The Journal of Charles Rawn
May 14, 1865 to May 31, 1865 (Book 28)

Edited by Josh Kefauver

In the second half of the month of May, 1865, Charles Rawn seems to be getting very sick. Right after he became sick and hadn't improved. He seems to be especially ill in the last few days of the month. But even though he is ill, he still collects rent, visits friends and walks or exercises when he is feeling well enough. He still wakes up early in the morning, and he visits his cousin and her daughter as well as his sister. He goes to a picnic across the toll bridge, and he mentions soldiers coming home from war. Mrs. Rawn makes almost daily trips to the market.

The Journal

Transcriptions for this section of the journal begin May 14, 1865 and end May 31, 1865. Click on a date to begin reading.

List of Names Mentioned

  • Adler, Henry
  • Baines, Charley Siegle
  • Beatty, Mr.
  • Beatty, Mary P.
  • Blacks, Judge
  • Burke, M.A.
  • Burnett, A.
  • Calvin, Mr.
  • Charlton, Mrs.
  • Cheyney, Aunt Mary
  • Colt
  • Hammond, Mr.
  • Hayes, Miss G.
  • Heister, Judge
  • Hinton, Mary Ann
  • Hooker, Major
  • Johnson, Fanny, aka Fanny Fyatt
  • Kreider, Gottleib
  • Kreiders, Mr.
  • Leatteil, Rev. N. Lee
  • Leedy, Daniel
  • Lowery, Judge
  • Maglauchlin
  • Mare
  • Martin, Mary Ann
  • Martin, Mary Jane
  • McCampbell
  • Milliesen, Jacob
  • Milliesen, Ms.
  • Naloron, Hannah
  • Nirman, Mrs.
  • Nookeger, T. M.
  • Nyeth, Mrs. E.
  • Ogleton, Mrs. A.
  • Peacock, G.
  • Rawn, Deborah
  • Rawn, Fannie
  • Rawn, Juliana
  • Rawn, Mrs.
  • Schneck, Theresa
  • Slenker, Joan
  • Warford, Mr. and Mrs.
  • White, Mr.
  • Young, J.C.

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