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day of mo – of w

March 2 – 1 March 2nd, 1834 – Sunday

Clear & Cold. I went to De Witts Church this Morning with Miss Nancy McCulloh where the Rev. Mr. Duffield of Carlisle preached. – took long walk in this afternoon – Frances tolerably well in morning. Some little Fever in afternoon – Rutherford & Dr A T Dean both attend her.? Went to the Episcopal Church this evening with M. S. Clendenin. Wrote to Woodd. [Woodward] Mifflin & Parry Eds. [Editors] of the Pennsylvanian Phila. about my paper & pd. Pos 12 ½ --

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3 – 2 Clear & Cold. – Circuit Court before Chief Justice Gibson commenced here this morning. I am concerned in Six causes on the list – tried case of Comth [Commonwealth] vs Johnson for Cows [?] Rimming [?] Thos. Elder Esqr last Janr.

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4 – 3 Clear & Beautiful – I was at the Capitol a short time this morning. Recd. from Lachauah Lunis? Prisoner now in our Jail Fee $5 – "State Temperance Convention" met in the Presbyterian Church in this town to day Wrote to Wm Young Carpenter of Montr [Montgomery] Co. Barnhill? P.O. giving him the same information that I have in two preceding letters of his Arbitration to be on the 25th of March inst. [?] – I was at the "Tempr Conv [Temperance Convention] this Evening"

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5 – 4 Clear & Moderate – recd. letter last evening of Geo M Dallas Atty Genr. Phila March 2nd 1834 & appds [?] of Jno Goodwin & paid postage 12 ½ cts. Paid Mother Clendenin by hands of sister Mary Scott $15 on account of "Frances’ & My Boarding – "Temperance Conv." in session to day – some fine speeches made – "Presbyterian Fare" opened to day in the upper court room – most splendidly – Mr Peacock & self went with his wife & 3 daughters. Mary Scott C, - Nancy McCulloh, & Mrs McClure (Judge Gibson’s daughter) to said Fare which was crowding? myhshane? been near 400 persons there – I paid expenses $1.50 & we left at 9 o clock took Mother Clendenin & nurse some cake

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March 6 – 1834 Thursday

Day of mo --

6 – 5 Cloudy & damp – some rain last night – I am told this morning by Secr. Findlay that Mr Mahany informed him they made $389 at the Fare last evening – having taken $50 at the door at 12 ½ cts per head – Recd. Circular from a Committee of a "number of the friends of the State Constitution" opposed to a convention for the amendment thereof & pd. Postage 12 ½ cts. Miss N. McCulloh left town for Chambersburg this morning in company with Secr. Findlay & Shunks two girls Nancy & Elizth. – Henry Buehler clk of Senate & Self took walk in evening. I was at "Presbyterian Fare" this evening and paid 56 ¼ cts. – took Ice Cream with Miss Rebecca Brooks.

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7 –6 Clear & beautiful. Wrote note yesterday to Jos. B. Henzy Esqr to pay me $10 that he owes me & sent it by Jawl [?] Walters (black man) who returned without the money said Henzy [?] told him he would call on me that evening. he sd. Father Curran was by at the time he presented the note – Henzy [?] did not come nor has he been here yet & dont intend to pay the money I think if he can avoid it. – pd. for Esunre of Lemon this morning at Dr. Agnews & Brisbans – 6 ¼ cts – Frances is still very unwell. – Recd. from Thos. Wallace Door Keeper of H of Rep of the state order on Alexr. Mahon State Treasurer of Fee $12. Went to Wharton’s this Evening with M.S. Clendenin, & called for her at 9 ¼ o.clock & took her home Recd. letter Danl. Jacoby "Surnny [?] Town Montg Co. Pa March 3 1834 & pd. pos 12 ½ cts also from sister Julia Ann Rawn "West Chester Chester Co March 5th 1834 & pd Pos 10 cts – This last letter informs me that Maria Shunk is Married to a son of "Old Mammy Shade" formerly of the "great valley" Chester County

Saturday, March 8, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

8 – 7 Cloudy – some rain – warm –

Deposited in "Harrisburg Bank" $50 cashed Wallace’s order of yesterday. Paid Jacob (my Valet) 12 ½ cts – Wrote to Sister Julia Ann at West Chester & pd. pos. 12 ½ --

March 8 – 1834 Saturday

Day of mo

8 – 7 – Contd. – Chief Justice Gibson was at our home this evening after tea where he recd. a letter from Reuben LeLand (crazy man) observing that "all the crazy people in the state wrote to him" he went to Frances’ sub chamber to see her & thinks she has not one unfavorable symptom – he concluded on C. Court this evening –

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