The Journal of Charles Rawn
September 1, 1864 to September 30, 1864 (Book 28)

Edited by Andrew Whitman

The Rawn journal of September, 1864, shows he was very dedicated towards everything he did, including writing in his journal every single night. Rawn was a businessman but he evenly spread out his time between work and his family. He was always going on walks with his wife, daughter, and dogs, and also spending time with his wife at the market.

Rawn was a very caring man. He had one good friend, Captain Clement, whom he was always talking about during his Board of Enrollment meetings. Halfway through the entries, Clement was sick in bed and couldn't come to the meetings anymore. Near the end of the month, Rawn was always calling him, making sure he was okay and if he needed anything.

Rawn was also very independent man. Every now and then he would take his horse out and ride around the countryside, just thinking about life and the current day's events. The Rawn journals show us what life was like in the Harrisburg area during the Civil War.

Illegible portions of the journal are indicated in parentheses [?].

The Journal

Transcriptions for this section of the journal begin September 1, 1864 and end September 30, 1864. Click on a date to begin reading.

List of Names Mentioned

  • Beathings, Mrs. Mary
  • Board, Mr.
  • Cavey, General
  • Board, Mrs.
  • Brownhold, Mrs.
  • Burnside, Mrs.
  • C [Charlton], Dr.
  • Cameron
  • Cavey, General
  • Charlter
  • Chartter, Dr.
  • Charlton, Dr.
  • Clement, Captain
  • Dickson, Mrs.
  • Duncan, Mr. and Mrs.
  • Fyatts, Mrs. Fanny
  • Galvin, L. N.
  • Geary, Evan
  • Gelf, R. C.
  • Gulf, Dr. C.
  • Hamal
  • Hamilton, Mr.
  • Hill, Mr.
  • Hurnt, Capt.
  • Jim
  • Jim & Jack [the dogs]
  • Jones, Mrs. Martha
  • Lattie
  • Lewis, Edward
  • Lewis, Maria
  • Looker, Mr.
  • M, Mrs.
  • Mathers, G. D.
  • Mitchell, Rev. Mr.
  • Meyers, Mrs.
  • Patterson, Dr.
  • Rawn, Mrs.
  • Rupiely, Mr.
  • Savlter, Mr.
  • Se, Dr.
  • Srger, Herman
  • Thompson, Mrs.
  • Walters, G. D.
  • Whileymore, Mrs. Elizabeth
  • Wolf, Mr.
  • Zimmerman, Mr.

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