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September 25, 1833 – note! There is a small book containing a memorandum from the 25 of last May to this 25th day of September this last day exclusive. It was intended to transcribe the matter in said small book into this, but it has been neglected till my time & inclination will not permit. attest. Chas. C. Rawn

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Harrisburg September 25, 1833

25-4 [Sept. 25 Wed.] Clear & pleasant – rec’d letters from Geo. King "Bellefonte Centre Co Sept. 23, 1833 & W B Hieskill Esq. 46 S 6th St Phila Sept. 23, 1833 enclosing power of attorney for me to act for Bridget Leery" I wrote him in reply – was engaged in proceeding against Isaac McCord Spent evening principally at home rec’d letter from Dr Newton I. Hetzel, Halifax, Dauphin Co "Sep 24, 1833" enclosing an account against R H Shannon with 2 letters of said Shannon

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26-5 [Sept. 26 Thurs] Clear & Beautiful I wrote 2 letters to F E Brewster Esq of Phila. in pursuance of Isaac McCord being in my office about his arrest on my writ [undecipherable ?] suit "Menagerie" [undecyph] came to town this morning. Wrote to_Geo. King at Bellefonte Cen[tre] Co. in answer to his letter of Sep. 23, 1833 Paid at Menagerie this afternoon M[ary] S[cott] Clendenin & Self. 50cts great many persons there. Wrote to Dr. James Roberts upon Subject of our bill of 1 Oct, 1832 and kept copy of Letters. Mrs. McKissick from Columbia & other Ladies took tea at our house – after which M.S.C., E[lizabeth] C. P[eacock], Mrs. Wharton, Frances & Self went to a party at Mrs. Gallaughers

Friday, September 27, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

27-6 [Sept. 27 Fri] Clear & Pleasant Wrote to Mr. R. Bower Halifax Dauphin Co upon overcharge of Courts by Sh[eri]ff Seclis and sent new letter by Mr. Waldron, Paid Mr Waldron $15 on acct of my note to his wife Deborah Rhawn vide receipt Rec’d Letters W B Hieskill Esq Phila Sep 26 1833 encosing a letter of Wm Ayres Esq to him, Also from Thos G McColloh Esqr

Chambersburg Sep 26 1833 took tea at Peacock’s with Mrs McKissick of Columbia & 2 quaker ladies & after met "Steam Boat Nav[al] Com[mander] at Buehler’s

Saturday, September 28, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

28-7 [Sept. 28 Sat] Clear & pleasant Borrowed $4 of D Krause Esqr as I was going to Halifax in hurry left town at 8 A.M. Nat[hania]l Henries "horse sulkey" I overtook Esqr Ayres at Greens where I paid other 6 ¼ cts. Attended Sale of Peter & Jacob Newbeker’s property to [?] [?] P Newbeker administer at Halifax – Peter’s house & lot in Halifax sold to Washington Finney for $235 Jacob’s not sold adj[ourne]d to 26 Oct Paid Toll for coming up & and going down 26cts Took dinner at Shaffers General McKean also & I took tea at Aunt Rhawns

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