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3-1 [Sun., March 3] Clear & very Cold. Elegant Sleighing I was at Dewitts church this morning Kelso attempted to Shoot DeWitt last evening & discharged a Pistol through the door. 2 Bullets passing & grazing DeWitts [illegible] & body I took tea at Mrs C’s & spent evening

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4-2 [Mon., March 4] Clear & Cold- fine Sleighing. M J Clendenen & Co came from Carlisle late evening[?] Adj. Court Com. Pleas for 1 week began this morning. Anti Masonic State Convention met in Court House down Stairs at 3 P.M.

March 4, 1833- Monday

4-2 [Mon., March 4] Contd. I was at Mrs Peacocks this evening where Frances P.C. had gone in afternoon to try New Piano bought & taken home to day by Mr. Peacock $275. Wistar & Findlay there Recd. letter from "Jno Gemmel Blairsville March 1, 1833"

Tuesday, March 5, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

5 –3 [Tues., March 5] Clear & Cold- but more mild than yesterday Anti Mas. S.C. [Anti-Masonic State Convention] in session to day. I bought from F.R. Shunk last Evening & pd. His wife for "Sellons[?] Practice" price $2.00 bought by him a few weeks since at sale of N B Woods Esqr Library. sold to me for what he gave present M. Scott Clendenen at 2 ¾ P.M. called at Mrs. Peacocks by virtue of notice Recd. through B. Gibson Peacock whilst I was Setting at my dinner at P’s to see Miss Gibson who came to town to day with Col. McClure & Brother. Misses Ege & Kennedy J Hitner[?] & Mrs Armstrong Briggs. they left again at 6 o’clock. I was at Mrs P’s just after they started & went home with F.P.C. spent evening in my office

Wednesday, March 6, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

6-4 [Wed., March 6] Clear & pleasant- about 3 inches more snow last evening after tea time & before daylight this morning Wrote yesterday & Sent letter to day to Amos Clemson (Client) "Salisbury Lan. Co Recd. Letter from P.A. Karthaus dated Wilmington March 2, 1833 & also from Julia Ann Rawn dated "Thombury Feb. 25, 1933 which last informs me that Dr Jesse Hamor breathed his last that morning about 6 o’oclock & was buried on the 27th inst. Anti M. Con. [Anti-Masonic Convention] adj. Line die[?] this evening at 6 ½ o clock I was at Mrs. C’s in evening. Beautiful night & Elegant Sleighing

Thursday, March 7, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

7-5 [Thurs., March 7] Clear & Milder- Snow melting away fast. I wrote to F.W. Hubbell Esqr in answer to his letter dated "Phila. March "5th, 1833" recd. this morning & sent authority from parties in 110 Jan. 7, 1833 to Bela Badger to take property in city into his possession on their behalf Recd from Esqr. Davis fro Mary Rork- Fee $5.00 in Fisher Esqr viz her no. 183 of Jan 7, 1833 recd. from Mrs. Geo. Rawn of Phila. by hands of

March 7, 1833 Thursday

7-5 [Thurs., March 7] Contd by hands of Thos. G. McCulloh Esqr Finger Ring & Box & note from her- for which he pd. to Geo. W. R. as he says $5.00- recd. the last foregoing at the Capitol when B. Parke Esqr & myself this morning. Wrote to Peter A. Karthaus at Wilmington Del State in answer to 2 Letters lately recd from him

Recd from Thompson of H of R. of Venany this morning. Pluries Les La vend. Ex to Crawford Co. issued by me for Galbraith to Aug. Term 1832 of Dauphin Com. Pleas nos 18 being Fahnestock vs Herrington & Hays. this writ was handed to me to day marked on the back by Galbraith (I presume) Issued too late & I suppose was never in the Sheriffs hands & then issued pracisse[?] to Prot [Prothontary?] of Dau. Com Pleas for Al.Pl. Les La Vend Ex. which writ was made out by Snyder & handed to me to send to Galbraith at 5 o clock P.M. when I was about enclosing it to him McCormick & Fahnestock came in my office & alleging default in Galbraith said writ should not be sent to him. saying he had recd $100 of Fahnestocks money which he had given no acct of & indeed had once said he knew nothing about & I told Fahnestock it was his own business to send the writ to whom he pleases & he carried it away that is McCormick did & myself having made the arrangement to call on Thompson this Evening at Buehlem. Called on L. with the Judge at Wilsons. talked to him awhile. took some oysters with Judge at Davis & after 9 o’clock left Court & went to party at Haldermans & home with F.P.C. at 10 ½ . when came to Court again which had not yet adjourned

Friday, March 8, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

8-6 [Fri., March 8] Clear & soft snow nearly gone & sleying spoiled. chance sleigh to be seen this morning. Wrote letter for Amos Clemson with his name to H. Slaymaker Esqr Lan. Co. sent $1.00 to Henry Woods no 114 Jan 7, 1832 for his writ by Mr. McCoy & wrote letter by same gentleman to Esqr. Carpenter on same Subject was at Mrs C’s this evening after 8 o clock till 9 ½

March 8, 1833 Friday

8-6 [Fr., March 8] Cont. & presented "Box & Ring"- brought from City by McCulloh to Miss F.P.C. Retd to Court at 9 ¾ which was still in session. was at Esqr Davies office upon Fisher & Roark case after Supper & took transcript in Reinart vs Solomon Huey no 114 Apl. 7, 1833

Saturday, March 9, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

9-7 [Sat., March 9] Clear & beautiful. was at the Capt. this morning. had notice from Mr. Jos. Clendenen at Wallaces at Supper time to go to Peacocks this evening did not go. Was in Court till near 10 o’clock & called Jury after Supper in Clemson vs Clemson who are to return to try next week

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