The Journal of Charles Rawn
November 1, 1864 to November 9, 1864 (Book 28)

Edited by Joshua Fansler

November 1864 finds Charles Rawn in the middle of the presidential election season as well as his sometimes daily trips to the market to purchase food, cigars, and medicine. Charles Rawn was clearly a Lincoln Republican as he makes his point very clear about voting for the president in the election. He writes in November, 1864:

I have this day voted for the Country by voting the Union ticket for election for Abraham Lincoln. I consider that the man, he him whom he may, that votes the so called Democratic McClellan ticket does, in effect a tendency, whatever may be his opinions, vote for treason and for the destruction and disruption of the country. I accept the issue with all traditions, and go for the country and the government the Constitution (word unreadable) [protect the] Union to the last dollar and the last man if needed to defend them.

He also offers his criticism of those around him after the results of the re-election are known when he writes:

Good many fellows coming out now and (saying) that they voted for Lincoln who have been known generally to be opposed to him. Mr. Briggs is a man who would have been an out and out McClellan man but he was afraid to [?] his chance (word smudged with dirt) future hopes + [?] with the party openly. He kept in a kind of on the fence position ready to (join) the strongest side. He has said of Lincoln it would be better to make a change and that a most critical point in the campaign and when [?]. He is only a distinguished instance among many. I am not certain but that Judge Pearson, [?] C. Kunkle, (name), Carlton Hifer, Mr. Blue, + many others would have been openly opposed to [?] but they were too timid to venture. He has been re-elected by a largely increased vote in spite of the surest opposition or sickly support of such men. To bed 9 1/2.

A large portion of his journal is dedicated to nailing down every purchase, sale, rent check, and bill to the last dollar and cent. Rawn details every single purchase made at market and adds up his total bill at the end of each market trip. He writes down some of his office visits and who he sees in court and tells of when his son John Calvin of the 194th Pennsylvania Volunteers return home on leave from the Army.

The Journal

Transcriptions for this section of the journal begin November 1, 1864 and end November 9, 1864. Click on a date to begin reading.

List of Names Mentioned

  • Calvin, Jno.
  • Flemings, D.
  • Foster, Mr. E. (a client)
  • Fyatts, Fanny
  • Millerson, Jacob
  • Mitchell, Reverend
  • Roberson, Rev. Mr.
  • Saulter, John
  • Toner, Mr.
  • Train, Geo. Francis

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