatts, Jack
  • Gafted, Mr.
  • Gris, Geo.
  • Groff, G. M.
  • Hain, Geo.
  • Harve, Mrs. Mary
  • Hemings, David
  • Hine, M.
  • Jones, Mrs. Martha
  • McGart
  • Miller, Abraham
  • Minn, Isiah
  • Mitchell, Rev. Mr.
  • Olvis, Geo.
  • Pellar, David
  • Rawn, Mrs.
  • Rummin, Mr.
  • Saulter, John
  • Shell, Jacob
  • Smith, Rev. A.C.
  • Smith, J. Dean
  • Snyder, Daniel
  • Sooker, Charles
  • Trinton, Geo.
  • Uptergrove, Elizabeth
  • Wolf, George (col)

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