The Journal of Charles Rawn
February 1, 1865 to February 28, 1865 (Book 28)

Edited by Gary Cimperman

In this section of the journal, Rawn details his life during February, 1865. At the time, the Civil War was coming to a close. General Sherman was marching the Union army north through the "birthplace of secession," South Carolina. Also, a peace conference was set up with Confederate President Jefferson Davis and President Abraham Lincoln but a conflict of interest prevented the conference from ever occurring. It would be only two short months before the war ended with the surrender of the Confederate army at Appomattox and the assassination of President Lincoln.

Unfortunately, Mr. Rawn was also close to death. Oftentimes he says in the journal that he stayed at home most of the day and evening. It seems like a big event whenever he is able to leave the house on an errand or meet someone. Rawn also mentions a "fine weighing" a few times. Due to sickness he was probably fearful of losing too much weight and keeping up his strength. His persistent cough convinces him to try a remedy that a soldier gave him. The recipe for the medicine is quite detailed in the journal, including the ingredients and the step-by-step process for making it.

The stories Rawn tells are very good. It is clear that he was a very intelligent man and well educated. On February 15th, he recalls that throughout the night there was a fire next door to his house. Rawn hears the scream of his neighbor warning the members of his family to get out of the house. Rawn does the same for his family just in case the fire spread to his house. He collects some valuables and escorts his family outside. It was quite an ordeal for Rawn because of his poor health at the time. Certainly that had to have been a terrible and heart-wrenching moment in his life.

He mentions that an investment that he purchased for $300 in the 1830s he sold for $1000.

Because he was so diligent about writing in his journal every day, the events were fresh in his mind, and we can assume that what we are reading is accurate. Unfortunately, Rawn's style of writing makes it hard to read everything. His abbreviations and short hand, not to mention his somewhat hard-to-read handwriting, make the journal difficult to decipher. Brackets [ ] mark where the writing was too illegible to comprehend.

The Journal

Transcriptions for this section of the journal begin February 1, 1865 and end February 28, 1865. Click on a date to begin reading.

Income and Expenses

  • Collected rent of $10.00
  • Collected $72.50 in rent
  • Collected rent of $8.00.
  • Collected rent of $21.50
  • Collected rent of $15.00
  • Collected $20.00 in rent
  • Collected $64.00 in rent
  • Collected $21.25 for rent.
  • Collected $5.00 for counseling.
  • Collected $7.25 for various reasons.
  • Total=$244.50
  • Sold shares of stock for $1000.00
  • Made a deposit in bank of $80.00.
  • Spent $2.41 at market.
  • Newspaper subscription at $1.88.
  • Spent $1.00 at market.
  • Spent $4.35 on goods.
  • Purchased new hat for $3.00.
  • Spent on goods .86 cents
  • Spent $1.90 on goods
  • Paid $1.00 for cleaning services.
  • Spent $3.30 on goods at market
  • Paid $14.06 in goods.
  • Spent $2.15 in goods at market.
  • Spent .25 cents for cleaning services.
  • Spent .05 cents on 2 apples.
  • Paid $3.25 on book.
  • Spent $3.25 on 2 meals.
  • Spent .30 cents on goods.
  • Spent $4.13 on goods.
  • Spent $1.20 on goods.
  • Spent .35 cents on goods.
  • Spent $4.03 on goods.
  • Spent .35 cents on goods at market.
  • Spent $2.37 on goods at market.
  • Spent .60 cents on goods at market.
  • Paid $2.50 for repairs and/or renovations on house.
  • Spent $1.00 on goods.
  • Total=$59.54
  • Gave .25 cents to Fannie for allowance.
  • Donated .25 cents to a ladies charity.
  • Paid tuition of $33.00
  • Paid wages of $1.25.
  • Paid wages of $2.50
  • Paid taxes of $33.00.
  • Grand Total=$129.79

List of Names Mentioned

  • Battell, Rev. J. W.
  • Beatty, Nelly
  • Broniger, Jos. A.
  • Brown, Mrs. Sarah
  • Brownold, Mr.
  • Burnett, A.
  • Calvin, Mr.
  • Cattell, Mrs.
  • Cattell, Rev. T. C.
  • Charles, Jon
  • Charles, Mr.
  • Chase (Cleckner?), Col.
  • Clement, Capt.
  • Craft, Geo. W.
  • Dickson, Mrs. Sarah E.
  • Dougherty, Philip
  • Froster, Mr. E.
  • Gary (Geary?), Mary
  • Goff, Benjamin
  • Hake, Elias
  • Hamilton, John
  • Harritt, Cass M. M.
  • Henson, Jeremiah
  • Heston, Mr.
  • Hoelle, Martin
  • Howe, Mrs. Mary Anne
  • Jodon, Mr. A. (N. A.?)
  • Kennedy, Robert
  • Killinger, A. D. E.
  • Kreitter, J. M.
  • Lees, Mr.
  • Leger, Herman
  • Mary, Aunt
  • Mill, Jacob
  • Mitchell, Rev. Mr.
  • Novak, Mrs.
  • Olvis, Geo.
  • Panter, Col.
  • Pollock, Martha
  • Pollock, Mr.
  • Rawn, Fannie
  • Rawn, Juliana
  • Rawn, Mrs.
  • Rulp, Mrs.
  • Rutherford, Dr. W. W.
  • Sager, Mrs. Herman
  • Salter, John
  • Sarrtter, Johns
  • Saunders, Peter
  • Shellehammer, Momas
  • Sooker, Chas.
  • Sorsby, Rev. Mr. R.
  • Taylor, S. H.
  • Weaver, Jr., Mrs. F.

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