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Sept. 29, 1833 Sunday

29-1 [Sept. 29 Sun] Clear & warm. I was last night – all night at Aunt Rhawns & slept in same room with Mr. Waldron, Deborah’s husband’s father, who & his wife were at Aunts, breakfasted at Aunts Paid bill at Schaffers 75cts and other 12 ½ cts & left for up the county at 7 ½ A.M. arrived at Millersburg at 8 ½ - watered my horse & paid other 6 ¼ cts gave Cap. D L Rutten [undecyph] we started up the valley together he in his Dearbourn came to Mr Sollidays (7 miles) where he stopt. I cont. on to Jacob Dietrich, 2 miles farther where I put up at 12 ½ o clock Shaved myself with two razors, a man by name of Fagley standing at my back whetting them alternately and I shaving in like manner at 4 ½ four cars arrived from "Bear Gap" 6 miles distant with perhaps 50 passengers – country girls & young men & Gen’l McKean on board of one car. They all went in to Dietrichs where there was considerable drinking, smoking, spitting & talking done. left my horse Sulkey at Dietrichs & started on a car which was drawn by 2 mules at 5 o clock for "Bear Gap" where I landed at 6. this load is today for the first time coming in operation the Iron Railing is not yet done on more [than] the 2 miles of it – but they expect to run coal from the mines to the river 16 miles in 10 days found Messrs. Gratz & Thompson at "Bear Gap" Fellows in Bar Room/Miners & others very noisy. I shall go down in morning with Dietrich. Met Gen’l McKean today at Dietrichs I spent evening at Michael Shaffers with Gratz & Thompson reading Bible & other Books, and went to bed at 9 ¼ in same room with Peter a Son of Capt Shaffers of Halifax, 16 years old

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30-2 [Sept. 30 Mon] Clear & beautiful, rose at 6, and was shown by boy of Shaffers with candle into the "Coal Mines" this morning – 10,000 ton of beautiful coal perhaps lying here at present – pd my Bill at Shaffers 37 ½ cts & Gratz & Thompson & Self left "Gap" at 9A.M. on car – arrived at Dietrichs at 9 ¾ - Paid my Bill at Dietrichs – 75 cts and exited in Sulkey for "Gratz" where I arrived at 12. at [undecipherable] where I saw Dr A Mitman & dined & pd bill 37 ½ cts Counselled with Dan’l Kuhns (new client) pd boy 6 ¼ & left – "Hellens Town" (5 miles) stopt at Jos[eph] Bowmans & pd drink 6 ¼

Sep 30 1833 – Monday

30-2 cont’d arrived at Millersburg (11 miles) at 4 P.M. where I again met Gratz, Thompson & Esqr Scheiner pd drink 6 ¼ arrived at Halifax at 5 ½ P.M. Stopt at Aunt Rhawns rec’d six small notes of her in favor of Uncle Sam’s estate for collection – got Shoe put on my horse at Jas Rhawns and arrived at Philip Newbekers at [undecyph] of "Powel Creek" at 7 o clock where I found Mr Waldron & his wife [undecyph] put my horse up and talked awhile

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Oct 1-3 [Oct 1 Tues] Cloudy – Rain after 10 ½ A.M. till night Slept not 2 hours last night for "Flood" went into Philips grainfield & orchard before breakfast – also looked round with Philip – Waldron & wife left after breakfast for Lewistown where they live & I started a few minutes after at 8 ¼ AM – Stopt at [undecyph] formerly Judge Greens pd drink 6 ¼ - met Chas. F. Muench near Cox Town going up electioneering to Lykens Valley, for himself for Sheriff arrived in Harrisburg at 11 A.M. informed that R H Shannon, clerk in Land Ofice intermarried at Middletown this morning with Esqr. Spayds daughter Rec’d letter F.E. Brewster Esqr. "Phila" Sept 27, 1833 & pd pos[tage] 12 ½ cents. took sleep in afternoon. Mrs Wharton took tea at our house Jacob Sibhart of Marietta in my office before tea I rec’d a note from him & gave him a receipt for it – the direction of F.S. Smith Esqr of Phila to whom I told him I should send it for collection – it is a note drawn by Resch, Sibhart & Tagert – in favor of Campbell on which Sibhart & Tagert are Bail, rec’d letter R Gemmel "Blairsville Ind[ian]a Co Sept 26 1833 & pd pos. 18 ¾ - was at Democratic Meeting at Knepleys & M.S.C. went home at 8 with Mrs Wharton

Wednesday, October 2, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

2-4 [Oct 2 Wed] Clear & beautiful – Paid Jacob Walters (my Valet) 12 ½ cts Wrote to John R. Findley Esqr enclosing Non. Omit – Cap. against James Caves Frances & myself took walk from my office in the evening – I went to Shunks & Peacocks after tea

Thursday, October 3, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3-5 [Oct 3 Thur] Clear & pleasant, Paid my Quarters Postage to 1 Oct 1833 rec’d Receipt $5.35 Dan’l Koons sent (New Clients) at my office, gave me $1 to pay for writ against Henry Reissinger, Paid D. Krause Esqr in full of the money borrowed on 28th - $4.00

Oct. 3, 1833 Thursday

3-5 [Oct 3 Thur] cont’d Borrowed $30 of Wm. McClure Esqr to pay in 1 week from date Paid Jacob Shell in full for 1 quarter oficeRent up to 1 Oct. 1833. – rec’d receipt. Yesterday Paid cash for 1 one hundred Box of Segars at Krause’s $1.00. Handed Frances to pay her Mother on account of Boarding $15. took walk in afternoon after attending to business for Dr. Hetzel before Esqr Brooks vs. R.H. Shannon – was at Buehlers in evening Reading paper. Mrs. Peacock & children at our house

Friday, October 4, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

4-6 [Oct. 4 Fri] Clear & Cool. rec’d letter from John King Findley Esqr. Lancaster City Oct. 3rd ‘33" in answer to mine of 2nd inst. with non omit - & pd pos. 10 cts – also rec’d letter from W W Haly Esqr Phila "Oct 1 1833" with Fee $5. in it & pd pos. 12 ½ on business with the Governor. Handed to Fances to buy Muslin for me $1. Waited on the Governor in relation to W W Haly’s and other business Wrote to Haly in reply & took walk in afternoon & on return got papers from Henry Buehler at Capitol for Gov of Maryland

Saturday, October 5, 1833 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

5-7 [Oct. 5 Sat] Clear & Cool in morning Wrote to Lewis Miller at Columbia enclosing his Subpoena & letting him [know] his arbitration is 26th Oct. also to Mr. Cuthbert Sec’ty of Coucil of State of Md. Paid Sophia Prime col[ore]d Woman cash for washing my office today 25 cts I attended [undecyph] Qualified before Court of Appeal today at Gleisons – Col. Beade presiding Paid at Shells for soap & stone blacking – the latter got a few days since by jacob Walters 12 ½ cts Sh[eri]ffs Sale this afternoon – I had Duncans Big Land up for sale – great interest received about my selling it – I recored the sale, also of Gladdens property

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