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28-1 [Sun., Apr. 28] Clear & pleasant. Burns cashier of Lebanon Bank stopt me at Buehlins as I came from church, walked home with me & took some wine. in Afternoon, Burns, J.J.C. & Myself rode in Burns Barouch up river to Cox’s Town & back by 5 ¼ o’clock Burns took tea with me. I went to Mrs C’s & spent Evening till 9 ½ and then walked to Mrs Murrays with F.P.C. & back with her. Sarah is not better. recd. letter from Thos. Wallace Dated "Paoli" April 26, 1833" Paid Expenses drink at Appletons in Cox’s town for 3 of us to day 18 ¾ cts

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29-2 [Mon., Apr. 29] Clear, pleasant, but too dry- very warm in afternoon. Wallace, Krause & self Auditors to day in Col. Fedderhoffs

April 29, 1833 Monday

29-2 [Mon., Apr. 29] Contd. & Adam Wilt business for which I recd. pay $1.00 recd. letter from D W Rawn "West Chester Apl. 26, 1833" Wrote to him to day before receipt of this & also after receipt of same. Paid for paper 25 cts brought viz Canal Commiss Mitchells son. recd. of Isaac Hovis in full for a clock (which was a Fee) & sold to him short time since $12.00 & treated him 6 ½ cts. Wrote to Woodward & Spragg to stop Chas. Gleins paper after 5 May 1833. I was at mrs C’s this morning. recd. letter from G.W. Rawn Phila. Apl. 27th 1833" & paid Postage 12 ½ cts. was at Shunks & Peacocks this Evening. Judge Gibson there who went with Dr. Roberts to see Miss S.A. Weidman. I went to Mrs Murrays at 9 ½ o’clock with F.P.C. where she sat up with Sarah

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30-3 [Tues., Apr. 30] Clear, warm & very dry. Sarah Ann Weidman died this morning after 3 hours severe suffering at 7 ¼ o’clock grieved, and mourned by all who knew her amiable & Excellent worth. but by none more lamented than her bosom friend & companion who is Frances P Clendenin who faithfully watched her through all her sickness, and who if I may hazard in this world of religious Bigotry & deceit. My sentiments will be again united with her in Heavenly friendship for eternity. A God grant to enable us so to live that we may be calmly resigned to die and may my latter end be that of the righteous man and having no more cause to regret the past than her whose soul has this morning winged away its flight from friends & companion to the bosom of her God! Wrote to F.R. Shunk Esqr at this Capitol this morning. Philip Newbeker was in town to day & dined with me- I recd. $10. of him Fee on acct of professional services arbitration on estates of Jacob & Peter & recd. this money by Philip paying it to Esqr Carpenter of Halifax for Henry Woods who claimed it of me as due to him on acct of money collected from Rawn

April 30, 1833 Tuesday

30-3 [Tues., Apr. 30] Contd. and I claim it as due to me for advice at various times and intend yet to sue him for $15 my Book Charge- recd. note requesting me to be carrier at S.A.W’s funeral tomorrow afternoon at five o’clcok. Went with F.P.C. & her mother after tea and saw S.A. Weidman

I wrote note to Mrs Murray declining a request to set up with S.A.W. but went directly after the receipt of it and told them I would come went at 10 o’clock after F.P.C. & self going to church pump for water. Andrew Gradon, misses Graydon & jane Alricks also set up

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May 1

1-4 [Sun., May 1] Clear & very dry. we all staid at Mrs Murrays last night or this morning till 5 ½ when I went to bed at home after opening office. and was called up at 8 ½ A.M. to see Danl. Jacoby from "Summy Town" Montgomery Co. who was in my office with F.R Shunk Esqr- I recd. note of Mr. J. on James S. Espy. Amt $166 for collection & gave him a receipt for the same. recd. letter letter from Julia Ann Rawn "West Chester April 26th 1833" Paid for Gloves at Millers to day $1.00 and at same place for mourning gloves for S.A. Weidmans funeral at which I was a carrier at 5 o’clock P.M. & went to Mrs C’s with F.P.C. where I took tea. went to Shunks after tea and paid him Balance of my Boarding while I was a student with him, in full $19. by including it in my note to him then given payable in 1 year from date for $300 at which time I recd. his check on the Harrisburg Bank for $20 added to which said $19 wil make the amt. of my note to him. after which Jno Jos. C & myself called at Mrs Murrays to see Jno. A. Weidman & after which I went with M S.C & F.P.C. to that part of McClaysburg called Jones Town to see Nancy a Black girl who lived with them & who is very sick while they went in I walked about

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May 2, 1833 Thursday

2-5 [Thurs., May 3] Clear, very dry stale & warm. settled all account with Thos. Wallace and paid him Balance due for Boarding to the 9 Apl. 1833 inclusive in full $15.97 which ammt is this day credited to his account with Jacob Shell & Co. on his note of fifty eight dollars & some cts. to them and a discount is allowed by said form to C.C. Rawn of $5.31 on said amt of $15.97 for cash. Paid Jona. Chandler $9.87 in full of Office Rent up to 1st Apl. 1833. took 4 mile walk this Evening. was at mrs C’s after tea. Jno A Weidman came there with Jno. Jos.C. [Clendenen]

Friday, May 3, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3-6 [Fri., May 3] Clear- still dry. Sun Red. Deposited a note on Tuesday last in Dr G. H. Berghaus hands against Dr. Jno. Wm. Mckinney in favour of J H Shegog endorsed to Charles Rawn, for collection present Jno. Jos. Clendenen. Paid W H Parsons (Taylor) by his boy Balance $4.37 ½ present in my office McClure Esqr. "in full for making Frock Coat & of all demands. vide Bill & Receipt was at mrs C’s after dinner from which place Jno.Jo. C and myself came & wrote deed from Mary Allen & Jno Learing Ex. & to Jos. Gray. was at mrs C’s after tea. F.P.C. & self went to Shunks where I borrowed his leather Travelling Trunk to go to city on Sunday

Saturday, May 4, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

4-7 [Sat., May 4] Cloudy, but still dry. Deposited in The harrisburg Bank $100 vide Bank Book. Paid passage in Stage for to Morrow to Lancaster $2.00. bought Piece Linen 25 yds 85 cts per yd. at Espy and Johnsons store. sent it to Mrs Peacocks for her to Look at & left it with her to send to Mrs Curzon, who is to make my shirts. went to see Mrs Curzon & Daughter about making my shirts. left shirt of Mr Peacocks with mine for Pattern, and then went to Mrs Clendenens & to Episcopal church with M.S. Clendenen when I left her & retd. to Mrs C’s where came Mr Shuck Esqr and spent evening.

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