The Journal of Charles Rawn
August 1, 1864 to August 31, 1864 (Book 28)

Edited by Gail C. Winger

Charles Rawn appears to be a man of habit, keeping a fairly rigid schedule from day to day, as well as strict records of expenditures, including Mrs. Rawn's grocery purchases nearly every Wednesday and Saturday. He generally walks in the morning and sometimes in the evening - often 3 to 4 miles. The fact that there is a journal entry for every day, and that Mr. Rawn goes to bed at almost the same time every night, are signs of a very structured and organized life. Note that his journal entries depict both the date and the day, i.e., August 3-4 should be understood to be the 3rd day of the month and the 4th day of the week. The month is only included occasionally.

He meets with the Board of Enrollment almost every day except Sunday, when he attends church, often in the morning and the evening. The Board of Enrollment is charged with the task of screening applicants for exemption from the draft. Although Mr. Rawn is always present, the other two members are not nearly so committed, especially Capt. Clement. Mr. Rawn is obviously frustrated with Capt. Clement's minimal participation and makes comments regularly about his absence, finally stating on August 27 that he is "retarding rather than advancing business."

Rawn suffers from lumbago throughout the month, and has severe pain from a sore on his back near the end of the month. Both of his sons are away at military camp - going in different directions. The weather seems typical for the month of August in Pennsylvania - often very hot and "sultry" - but with some reprieve of "pleasant" days.

Rawn mentions several interesting events that gave variety to his normal routine:

  • Sunday, August 7 - Mr. Rawn and family enjoyed an extraordinarily interesting guest minister at church, the Rev. Mr. Barnhart.
  • Sunday, August 7 - Mr. Rawn's hired "colored" boy, Bill, is arrested for bathing in the canal. Mr. Rawn has to pay $.95 to get him out of jail.
  • Monday, August 8 - Bill disappears after breakfast and does not come back all day.
  • Tuesday, August 9 - Bill shows up with a story - He went fishing yesterday. In anger, Mr. Rawn "drives him off as worthless." But not before we get a chuckle from their exchange of words. "What are the horses supposed to do?!?," asks Mr. Rawn. "Stand in the stable" answers Bill - Not a good response to an angry boss!
  • Wednesday, August 10 - John Calvin's pony is sold for a handsome profit.
  • Friday, August 12 - The legislature voted to amend the constitution to allow absent service men to vote.

The Journal

Transcriptions for this section of the journal begin August 1, 1864 and end August 31, 1864. Click on a date to begin reading.



  • Groceries - $41.38
  • Hired Services - $65.29
  • Taxes - $28.87
  • Attorney licence - $10.00
  • Misc - $10.11
  • Total - $155.65


  • Rent - $143.00 (August, 11 units)
  • Rent - $53.50 (September, 3 units)
  • Retaining fees - $15.00
  • Board of Enrollment commission - $890.07
  • Sale of pony and bridle - $153.50
  • Total - $1,255.07

List of Names Mentioned

  • Barnhart, Rev. Mr.
  • Beatty, William - Giving shelter to the Chambers
  • Bill, the black boy - Hired help
  • Black lady (cannot read name) - Hired help
  • Brenner, M. F. - Tenants
  • Brownold, Mr. - Tenant
  • Bush, Caroline - Client, wife of Vance Bush
  • Chambers, Margaretta & Sally - Community folks suffering from attacks by Rebels
  • Charlton, Dr. - Board of Enrollment
  • Clement, Capt. - Board of Enrollment
  • Colsher, William H. - Plumber
  • Dubbs, Chambers - Tax Collector (County, State and Relief taxes)
  • Fahnestock, A. K. - Tax Collector (income tax)
  • Faust, Valentine - Client, suit tailor
  • Freeman, James A. and daughter Annie - Friends from Philadelphia who stop for visit
  • Fyatts, Fanny - Tenant
  • Gilbert, Henry - Hardware store? Purchased lock
  • Hamilton, John - Tenant
  • Jones, Martha and her mother - Tenants
  • Lewis, Maria - Replacement when hired black lady is sick
  • Mitchell, Rev. Mr.
  • Olvis, George - Tenant
  • Rawn, Mrs.
  • Rawn, William Charles - Son
  • Rawn, John Calvin - Son
  • Rawn, Fanny - Daughter
  • Robinson, Rev. Mr.
  • Seger, Ott and Hermann - Tenants
  • Shearer, Rev. Mr.
  • Sherlock, Mr. - Hired help
  • Sooker, Jonas - Tenant
  • Updegrove, Martha and Elizabeth - Tenants

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