The Day Book of Charles Rawn, 1833

The Journal

January 1st 1833
About time of Inauguration and also comes months previous recd, Stock of Shuler and Stock of Leinau towards my Fees for appearing in Marseilles and Martin and Shuler in Dauphin Com Pleas to August 1. 1832 no – said Stocks are worth $3.00 therefore recdFees $3.00
Changed one of said Stocks at Millers store & gave "to Boot"$1.00
Paid Jacob Walters on account ________________________$.12½
Lent St. Eberle – player -$1.00
Paid Expenses my share at Wallaces on my promotion and Election to 1st Lieut of "Hg." Greys" McGowan made 2nd in my place$1.12½
Paid Expenses at same Bar in Evening for Peter Buckler Stambaugh & self$.18¾
Postage on Letter Recd from F.P.C. "Lebanon "Jan" 1. 1833"$.06¼
1/2Recd of Eberle money lent him on 1st $1.00
1/2Paid Toll and going to and returning from Lebanon$1.00
1/3Expenses at Krause’s in Lebanon$1.00
Do at Fox’s dining F.P.C. and self in Hummelstown$.31¼
Paid Black Geo. At Wallace’s$.25
1/4Paid Randall (Taylor) on acct of a Bal. Of $1.25 due him vide date in this Book 26 Dec 1832$.50
Recd from Wm A. Atlee on a[-t]Fee $2.50
1/5Paid Jacob Walters (valet)$.06¼
1/7Recd of Sheriff Wolpersberger the Principal and Interest of money Lent to him at Wallace’s on 27 May 1831$2.25
Paid for Sundries at Buckley [name smudged] and self$.18¾
1/8Paid for Celebration Dinner at Mrs Friedleys. Jackson Democratic Party$1.00
1/9Paid for Wafers at Peacock$.12½
Recd in Peter Karthouse v Morgan Malone No 130. Jan1. 1833 vide suit in my docket________Fee $15.00
1/10Paid for Candles at Ducks$.25
1/11Paid Wallace’s Dutch Jacob making fire [---] and [sw--]$.06¼
Recd note from M.J. Clarke of Huntingdon present Nathl Henrie for services to him once Habeas Corpus yesterday. payable in 10 daysFee $10.00
1/13At Wallace’s. Karthaus and self$.12½
1/14Paid Jonathan Chandler vide his Receipt on acct of Office rent $15.00
1/15Recd from Middletown [C]oley. Note for additionalFee $5.00
1/14Recd from Wm A Atlee note for additionalFee $7.50
1/15Paid for Law Books bought at sale of S B Wood, Esqr. Decd. Law Library on 13th inst. This day pd in full vide Bill Rec.$2.88¾
Postage Letter Mr. A. Weidman. Lebanon on Jan 13. 1833$.06
Recd from M. Coley on ast of note of this day$1.00
1/16Paid at Chesters for Oysters and present [two illegible names] $.15
1/17Paid Mrs. Curzon for her son Edwin vide Bill and Receipt in full for 1 Quarters washing beginning on the 1st Oct. 1832$4.50
1/19Paid Toll going to High Spire$.06¼
Paid for Segars$.06¼
Paid L.H. Randall- (Taylor) Bal. in full vide Entry of Jan 4th $.75
1/20Paid at Rev. [---] Church$.06¼
1/21Recd in NO 18 of Jan. 1. 1833 – Judgt Fee $3.00 and from Platffs $2.00- acct Fee
At same time pd Keller amt of my Subscription at Hensy on 1 Jan. 1833 for a Bass Drum for Harrisburg Greys$3.00
[Note in margin: Paid in settlement of my Fee]
1/25Paid Jacob Walters$.06¼
Postage on Letter from F W Hubbell Esqr "Phil" Jan 24. 1833" $.12½
2/2At Lockmans Church Concert for "Poor"$.12½
2/5Paid Jacob Walters (valet)$.12½
Paid for Charcoal$.40
2/6Paid for "Blank" Memorandum Book" and ½ quire of Letter paper at Lieut McGowans$.50
2/7Paid for Box Keysers Pills and boy to bring them$.18¾
2/9Paid W.H. Parsons vide Bill and Receipt in full of all accounts$.50
Sundries at Chesters and Bucklers$.25
2/11Do __ at Chesters$/16
2/12Recd Judgt note of Lewis Platt and Lewis Williams payable in 10 days without stay of Execution for$32.10
2/14Recd from Wm. A. Atlee – Insolvent Debtor on his discharge this day. Bal. ofFee $5.00
Paid Mr. Gilbert Burns in full for office chair$.80
Thos Wallace Dr for my Services and advice this day obtaining his discharge under the Insolvent Laws____My Fee $10.00
[Note in margin: Paid vide to my next page Boarding account]
Paid for 1 pair Black Silk Stockings at Major Geo Gallaghers cash to boy in my office$1.12½
2/15Recd from Amos Clemson on Note to McClure and self in Suits No 84 to 89 of Nov 1. 1825Fee $25.00
2/16Paid M. Corklen for Geo Hopple Bal. in full of money collected for him from Jno. Lemer? In a Suit no 170 oh Aug 1. 1825$40.00
same time recd additional (having before recd $20 on the payment to the said Corklin of $105)Fee $4.66
same time recd of M. Corklin adms of John Mussleman for services in obtaining an order of sale of said Decd’s property in Paxon Townp Dauphin CountyFee $5.00
For Sundries at Chesters last evening$.16
2/18For wine at meeting of Officers at [Alters]$.25
2/19Recd of Mary King admt of Jno King. Decd vide ante- on his note of "Aug 18. 1832" for $25.Fee $15.00
Recd of Thomas Wallace for services to him lately in taking Benefit of Insolvent Laws in fullFee $5.00
same time Paid Thos Wallace on acct. of Boarding vide receipt $10.00
2/21Paid Thos Wallace at his Bar to make change for Sheriff of Northampton County present Jas Bigger. Gate keeper_____$1.75
2/22Paid George Wallaces Black Boy$.12½
Same day – Do – ostler and Boot black$.12½
Same day Do – Breakfast girls.$.12½
Same day Do Do Do$.12½
Expenses at Hill on Parade, Caspar Shunk and Walle Jacobs$.06¼
Paid for dinner at Lee’s (Bigler Old Stand [---])$.50
Paid Sergeant Gross for Powder for Greys$.25
present Parsons (Taylor and some other Persons)
2/23Paid Toll Harrisburg Bridge F.P.C. and self$.12½
Recd from Jas Peacock Esqr in Farm businessFee $2.00
2/26Paid for Sundries at Chesters$.16
3/1Toll on "Sleighing party" to Hummelstown$.18¾
Expenses each ones Bill at Fox’s at said place – 9 Gentlemen- paying $6.00 to Geo Kelly fiddler$2.00
3/2Paid Ellen (girl) for getting my breakfast at 9 o clock$.06¼
Paid for [-ellons] Practice to Shunk by his wife present- Ms. Clendenen, he having bought some books a S B Woods sale for same$2.00
3/7Recd of Mary Roark by Esqr Davis in Suit Fisher vs Roark No 183 of Jan. 1. 1833 ~Fee $5.00
3/11Paid Saml Murray?. Livery Man in full of all demands including $3.00 for late Sleighing party to Hummelstown. Vide Bill and receipt $4.50
3/17Paid Barber for Shaving and cutting Hair$.18¾
3/19Paid Bill at Geo Gallaghers of 11th. 1832 in full vide receipt$5.75
Bought at same time and place 13/8 yds. Black Cloth for Frock Coat at $8 ¼ pr yd$19.59
[note in margin: Paid this in full October 1. 1834 to Andw Grayson agent Vide receipt]$.21
Paid cash for candles and candy at Ducks$.31¼
3/21Paid John Chandler on act of office Rent for year 1832-3. Per his Bill bought at my sale of Chas. Cox’s property vide recpt.$5.13
3/20Paid for 7 vols. of Books (named in my daily Memorandum Book) at my sale of Charles Cox property on Dom. Attachment$5.40
3/21Paid Jos Knox (Black Man) for wheeling Boxes etc.$.15½
3/23Sent by Letter to Elam Bliss Book seller New York City witness McClure$30.00
Retained in the above case of Elam Bliss v Solomon SchoyerFees $33.00
also in same case JudgmentFee $4.25
3/25Paid for Pair Gloves at Capps that Mere good for nothing. [---] him [scribble]$.50
3/26Paid for paper at Peacocks$.12½
3/27Paid Bill of Trimmings at Espy and Johnsons store for Black Frock Coat {note in margin: Vide Bill and R}$4.00
Paid Wards (Barber) in full in my office for shaving to this date $.18¾
3/28Postage Letter Elam Bliss New York 26 inst$.18¾
Paid Jacob (boy) for sweeping my office$.04
Paid Thos G McCullok at Capitol present blackson in full for Box [J] Ring brought by him from Phila for me$5.00
At Buchlers with [Shunk?] Esq$.12½
Paid for Tooth Brush at Shells$.15
4/6Lent Wm. Ayres Esqr$2.00
Do Do on 21st March last$.50
Sold Stock to Wm Ayres Esqr for his son Bucher for which he is yet to pay$1.50
(Note in margin: July 20, 1833 Recd on amount $3.00. Nov. 8. 1833 Bal. [---?] by $1. Since last pd in full)
Paid Quarterly payment to Company of Harrisburg Greys and resigned my office of 1st Lieut from and after todays parade$.25
4/9Paid Postage on Letter and solution to Edition of "Saturday Visiter" Baltimore Mds.$.10
Recd of Simeon Westfall to present his petition on for Tavern License at apl [---?]Fee $1.00
4/11Paid "Cook Eve" at Wallaces and Knepleys$.06¼
4/10Began Boarding with Cor(or n)ad Knepley at $2.00 per week by agreement – being same I paid Wallace and am not to pay when I may be away one week or more at a time
4/11Toll today in Buggy to Middletown$.37½
Paid Mrs. Curzon in full for 1 Quarters washing ending 1 April 1833 (Note in margin: Vide Bill and Receipt$4.00
4/12Paid Store Bill in full at Peter Kellers of Dec 18. 1832. Vide Bill and Receipt$9.47½
Borrowed of Wm McClure Esqr {Note in margin: Paid apl 29th}$10.00
4/17Recd from Jno Markley in assault and Battery cases____Fee $5.00
4/15Recd from Jno Stocker Insolvent Debtor who yet owes me 50 cts_Fee $2.50
4/20Paid W.H. Parsons (Taylor) on account of making Black Frock Coat – Vide rect$3.00
4/23Paid for Blank Book at Peacocks$.31¼
Paid Jonathan Chandler on asst of Office Rent vide Receipt$10.00
Paid for Segars$.12½
4/24Paid for Segars at Wilsons. Weidman and self $.06¼
4/27Paid Dorsey (Barber) in full for Henry (his boy) cutting my hair and shaving me some 10 days or 2 weeks since in my office $.25
Bought at Geo. Gallaghers Store Black cassimere and vide Bill not pd $10.81½
Recd note under Seal payable at 3 mo. after date from Jno McCormick present his daughter Jane for counsel and services ~Fee $10.00
(note in margin: vide Bill not paid Oct. 1 1834 Paid to A. Grayson agent vide Receipt ~)
Paid John Johnson. (Espys Store) vide receipt, by means of the amt of his Bill at sale of Charles Cox’s property on Dom. Attachment. This day on my Store Bill account$8.50
4/26Postage on letter recd from J.B. Ellison Phila April 25. 1833$.12½
Postage Letter Thos Wallace. "Paoli Apl 26. 1833$.10
Expenses. Burns. Clendenen and Self at Cox’s Town$.18¾
4/29Paid Wm. McClure in full of money Borrowed of him on the 12th inst$10.00
Recd from Isaac Hovis in full for a Yankee Clock sold to him which clock wasFee l$12.00
Recd as auditor in Fed desk off and willFee $1.00
Paid for paper$.25
4/30Recd from Philip Newbeker. by his paying it to Esqr Carpenter for Henry Woods vide Carpenters receipt to philip in my possessionFee $10.00
5/1Paid for pair of Gloves at Millers store$1.00
Paid for Do mourning Gloves S.A. Weidmans funeral______$.75
5/2Paid Thos Wallace in full for Boarding to the 9 Apl 1833 inclusive vide his Receipt$15.97
Paid Jacob Shell and Co in full of the last named amount on account of Thos Wallace. They allowing me a discount thereupon of$5.31
(note in margin: cash cleared $5.31)
5/1Paid F.R. Shunk Esqr in full for my Boarding with him whilst I was a student at Law. Vide due Bill and Receipt thereupon among my receipts____________________ $19.00
Borrowed from F.R. Shunk Esqr and gave him my note payable in 1 year from said date with interest. The last named $19 making the full amount over and above his check now recd for $281. $300.00
(note in margin: pd in full of principal and int. $313.75. March 31. 1836. Note [?] and among my Receipts
5/2Paid Jona Chandler in full of office Rent to 1st April 1833$9.87
5/3Paid W.H. Parsons, Taylor. Balance in full for making Black Frock coat and of all demands vide Bill and Receipt$4.37½
5/4Deposited in Harrisburg Bank vide Bank Book $100.00
Paid passage in Stage for tomorrow to Lancaster__________$2.00
5/5Paid Supper and Bed in Lancaster and Segars King Findlay and Self$.65
Paid continuation passage from Lancaster to West Chester$2.25
5/6Paid Breakfast 11 miles from Lancaster $.25
Paid Maginniss for Gig David and Self from West Chester to Harrisburg and back$.50
5/8Paid passage from West Chester to Phila on Rail Road to Hickman James.$1.25
Paid Ellison S.E. corner of Second and Market Streets. (cloth store) in full of Bill for Black Cloth about 1 year since vide receipt$35.00
5/8Paid [---?] J Co vide Chas H Cheyneys receipts for Astral Lamp and Box recd by me at Harrisburg on the 29 Oct 1832 in full$14.37½
Paid for stockings. 3 pair n Chestnut Street$.50
5/11Paid passage in "Ohio" new Boat "Peoples Line" to Chester and Breakfast$1.00
Recd from Robt E. Hannum Esqr payment of money due on account of Saml Hardys mortgage.$50.07
Recd of Robs E Hannum Esqr. payment of money due on accounts of Goldsborough Warners mortgage$62.59
(note in margin: vide copies of my receipts to R.E.H. among my receipts)
Paid passage back from Chester in same Boat in Afternoon$.50
5/11Paid for Wedding Gloves$1.00
Also for 2 Wedding Stocks$4.00
5/13Paid for Wedding Boots and shoes at Miles (Boot Maker 4th Phila) in full$9.50
Paid for Suspenders on Chesnut Street$1.25
Recd of Saml Warner (coloured man) at the office of Smith Esqr S. Fifth St. Phila $250.62 ½ principal. $29.57 ½ [?] Interest and $3. For surveying his purchase pd by D.W. Rawn to Isaac Thomas making the whole amt this day recd by me of him: including an order on his Brother Goldborough? Warner of this same date for $18. of said "whole amount$283.20
5/13Paid Grigg and Elliott (Booksellers) 5th St Phila for 17 vol of SJK. Reports 3 do of Rawles Reports and 2 do of Penrose and Walts Penna Rep and 50 cts for packing Box$110.50
Recd of said firm discount for cash on said payment made in full $5.20
Paid for White Satin Shoes for Miss F.P.C. to G.W. Rawn who pd boy $1.75
5/14Paid additional on wedding Stocks for improvement. 50 cts on White and 75 cts on Black making -- --$1.25
5/14Paid for plain Black Stock at Willis (?) in Chesnut St. Same Stock on 15 inst presented to D.W. Rawn at Mothers in West Chester$1.25
Paid Geo W. Rawn in full for new Wedding Hat and 25 cts box vide his Receipt at same time for Hat for Jno Jos Clendenen to G.W.R. also and 25cts for box. Vide receipt $5. of this was Jno Joseph’s own money given to me before I left Harrisburg for this purpose$5.95
Paid Rob and Winebrenner (merchant Taylor, Chesnut Street Phila) in full for new Suit of Blue Cloth, Viz Coat and pants and for 2 vests vide Bill and Receipt $67.95
Recd from Rob and W’s a discount of 5 pr. Ct for cash the Bill having been $71.50 dis.$3.55
Paid passage at Stage office to West Chester by Rail Road$1.25
Paid Bill since Wednesday last at Wades Hotel up to after dinner vide Bill and Receipt and deduct altogether 56 ¼ cts$6.62½
Paid Levon (my waiter at Wades)$.31¼
Paid Henry (porter) in West Chester for wheeling my Trunk etc from end of Rail Road to mothers$.12½
5/15Paid D.W. Rawn vise his Receipt. Money pd to Isaac Thomas for Surveying land of C.C. Rawn to sd Warner –Warner pd this money to me –C.C.Rawn$3.00
Paid for Salts, Seideltz power, [?]$.06¼
5/16Recd of G. Warner amount of order in full by S. Warner given to me in Phila on the 13 inst$18.00
Paid Fredk Fairlamb in full for 1 years Interest vide his wifes receipt $18.00
Paid D.W. Rawn for Maginnis’ Sulkey to go to Del. County [illegible] $1.00
Paid Hickman James at West Chester Cars House carriage on box Containing Wedding suit from Rob and Winebrenner$.25
5/17Paid William Williamson Esqr in Full of my note to Abram Sharpliss for $100 Dated 5 Mar 1831 at 90 days vide note and receipt thereon and [---] D.W. Rawn.$112.00
Paid at Beaumonts Tavern West Chester passage for today to Lancaster $2.25
Deposited for mother in her name and of her own money in the Chester County Bank$400.00
5/18Paid at Bath House in Lancaster$.25
Paid Cryer of [S?] Court at Lancaster on my admission this day on motion of W.McClure$2.00
Paid at Barbers this morning$.06¼
Paid my Bill at Packers Hotel Lan.$1.25
Paid Stage Fare to Harrisburg$2.00
Paid for Supper at Mt. Joy$.31¼
5.10Paid Woodward and Spagg receipts for subscriptions and payments to me as agent for their paper the Saturday Courier$41.00
Recd discount for collection 15 pr. Ct on said forty one dollars and my paper$6.15
(note in margin; This ought to have been entered sooner, vide their Receipt in Book where Subscriptions are entered)
5/20Paid Quarterly Postage Bill to 1 Apl 1833 including in it $1.02 pd for P.A. Karthous and 80 cts for Amos Clemson vide P. Masters Bills and Receipt$3.34
Deposited in Harrisburg Bank ~ vide B.B.$100.00
5/21Paid Mrs Curzons On account of Shirts$5.00
Paid for Mineral Water at Lockmans Misses Clendenens McCullock $.25
Gave Miss M.S. Clendenen to buy silk handkerchief for me$2.00
Paid Jas Peacock Esqr for State Seal for PN. Smith Esqr of West Chester paid Smiths money $1.00
5/22Paid Hale and Snyders livery Bill in full to this date vide Bill and receipt$10.62½
Recd discount on the same$1.87½
Deducted Saty Courier and drew check on Harrisburg Bank to Hale and Snyder for$8.62½
Recd of Thos Brown admt of Mary Bell Decd for Andrew Chesnut her Brother and heir- $50 cash and said Thos Brown’s note at 90 days for $64.42 ~ being the Bal. remaining in his hands as admr of said Mary Bell and making in all$114.42
{note in margin: Oct 9. Recd $65 in full prime and Int} Deduct before paying over myFee $14.42
5/22Paid Stimmel at stage office for porterage on Sunday $.12½
Paid Jacob Walters by paying for his fish$.12½
5/23Paid Bill at Jones Store for Brown Stoll and 6 yds for Drawers and Trimming$2.12½
5/24Drew Check on Harrisburg Bank in favour of self and drew the money$100.00
Paid for a pair of Gloves at Espys store$.75
Paid or Blank Book at McGowans $.10
5/25Paid Black Boys at Knepleys each 6 ¼$.12½
Paid Rev. Wm. R. DeWitt for performing my marriage ceremony –pd by King Findley Esq my first groomsman$10.00
Paid Briggs (Barber)$.50
5/27Paid sundries at Laumans Middletown$.37½
Paid Sundries at Esqr. Blattenberes – Bainbridge$1.00
Paid dinner Bill of Suite at Jeffries’ Hotel on Front St. in Columbia $8.00
5/28Paid Bill at Mrs Hubleys – Lancaster city –whole suite$22.00
Paid bill at Kendricks 21 miles from Lancaster$1.25
5/28Paid Toll for 2 Horse Carriage at 7 gates from Lancaster to Downingstown today$1.18¾
Paid Drink for Isaac (driver)$.12½
5/29Paid (Isaac) Driver of Hales Carriage to pay his toll etc from West Chester to Harrisburg$5.00
5/31Paid David W Rawn for 1 qt wine at Reeds$.37½
Paid do do for Horses Standing last night at Reeds$.62½
6/2Paid Maginnis (West Chester) carriage Hire from there to West Town School$.75
6/4Paid Black Henry (Porter) for wheeling trunks to Rail Road House$.12½
Paid Fare for Frances and self on Rail Road from W Chester to Philadelphia$2.50
6/5Paid for letter paper$.12½
Paid for Frances and self Exhibition of painting of Adam and Eve Masonic Hall Phila$.50
Paid for Frances and self at Academy of Fine Arts and for Index $.62½
6/6Paid for Box Tickets to "Cooper Benefit" for Monday Evening next$4.00
6/7Paid for shoes for Frances at Cherry$1.50
6/8Paid Barber at United States Hotel and one in Sixth St. –2 shaves$.18¾
Paid at Swaims Baths$.25
Handed to Frances to buy Bonnets for herself and M.S. Clendenens $20.00
6/9Paid for shaving$.06¼
6/11Paid for Frances and self to mint in "Omnibus" $.25
Paid for Sundries Shunk girls and Frances at Fairmount $.18¾
Paid at Baldwin and Co. livery Stable for carriage ½ a day$4.00
6/12Paid Frances and self to see Panorama of Mexico at City Hall$.50
6/12Paid at Aquilla Marshalls for Frances for Belt for Mrs. E. Peacock$.75
also for same for Bead Bag for Jms Peacock$2.50
Paid for Parasol for Frances$4.25
6/13Recd check from "Mr J Wm Buckler" on "Penna Bank" for and drew$50.00
Drew check in favour of "Mr. Wm. "Buckler" on "Harrisburg Bank" in place of their check for the same amt on "Penna Bank" for$50.00
Paid my Bill for Frances and self 9 days Boarding with private suite at United States Hotel –vide Bill and receipt$48.39
Paid Bill our waiter$.50
Paid for large Band Box for Frances$.75
Paid for Segars$.12½
Paid for Hack 1 hour$1.00
Paid for Isaac Shunk and self being shaved$.12½
Recd from FR Shunk paid by me at Academy of Fine Arts a week since etc$1.00
6/15Paid passage for Frances and self on board Carroll from Frenchtown to Baltimore 70 miles. Capt [Chaytor?]- including our dinner$3.00
Paid at "Cathedral" in Baltimore for Frances and self$.50
Paid for Frances and self at "Washington’ monument$.25
Paid Hackman for Trip this afternoon FR Shunk paying the same $.62½
Paid Fellow at Bar of "Robt Morris" to deliver letter from me to Mrs. Isaac Shunk$.06¼
6/16Paid our bill at Beltzhoovers Hotel $6.25 my share being$2.50
Paid passage for Frances and myself "Union Line from Baltimore to Phila including our Breakfasts and dinners$6.00
Paid on Board Steam Boat for Shaving$.12½
6/17$1.50 Paid for Cards and case for Frances$.87½
Paid for Black Silk Stocking for same$1.37½
Paid for "Anthons Blackstone" at Grgg Elliotts"
Paid for 2 pair short stockings for self $.50
6/18Paid at Tomlinsons stage office passage for Frances and self to West Chester tomorrow$2.50
Paid Mrs Dietrick for washing she had done for me$.31¼
Paid postage on letter sent to Robb and Winebrenner from Phila$.06¼
6/19Paid Black Henry Porter in West Chester for Wheeling Baggage$.25
6/25Paid Gig hire to Maginniss W. Chester David Rawn and self to see Hendersons Station$.50
Paid Sulkey Hire to Maginness for self to "Yellow Spirngs" to see "Matchlep"$.50
6/26Paid Edd E. Collins Gig Hire David Rawn and self to take "Flora" to Hendersons Station
6/28Paid carriage Hire to David W Rawn for Collins Carriage David, Frances and self going today to Chester Creek$1.00
7/1Recd of Mother (E. Rawn) money paid by me as Interest money to Wm Williamson Esqr. on the 17th May last for Abram Sharpliss and [?] by Abram to mother$12.00
Paid DW Rawn pasture money in full for "Floras" pasture at P. Sharpliss vide accnt$3.87
Paid passage for Frances and myself from West Chester to Lancaster
Paid for shaving at Simmons in Lancaster
7/2Paid for warm Bath in Lancaster
Paid Bill at Packers Hotel
Paid passage for Frances and self from Lancaster to Harrisburg
Paid for supper Frances and self a [illegible] 12 miles from Harrisburg
Paid for Sundries at Wilsons
Paid for wheeling baggage to Mrs. Clendenen
7/3Paid Dorsey (Barber) for shaving
Paid postage on various letters this day recd
Recd from Wm. McClure Esqr as my share of Fee from assignees of Amos Clemson of Lancaster Co Fee
Recd in letter from W.S. Wilber dated "Lenox June 7. 1833" Fee
Paid at Committee meeting at Kelkers
7/4Paid at Democratic Celebration today
7/5Paid Jacob Shell for 1 quarters office Rent ending 1 July inst vide recpt and recd transfer before Jas. Leslie Treasurer and certificate [g—d?] vide
7/9Paid Rudolph Williams (apothecary) for his share in "Harrisburg Library Association" and recd transfer before Jas. Leslie Treasurer and certificate [g-d?] vide$5.00
7/11Paid Daniel Stine Collector in full of my borough Tax for 1833 - vide Recpt$1.20
Handed Frances to buy Frock at Rhoads$3.00
7/12Paid Mr. Solomon Scourerd for cleaning Black Coat. present J.J. Clendenen$1.00
7/14Paid Jacob Walters. for cleaning boots who began of 6th inst at 50 cts pr month$.12½
7/18Paid my postage in full from 1st of April last to first of July in full vide receipt$2.88
7/19Paid Dorsey (Barber) in full for selling Razers$.25
Paid for Segars at Wilsons$.06¼
7/20Recd of Wm. Ayres Esqr in part of $400 which he owes me$3.00
Paid Jacob Walters$.12½
Paid postage on Letter Jno A Weidman Lebanon July 21. 1833
7/22Paid Conrad Knepley of "Harrisburg" Hotel" in full for 4 weeks and 4 days Boarding vide Receipt$9.00
7/23Paid for paper at Mcgowans$.25
Paid Gottlieb Ditmire Poor man [illegible]$.12½
(Note in margin: I wrote petition)
Paid at Circus by Hewzys$.25
7/24Pd Postage on Letter from R.J. Brent Esqr, Hagerstown Maryland$.10
7/27Paid Jacob Walters$.12½
Pais pos. Letter DW Rawn West Chester July 24, 1833$.10
7/29Handed "Frances" to buy shoes$2.50
7/30Paid for Segars$.06¼
Postage on letter Dr. Geo H. Benghaus "Williamsport Maryland July 27 –1833$.12½
7/31Handed to "Frances"$.25
Paid Wm. Grayson for notary public seal to power of atty to Dr. Geo G Benghaus from myself to collect money from Dr. Jno M McKinney$.50
8/2Paid Mr Curzon (my washerwoman) in full for making shirts, washing and Bill at Rhoads – vide Bills and Receipts – Balance$6.71½
Recd from Jno Roberts – Prosr on account of my fees as prosecutor last April court [?] in 4 cases viz-vi Grundy- Meunch, Lentz and LollingerFees $12.00
(note in margin Deputy Atty Genl fees)
Paid man at Smalls Kitchen office for scouring Blue pantaloons$.50
Paid for Powder and shot at Mr. Smalls$.62½
Paid for Percushon Caps at Wier and Gross-$.25
Paid for Segars$.12½
Paid for Shaving at Dorseys$.06¼
8/5Paid for dinner at Dr. [J-kes?] Bloomfields$.25
8/7Paid my Bill for Boarding at "Perry Springs" from Friday morning last to this morning-$2.79
Paid Josiah the Black Man at "Perry Springs"$.25
Paid for Sundries at same place$.12½
Paid my share of Bill dinner etc at "[s-erielts?] Gap" – Shunk, Caero, and Waspard$.87½
Paid apples and drink Shunk at Whartons Tavern$.12½
Recd Check on "Maryland Bank" of Washington Co. drawn by the cashier therof. It being money owe me on a note drawn by Dr. Jno W McKinney in favour of JH Shegog for $18.50 for which note I paid Shegog $8.50 and recd his endorsement of it. I now recd after suit the amt and interest$19.25
Made cash on the above note including expenses of postageFee $10.75
Paid pos. letter Dr. Benghaus Wmspt Md Aug 2. 1833 enclosing check for last mentioned sums$.25
8/8Paid Jacob Walters – (black man)$.10
Paid out of the $15 recd of Woodbury S. Wilber on the 3rd of July last, this morning to the State Treasurer for a warrant to survey 30 acres and Retained the Bal. in part payFee $12.50
8/11Postage letter J.B. Alexander Esqr Greensburgh Westd Co. Aug. 10-1833$.37½
Recd in said letterFee $5.00
8/12Paid out of said money for paper requested by Alexander at Land Office$1.00
Gave Frances at the Warm Springs on Wednesday last to pay her Bill$6.00
Mr. Peacock pd it for her on Saturday she giving him $5. he paid$5.25
8/12Paid Bill for Inauguration Ball of last winter vide Bill and Receipt$5.00
8/13Paid for paper at Mcgowans$.25
8/14Recd from Michl Cocklin admt of John Mussleman Decd Fee $2.50 postage letter Mr Hipple Warm Springs Perry Co. dated Aug 13- 1833$.06
8/15Recd in Comwlth vs Jas. Martin Jr. legal fee –Fee $1.50
Handed to Frances to by stuff for Satchel$.50
Paid for 1 Pair snuffers at Graysons$.18¾
8/16Paid Jacob Walters$.12½
8/17Recd from George Hain brought to my office by Jacob Shell StorekeeperFee $5.00
8/19Recd from Isaac C. Kauffman Fee$5.00
8/20Drew check on Harrisburg Bank in favor of Philip Newbeker on Deborah Waldron and her husband order for {note in margin: [?] Dec 7. 1832 and my loose receipts Dec ¾}$50.00
Paid Deborah Waldron and Husband on account of a note by me to her for $93 dated Dec 7-1832$50.00
Deposited in the Harrisburg Bank$20.00
Paid William Colder Party stage to and Fro for Perry Springs several times for myself. C. Reynolds. Mrs Wharten and Jas.
Peacock in full vide Receipt$14.62½
Paid my share of expenses at said trip$4.34
Handed Frances to buy lining for Quilt$1.25
Recd from Mr. Stekley of "Bears Gap" in Dauphin County to pay for License {note in margin: note that $9 of said 12 is to be paid for his license next spring}$12.00
Recd of said Stekley out of the said $12Fee $3.00
8/24Paid Jacob Walters$.12½
8/29Paid Expenses up the river today with J. Weidman$.25
8/30Paid Nat. Henrie in Henrie vs Woodride out of $20 left in my hands by [---] son$15.00
8/31Paid Jacob Walters (my valet)$.12½
Paid Expenses drink Shunk and self yesterday$.12½
9/2Paid Geo. J. Kemble (Taylor) vide Bill and receipt in full$5.00
Paid for a shot pouch$.87½
9/4Paid for Paper at McGowans$.37½
9/6Drew check in favour of self on Harrisburg Bank for$18.00
9/6Handed to "Frances" to pay her mother on account of Boarding$15.00
9/7Paid Jacob Walters (my Valet)$.12½
Paid for Camomile Flowers$.06¼
Paid for Mineral Water Frances and self evening before last$.12½
9/9Postage letter H W Van Amringe Esqr "West Chester Sep 6. 1833"$.10
Recd from Richd S. Leach County Treasr on County order to Nancy Baltos for which I gave her $6.00$6.20
Handed "Frances" to buy Camomile Flowers$.50
9/10Paid Heisley at Ebermans corner for mending parasol for "Frances" in full present 3 boys$.12½
9/11Paid for Hoar Hound Candy at Ducks$.06¼
9/12Paid for sharpening 3 pair scissors for Frances, M.S.C. and their mother at Watsons$.18¾
Paid for 4 silk Buttons at Espys$.13
9/13Handed "Frances" to buy calico Frock for herself at Gallaghers$2.00
Postage letters Saml Warner Phil Sep 13. 1833and F.E. Brewster Esqr Phila Sep 11. 1833 each 12 ½$.25
9/14Paid Jacob Walters my valet$.12½
Recd of Mary King admt of Ms. King decd a Balance in full on a note of $25 dated 18th Aug. 1832 given y Jno King to meFee $10.00
9/16Paid for Peaches and Cream at "Ferry House" Polly [---?], Mrs. C. Mr P. and Frances and MS.C. along$.50
Post letter D.W. Rawn "West Chester Sep. 12. 1833"$.20
Do 3 Newspapers recd from him West Chester [?]$.03
9/19Recd letter and paid Pos. Isaac Rogers Northd Co Pa Sep 17. 1833$.10
9/20Post letter H.H. Van Amringe West Chester "Septr 16. 1833"$.10
9/21Paid Jacob Walters (my valet)$.12½
9/23Recd of Mr John P. Miller. merchant of Lebanon son of Recorder of Berks Co. for advice and making assignment ---Fee $5.00
9/24Recd letter John Buffington Mifflin Township Lykens Valley Sepr 16. 1833 and pd pos.$.06
9/25Paid Jacob Walters (my valet)$.03
9/26Paid at "menagerie" M.S. Clendenen and self$.50
9/27Paid Mr. Wm. Waldron on acct of my note to his wife Deborah Rhawn. vide recpt$15.00
9.28Borrowed of D. Krause Esqr as I was going up country in a hurry {note in margin: Vide 7/32 Aug 20/33 pd Oct 3.}$4.00
Paid Toll for going to and coming from Halifax$.26
Paid the ostler at Judge Greens [---?]$.60
9/29Paid my Bill at Shaffers and the ostler$.75
Paid Ostler at Millersburg ("Bears Gap")$.12½
9/30Paid my Bill at Michael Shaffers$.37½
Paid my Bill at Jacob Dietricks 7 miles down Rail Road from "Bear Gap"$.75
Paid Bill for dinner and horse in "Gratz"$.37½
Paid the Ostler$.06¼
Paid at Bowmans in "Hellens Town"$.06¼
Paid for drink wine Millersburg$.06¼
10/1Paid for Drink Port wine at "Greens"$.06¼
10/1Postage on Letter from Mrs "R Gemmel$.18¾
Do in do F E Brewster Esqr Phila$.12½
10/2Paid Jacob Walters (my valet)$.12½
10/3Paid my Quarters postage to 1 Oct. 1833 vide rect$5.35
Paid D Krause Esqr in full of money borrowed on the 28th Sepr last$4.00
Borrowed of Wm. McClure to pay in 1 week {note in margin: Paid Oct .9 vide}$30.00
Paid Jacob Shell in full for one Quarters office Rent up to 1 Oct. 1833$11.25
10/2Paid for 1 hundred Box of Segars at Krauses$1.00
10/3Handed to Frances to pay her mother on account of boarding$15.00
10/4Postage on letter J.K. Findley Esqr Lancaster "City Oct 3. 1833"$.10
10/4Postage on letter WW. Staley Esqr Phila City Oct 1. 1833$.12½
Recd in Said letter of W.W. Staly –Fee $5.00
Handed Frances to buy Muslin for me$1.00
10/3Recd from Danl Koons sent to pay for Writ$1.00
10/5Paid Sophia Prime cold woman for cleaning my office today$.25
Paid for Soap and Stove blacking the latter got by Jacob Walters a few days since at Shells$.12½
10/6Paid at DeWitts church for Sunday schools$.06¼
10/5Paid Bill at Millers Store in full of all demands- vide Bill and receipt$.44
10/7Paid Jacob Walters (my valet)$.12½
and a Black boy helped with stove$.03
10/9Recd of Thos Brown in full of a note taken for Andrew Chesnuts money on the 22 of May last- principal and Interest$65.00
Paid Wm. McClure Esqr in full of money borrowed of him on the 3rd Oct vide rect$30.00
Paid Hale and Snyder on act of me Livery bill$10.00
Handed Frances to pay her mother on acct. of our Boarding at $2 each for week$15.00
10/10Recd from Geo Hain (client)Fee $5.00
Paid Dubbs constable militial fine for 1833 vide receipt $1.00
Handed Frances for her own use$2.00
Recd from Pet. Arn. Karthaus in part to pay postage on his paper and partFee $5.00
10/12 Paid Jacob (my valet)$.12½
Paid Peter Sanders (shoemaker) for a note of $22.34 in his favour against Bengn Geoff shoemaker now of Cumberland Co. and took assignment of sd note$3.00
Postage letter Chas. B. Penrose Esqr Carlisle Pa "Oct 11. 1833"$.06
Postage letter Ashbel Green Cola Lan Co.y Oct 11. 1833"$.06
10/14Do Isaac Rogers Fredericktown Md. Oct. 11. 1833$.12½
10/14Recd from [Urith?] Phillips alias Ann Fisher and A Fishers Miss.Fee $5.00
Paid Jacob (my valet) for wheeling coal from Mrs Clendenens to my office$.07½
10/15Paid for Cammomile Flowers at Gross’$.12½
Paid for a tooth Brush at Houghs$.25
10/16Handed "Frances"$1.00
Paid Postage letter FR Shunk Esqr "Chambersburg Oct" 15. 1833$.10
Recd from Jno Davies Esqr vide Judgment on his docket against R. Kelly Wm Bell, vide Judt against R Kelly April [?]. 1833 --Dauphin-- costs andFee $11.84
10/17Postage on letters David S Stassinger Esqr Phila Oct 16. 1833 and George Liebold Gratztown Oct 14. 1833$.22½
10/18Paid for 1 Barrel and a box of Charcoal$.22½
10/19Postage letter Geo W Soland Phila Oct 17- ’33 and Isaac Rogers Baltimore Md Oct 17- ’33$.22½
Paid Jacob (my valet)$.12½
Paid Yellets (the Barber) cutting my hair$.12½
10/23Paid for ½ yd black [man---?] and 10 large and small buttons at Jones$.50
Paid Jacob (my valet)$.06¼
10/25Paid for drink at [Gleams?] for Jacob Shoemaker and self$.12½
10/26 Paid Jacob (my valet)$.12½
10/28 Handed Frances in my office for her own use$5.00
10/29Paid John Weidman and self drinks at Wilsons$.12½
10/30 Paid for Sundries$.12½
Paid Parsons (Taylor) cash as a subscription for furnishings at Henzys tomorrow a cold collection to "Phalanx Artillerists of Phila$1.00
11/1Paid Geo W. Rhawn of Phila by sending it by Isaac Shunk in full for money advanced by him for a Silk Stock and 2 Pair Silk Stockings for me last May$6.00
Postage on letter recd from Julia Ann Rawn "West Chester Oct. 27. 1833"$.10
11/2Paid for Buttons and rings at Espys$.22
Paid Jacob (my valet)$.12½
11/3Recd from Wm McClure Esqr my half on ten dollars pd to him by Mrs Stickland to assist in prosecutionFee $5.00
Paid for a pair of Gloves at Rhoads and Rank$.50
11/5Paid passage in 2 horse stage to Carlisle$1.00
11/6Paid Bill at Aughenbaughs in Carlisle$.87½
and Shaving in said Town$.12½
11/7Paid my own. M S Clendenen’s and E. Peacock’s passage in stage from Carlisle to Harrisburg$3.75
11/8Recd of William Ayres Esqr in full of money loaned to him$2.00
Recd of Jacob Seiler by hands of Herman Shunk Esqr Debt and Interest in full to this day in a suit 105 Jan 1. 1832. R. Gemmel b. Jacob Seiler [?]$167.67
Deposited in Harrisburg Bank entered in my Bank Book (as if deposited) tomorrow$150.00
11/7Paid (Porter) for wheeling Mary S.C. and E. Peacocks trunks from stage office$.12½
11/8Paid for strong Beer for dinner$.12½
11/9Paid Jacob (my valet)$.06¼
11/11Paid for Calico frock at Kellers for "Frances"$2.06¼
11/12Paid H H Parsons (Taylor) in full of all demands to this day vide his receipt$1.75
Handed to "Frances" to pay her mother on account of our Boarding$15.00
Paid for 2 lbs candles at Ducks--cash before they were brought to my office by boy$.25
11/13Paid for 1 barrel charcoal$.20
Pale Hale and Snyder livery men on account vide Hale’s Receipt$10.00
Loaned Capt Lewis [W-slar--name smudged] of Columbia to pay costs {note in margin: Pd Dec 19 vide)$20.00
11/14Drew check on Harrisburg Bank in favour of self for$20.00
11/14Recd of Jno Yelletts Insolvent DebtorFee $5.00
Postage on Letter Geo. W. Rhawn Phila Nov 12. 1833$.12½
Paid for Sundries at Wier and Gross$.18¾
11/15Paid for Quills at McGowans$.31¼
11/16Handed "Frances" for her own use$1.00
Paid Jacob (my Valet)$.12½
11/18 Recd from Peter GarverickFee $1.00
Recd from Mack McMannimy my share of paid to McClure by me directionsFee $2.50
11/19 Paid at Peter Davis for oysters and Beer$.31¼
11/25 Paid Jacob (my valet)$.12½
11/26 Pos. Letter Pet. Arn. Karthaus "Karthaus Clearfield Co Nov 23. 1833" with written check forFee $.12½
Check as last above forFee $5.00
11/27 Lent Greene E. Briggs (Barber) vide his note and payble 1 Jan. 1834~$11.00
Recd from Greene E. BriggsFee $1.00
Pos. letter FE. Brewster Esqr Phila Nov 23. 1833$.12½
Paid for oysters at Davis$.15
Paid for Hoar hound Candy at Shock’s$.06
11/28 Paid for a small Sheet Iron Stove for Frances’ chamber at Small and Co’s$5.50
11/30Paid Jacob (my valet)$.06¼
Paid at {Shrovis?] for tin for stove [---?] hole$.12½
Deposited in Harrisburg Bank vide Bank Book and memorandum$80.00
12/2Paid postage letters Mrs R. Gemmel Blairsville Nov 28th 1833$.18¾
Drew on my check from "Harrisburg Bank"$69.00
Recd from Jno Hoves for collecting money ($79.60) due him from Jno. Flecks estateFee $10.00
{note in margin: same time pd Jno Hovis cash $69 vide his receipt in rough docket}
Paid at oyster cellar$.12½
Paid Jno Hovis in full of money recd for him from Flecks estate$69.00
Recd from Wm. Ayres Esqr for Miss Bidget Seery of Phila raised by him$80.34
12/4Deposited in Harrisburg Bank$75.00
Paid Postage on letter to Ramsey Esqr Erie Pa.$.18¾
Recd commission on collection of Dr. Rutherford Witness Bill of $6.00 ------------------Fee $1.00
12/6Drew check on Harrisburg Bank ~ self$70.00
Paid W.B. Hieskill Esqr of Phila by a draft from the cashier of the Harrisburg Bank to the cahier of the United State Bank Dated "Dec 6. 1833" Bridget Seerys money in full recd from Wm. Ayres Esqr. Deducting my Fee$70.00
Recd for collecting from Wm Ayres Esqr Bridget Seerys money as above ($80.34)Fee $10.34
Paid collector for "The Pennsylvanian" (Mrs. Poole) for 6 months Subscription ending Dec 5. 1833 to sd paper {note in margin: vide receipt in full}$2.00
Recd from John Zimmerman of Cumberland Co. to attend arbitration for him tomorrowFee $5.00
12/7Paid for a load of Hickory Wood for our chamber at home$2.50
Paid for 1 Barrel of Charcoal$.21
Paid Jacob (my valet)$.12½
Toll at Harrisburg Bridge Walking$.06
12/9Handed "Frances" to buy Black silk$1.50
Paid Jacob (my valet)$.06¼
12/12Paid for paper at Mr Peacocks$.12½
12/13 Paid for oysters by my office$.06¼
12/14 Paid Jacob (my valet)$.12½
Postage letter Mrs R. Gemmel Blairesville Dec 9. 1833$.18¾
12/16 Paid Jacob (my valet)$.06¼
Paid for oysters and etc at Davis’$.15
12/17Postage letter A.C. Ramsey "Erie Dec 11. 1833"$.18¾
12/18Paid for a stock at Ladies "Episcopal Fare"$1.15
Entrance money to same Fare$.12½
Do for Frances and self in Evening$.25
Paid for Sundries for Frances and self at Fare$.70¼
12/19 Postage Letter Mr K Findlay Esqr "Lancaster Dec 18. 1833" $.10
Recd from Lewis Wisler of Colba by the hands of John Swartz which was loaned to him on the 13th of November last to pay cost$20.00
{note in margin: vide 13th Nov}
12/19Handed to "Frances" to pay her mother on account of our Boarding$15.00
Paid this Evening for Frances and self at "Ep. Fare"$.62½
12/20 Paid Wenrich in full for sawing wood for me – pd in my office this day$.75
Paid this Evening at Episcopal Fare$.12½
12/21Recd from Thos [C?] raighead in no 213 of Nov Term 1833, Dauphin Common Pleas JudgtFee $3.00
Paid Jacob (my valet)$.12½
12/23 Drew check on Harrisburg Bank ~ self for$90.00
Paid ‘James Stuart European Agent by a draft from the cashier of the Harrisburg Bank on the "Mechanics Bank Phila" a Balance in full of A Chesnuts money recd of Thos Brown admt of Mary Bell Decd on the 22nd May last$90.00
Recd from Andrew Chesnut by retaining in my hands additionalFee $10.00
{note in margin: vide 22nd May last}
Recd of Jas. Stuart Eu. Agent for Mrs McDowell and 2 children of Ireland ~Fee $5.00
12/24 Paid at O[b?]es Store for ¼ yd. Blue black velvet andskein silk to make a stock$.56¼
{in full~} Paid Hale and Snyder Livery Bill Balance in full of all demands vide Bill and Receipt$10.00
Drew Check on Harrisburg Bank in favour of Wm. Ayres Esqr for$20.00
Lent Wm. Ayres Esqr – Due Bill$20.00
{note in margin: Paid Jan 2nd 1834}
Recd of Philip Newbeker admr of Jacob and also of Peter Newbeker for Serviced Rendd EstatesFee $10.00
And at same time for same his NOTE. ForFee $47.00
12/25 Paid Jacob (my valet)`$.05
12/26 Paid for oysters at Davis’$.18¾
12/30 Paid Jacob (my valet)$.08¼
Borrowed and recd from Wm McClure Esqr to be paid in Six days after date$100.00
12/31Deposited in the Harrisburg Bank$100.00
12/31Drew Check on Harrisburg Bank in favour of Self for$125.00
Recd in Nos. 14. 16. 17. Of Aug Is. 1833 and in Nos. 16.7. Nov. Is. 1833 of Jno Roberts ProtyFees $7.50

Totals of Various Expenses

Barbers/shaving – 2.36 ¼

Board – 131.76

Books – 117.08 ¾

Deposited in Harrisburg Bank – 525.00

Fees – 489.96

Food and dinner out – 6.95 (nothing specifically related to groceries is ever mentioned)

Livery – 47.11 ¾

Miscellaneous expenses (not labeled "sundries") – 225.09 ¼

Miscellaneous outlays – 346.00

Money borrowed – 444.00

Money loaned people – 54.50

Money Received – 282.92

Money Received for other people (this money apparently did not leave his hands as there are no records to indicate it did) – 584.20

Office Rent – 62.50

Postage – 17.28 ¾

Segars – 1.87 ½

Stage – 26.23

"Sundries" – 50.85 ½

"Taylors" and clothes – 90.34

Tolls – 3.25 ¾

Travel and Hotels – 34.13 ½

Jacob Walters (his valet) – 4.91 ¾

Washing – 21.52 ¾

Wedding Expenses (clothes, honeymoon, etc.) – 240.10 ¼

Withdrawn from Bank – 512.00

These totals add up to $1428.82 spent, with $1801.08 coming into his hands.

List of Names Mentioned

  • Academy of Fine Arts - Philadelphia, visited on honeymoon
  • Alexander, J. B., Esqr. - Greensburgh
  • Atlee, William A.
  • Aughenbaughs - Carlisle
  • Ayres, William, Esqr.
  • Baldwin and Co. - Livery in Philadelphia
  • Baltimore - Second stop on honeymoon
  • Baltos, Nancy
  • Bath House - Lancaster
  • Bears Gapp - Also Millersburg
  • Beaumonts Tavern - West Chester, paid for stage to Lancaster
  • Bell, Mary
  • Bell, William
  • Benghaus, Dr. George H. - Williamsport, MD
  • Bigger, James
  • "Black George"
  • "Black Henry" - Porter
  • Bliss, Elam - New York bookseller
  • Bliss v. Schoyer
  • Bowmans
  • Brent, R. J., Esqr. - From Hagerstown, MD
  • Brewster, F. E., Esqr. - Philadelphia
  • Briggs, Greene E. - Barber
  • Brown, Thomas
  • Buckler, John - Of Buckler’s Hotel
  • Buckleys - Sundries
  • Buffington, John
  • Burns, Gilbert
  • Cameron - [no mention of a first name]
  • Carlisle
  • Carpenter, Esqr.
  • Chandler, Johnathon
  • Chestnut, Andrew - Mary Bell’s brother
  • Chester County Bank - Deposited mother’s money there
  • Chester - Sundries
  • Clemson, Amos
  • Clendenin, Frances – F. P. C., Rawn’s wife
  • Clendenin, M. S. - Mary S. C.
  • Cocklin, Michael
  • Colder, William
  • Collins, Edward E.
  • Corklen, M.
  • Cox, Charles
  • Curzons, Mrs. Mary - Laundry woman
  • Davies, Jno, Esqr.
  • Davis, Peter
  • Dietrick, Jacob
  • Dietrick, Mrs.
  • Dewitts Church
  • Dewitt, Rev. William R. - Performed his marriage
  • Dorsey - Barber
  • Dubbs - Constable
  • Ducks - Candle maker
  • Eberle
  • Ellison, J. B.
  • Espy, James
  • Espy’s Store
  • Espy and Johnson’s Store
  • Eve - A cook
  • Ferry House
  • Fisher v. Roark
  • Fairlamb, Frederick - Rawn borrowed money from him
  • Findley, J. K., Esqr. - Lancaster
  • "Flora" - A horse
  • Foxes
  • "Frenchtown"
  • Friedley, Mrs.
  • Gallagher, Major George
  • Gallaghers - Store
  • Garverick, Peter
  • Gemmel, Mrs. R. - Of Blairsville
  • Geoff, Benjamin - Shoemaker
  • Grayson, William
  • Green, Ashble - Of Philadelphia
  • Green, Judge
  • Grigg and Elliot - Booksellers in Philadelphia
  • Gross, Daniel W. - Druggest
  • Gross, Sergeant
  • Hain, George
  • Hale and Snyder - Livery
  • Halifax
  • Hannum, Robert, Esqr.
  • Hardy, Samuel - Client
  • Harrisburg Bank
  • Harrisburg Bridge
  • Harrisburg Greys
  • Harrisburg Hotel
  • Harrisburg Library Association
  • Hellenstown
  • Hendersons Station
  • Henrie, Nathaniel - Henrie v. Woodride
  • Henry - "Dorsey’s boy"
  • Henry - Porter in West Chester
  • Hensy
  • Highspire
  • Hocker, Jno
  • Hopple, George
  • Hovis, Isaac
  • Hubbell, F. W., Esqr. - Philadelphia
  • Hubbleys, Mr. - Lancaster
  • Hummelstown
  • Isaac - Drove Rawn and wife to West Chester after marriage
  • Jeffries Hotel - Front St., Columbia
  • Johnson, John
  • Jones Store
  • Josiah - Black man at Perry Springs
  • Karthaus, Peter A.
  • Kauffman, Isaac
  • Keller, Peter
  • Kelley, George - Fiddler
  • Kelly, R.
  • Kemble, George - Tailor
  • Kendricks - "21 miles from Lancaster"
  • King, Mary - Rawn settled her husband’s estate
  • Knepley, Conrad
  • Knox, Joseph
  • Koons, Daniel
  • Krauses - Lebanon
  • Krause, D., Esqr.
  • Laumans - In Middletown
  • Leach, Richard
  • Leslie, James - Treasurer of Harrisburg Library Association
  • Levon - Waiter at Wades
  • Liebold, George - Of Gratztown
  • Lockman’s Church
  • Lockman’s - Store
  • Maginnis - Carriages in West Chester
  • Malone, Morgan
  • Mapleman, John
  • Markley, Jno
  • Marshall, Aquilla
  • Martin, James, Jr.
  • Masonic Hall - Philadelphia, visited on honeymoon
  • Masters, P.
  • McCormick, Jane
  • McCormick, Jno
  • McCullock, Thomas G.
  • McGowans - Store
  • McKinney, Dr. Thomas
  • McMannimy, Mack
  • McMlure, William, Esqr.
  • Miller’s store
  • Miller, John P. - Client from West Chester
  • Millersburg - Also "Bears Gap"
  • Morris, Robert
  • Murray, Samuel - Livery
  • Mussleman, Johnathon
  • Newbeker, Philip
  • "The Ohio" - A boat in Philadelphia
  • Packers Hotel - Lancaster
  • Parsons, W. H.
  • Parsons – Taylor (tailor)
  • Peacock, E.
  • Peacock, James, Esqr.
  • Penrose, Charles B., Esqr. - Carlisle
  • Perry Springs
  • Phalanx Artillerists of Philadelphia
  • Phillips, Urith [?] - Alias Ann Fisher (Cot 14)
  • Platt, Lewis
  • Prime, Sophia - Colored woman
  • Randall – Taylor (tailor)
  • Rawn, David W.
  • Rawn, E. - Mother
  • Rawn, George W.
  • Rawn, Julia Ann
  • Reynolds, C.
  • Rhoads and Rank
  • Roark, Mary
  • Rogers, Isaac - Fredericktown, MD
  • Rutherford, W. W. - Physician
  • Sanders, Peter
  • Saturday Visitor
  • Schoyer, Solomon
  • Serry, Bridget - Of Phila.
  • Shaffers, Michael
  • Sharpless, Abram
  • Shegog, J. H.
  • Shell, Jacob - Storekeeper, Rawn paid him his office rent
  • Shock’s - Bought some candy
  • Shoemaker, Jacob
  • Shumplys, Abram
  • Shunk, Caspar
  • Shunk, F. R., Esqr. - Rawn’s mentor
  • Shunk, Herman, Esqr.
  • Shunk, Isaac
  • Simmons - Shaving in Lancaster
  • Small and Co.’s
  • Smalls - Sold Rawn gun powder
  • Smith, P. N., Esqr. - Of West Chester
  • Soland, George W.
  • Solomon, Mr.
  • Spagg, William J. - Agent for Saturday Courier
  • Staley, W. W., Esqr. - Philadelphia
  • Stambaugh, Peter Buchler
  • Stassinger, David S., Esqr.
  • Steckley, Mr.
  • Stimmel - From stage office
  • Stine, Daniel - Tax collector
  • Strickland, Mrs.
  • Swaim’s Baths
  • Thomas, Isaac - Seller of Samuel Warner (to D. W. Rawn)
  • Tomlinson’s Stage - From Baltimore to Philadelphia
  • United States Hotel - Philadelphia
  • Van Amringe, H. H. - Of West Chester
  • Wade’s Hotel - Rawn stayed there on trip to Philadelphia
  • Waldron, Deborah
  • Waldron, Mr. Wm.
  • Wallace, Dr. Thomas
  • Wallace’s - Tavern
  • Walters, Jacob - Valet
  • Wards - Barber
  • Warner, Goldsborough
  • Watsons - Store
  • Weidman, Jno. - John
  • Weidman, S. A.
  • Westfall, Simeon
  • Wharton’s Tavern
  • Wier and Gross
  • William, Lewis
  • Williams, Rudolph - Apothecary
  • Williamson, William, Esqr.
  • Wilson’s - Sundries
  • Winebrenner, Robert J. - Tailor in Philadelphia
  • Wolber, W. S.
  • Wolfersberger, Sheriff - George
  • Woods, Harry
  • Wood, S. B., Esqr.
  • Yellets - Barber
  • Yellets, Jno.
  • Yellow Springs

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