Sunday, March 9, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

9 – 1 Clear & pleasant – I went to DeWitts Church this Morning with M.S. Clendenin Rev. Mr. Marsh of Phila. preached. – Recd. letter "Dr. Abrm. Levy Phila. March 7 1834 to settle case with R. Thirehel [?] for him "Frances" not so well to day –

Monday, March 10, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

10 – 2 Clear & pleasant. Frances very weak & no better. I walked in the evening with Mr Cross teacher our dog Rolea & several other in town said to have been bitten by a mad dog to day. pd. at Leitz for a glass sucking pipe to use for Frances’ breasts – 37 ½ cts – I was at Shunks 1 ¼ home this evening to see Esqr Irvine of Franklin County & got 8 law books from Shunks library – "Johnsons Reports" –

Tuesday, March 11, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

11 – 3 Clear & moderate – Wrote to Mess [?] Woodd. [Woodward] & Spragg Edts [Editors]of Satr Courier about Bradys Money pd. the – about Judge Gibson’s opinion in Comth [Commonwealth] vs Johnson & about my professional notice in their paper to continue & sent Letter by Esqr Irvine of F. County – attended arbitration of Scott vs Seiler to day – bought 3rd vol of Penna Reports at McGowans last night for $5. & pd. for paper to day at Wyeths 10 cts

I took a walk in the evening up the road a called to see one Miss R. Strichel who is in the family one by Dr. Abm Levy take [?] a dentist in this place & who run off when she swore the child to him & who wrote to me a day or two since from Phila to settle this business for him. I found out where she lived by inquiring of a Black eyed girl I overtook near the leave [?] who said her name was Groover [?] that she was near 16 years old & that Levy had tried to "fool with her"

Wednesday, March 12, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

March 12 – 1834 Wednesday

day of mo--

12 – 4 – Clear, Cloudy. Wrote note to J Walters (my valet) to Jos. B. Hewly Esqr. to pay me $10. & referred to my note of 7th ultimo. to him on same errand – Paid for 1 Barrel of Charcoal 20 cts was in office all afternoon till 9 ½ P.M.

Thursday, March 13, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

13 – 5 Clear & pleasant. – Wrote to Dr. Abm Levy Phila. under corner to Josh. Levy 76 chemist st. [sent] in answer to his letter Recd. on 9 ultimo. –also to Peter Grim Jr. Brick maker Phila. referring to his letter of Janr. 1 – of this year & to my answer thereto of same day attended adjd. Arbitration of Scott vs Seiler 48 Jan T. 1834 this evening at Kelkers till 10 ½ P.M. Paid for wine & Segars [cigars] at Buehlers 12 ½ cts

Friday, March 14, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

14 – 6 Clear & Cool & Windy – recd. letter from Wm. Young (Carpenter) of lower Merion Township Montgomery Co. Dated Harrisburg (in Mistake I suppose) March 5 – 1834. Post Marked Norristown & pd. Postage 12 ½ cts – Paid A Grayson in full $2.00 for Stone Coal brought some time since vide Receipt. Paid Jacob (my valet) 8 cts Drew check on Harrisburg Bank – self $10 & recd. money – Paid Henry Walters in full for his services burying our little baby on the 1st. ultimo in full $1 – in presence of J.J. Clendenin & Mrs Miller (nurse) Paid Mrs. Miller (Frances’ nurse) $2. on aft. [afternoon] Fire Broke out at 9 ½ PM this Evening in Boyers Candle & Soap Factory on 2nd St East side between Locust and Pine Streets and consumed said Factory & 3 or 4 ageareut [?] Frame houses. I worked at said Fire like a "white head" till is war arrested about 12.o.clock & then Shunk Esqr. & self went to Wilson and took some "Hot Punch" --

Saturday, March 15, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

15 – 7 Clear & pleasant. – great confusion this morning in neighborhood of Fire. I walked up to look at ruins with Miss Jane Peacock – nd. [?] not use till 10.o.clock A.M. this morning – Recd. letter from T. J. Wharton Esqr "Phila. March 13 – 1834 & pd. pos. 12 ½ cts" & wrote in reply forthworth, also wrote to F.F. Brewster Esqr. Phila. informing him that I had obtained an award infavor of Stogh [?] Scott vs Jacob Seiler Paid for paper at Peacocks 12 ½ cts.

March 15 – 1834 – Saturday

15 – 7 Contd. Wrote to F. W. Hubbell Esqr Phila. Paid Jacob (my Valet) 12 ½ cts. attended meeting this evening in Court House in favor of sufferers by fire of Friday Evening last – I offered a resolution to appoint a Committee of 4 in each of the 4 wards to receive subscriptions

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