Sunday, May 25, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

25 – 1 Clear, dry & very warm. "Locusts" made the peridieal [?] return after 17 years absence to day See "Satr Courier" of Yesterday for the observation of a citizen of Germantown Phila County that he has known 3 resurrections? of them previous to the present

May 25, 1834 Sunday

day of mo

25 – 1 Contd. and that they have regularly appeared on the 25th may. I was at De-Witts church Morning & afternoon & wrote to D W Rawn in the Interval in answer to his letters of the 11th ult. Recd. on the 14th, and of the 21st ult recd. on the 23rd enclosing his Petition &.) Sending him a Copy of a letter recd. by me from Canal Comr Mitchell on the 20 ult. & pd Pos. 12 ½ went by Myself to Lochmans Lutheran Church in the Evening to hear "converted Jew preach & Sat in Genl Eyster [?] pew, like the preacher very well –

Monday, May 26, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

26 – 2 Cloudy, warm. Many persons here to the "S. [?] Convention, which is to meet to morrow to Blow "Jackson" Sky high as they seem to think but its all Fudge. the U.S. Bank must die. "There’s no help for the widows Son" "Theres no harm in Giliad for that Institution" Paid for Sundries Black vest & pantalloons? & this Morning at Josiah Elders Stone vide Bill & Receipt $6.39. Paid for Sundries at Hales Hotel 3 cts. Was at Small tea Party this Evening with Frances at Mr. W.S. Franklins Rev Mr De Witt & Carroll there. Wrote to F. W. Hubbell Esqr Phila. in answer to his of the 21 ultimo –

Tuesday, May 27, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

d of Mo.

27 – 3 Clear, damp, warm. Rained yesterday & last night. Saw Jno. Bradley this morning of West Chester who introduced me to a Mr. Bulkley & [?]. "Wig State Convention" met this morning at 10.a.m. in our Court House. Jno Sergeant made a speech therein this afternoon. Jno Bradley & Dr Darlington (delegate) from Chester Co. in my office to day. Recd. card in my office from Dr Wm. P Buel of New York Bela Badger in my office this morning –

Wednesday, May 28, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

28 – 4 Rain. Convention me at 9.a.m. Inspection [?] day in Town of Military – volunteers here from Middletown & Hummelstown paid Jacob (my valet) 2 cts. Recd. in No. 9 [?] Nov 1833 Attys. Legal Fees $6.75 by appropriation of part of $10 recd. in letter from Danl. Koons on the 23rd ult to pay Coots? (vide date of 23 May ult) Wrote to Ashbel Green Esqr Columbia Lan Co Pa. & pd. Pos. 6 ct. Handed to "Frances" for her use $1.00.

Thursday, May 29, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

29 – 5 Cloudy. Cooler. Convention adjd. at 4 P.M. Sinedie [?] after having Sat the Greater part of the time in Secret Session up stairs in Court House. paid Pos. on letter this day written by "Frances" to sister Juliann 12 ½ cts. Bela Badger of Phila. in my office & left acct lyuinst [?] firm of Quigly & leo for Collection

Friday, May 30, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

May 30 – 1834 Friday

day of Mo

30 – 6 Cloudy – Wrote to F. W. Hubbell Esqr Phila. & Enclosed him a Copy of trustee acct. in No. 110 of Janr. Term 1833 & sent package by Edl. [?] Trusted Esqr of Phila. was at S. Court this afternoon. Wrote letter in Thell & Wyeths store to Geo Hain Dauphin Co. & left it with Thell to send. Paid for Box "Kysers? Pills & Box Seidlitz Powder 50 ct – pd. for Ice Cream 6 ¼ --

Saturday, May 31, 1834 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

31 – 7 Cloudy – cool – Paid Jacob (my valet) 6 ¼ Recd. of Jno. Fox Sheriff in No 338 april T. 1832 Deft $20.35 Attys Writ & Legal Fee $4.00 & Fifty cents pd. Esqr Montgomery a witness before he would come into Court (per Geo Moyer Const.) Recd. 2/3 of Judgt. as last noted vide assignment to me by Geo. Hepner as Fee for Services $13.57 & Attys Writ & Legal Fee $4. (vide Ex No 20 Aubt. T. 1834 & my Receipt to Sheriff & apynment [?] among my papers.) Wrote to Jas. Beuner of the Firm of Beuner & Badger. & apee.[?] of David Stuckent & Solomen J Duey trading under the firm of David Stuckert & Co. Phila. & sent copy of an acct this day recd. of Geo H. Bucher [?] of the firm of H. Quigly & Co. Harrisburg. Recd. of Geo Hain Fee $5. in full for Services in Suit of Howard vs Hain (9) aug 1833 & also $10 Fee for Services rendered to Geo Hain vs Guardian of C. Garvenich [?] filing his account & which was not paid as in Stated on the 5th apl. 1834 (vide Super [?]) Recd. Letter Ashbel Green Esqr Atty at Law Columbia Lan Co Pa & pd Pos 6. date May 30, 1834" Mr Peacock & his wife returned at 4 P.M. from their tour to the City & [?] I took tea at Shunks & after at Peacocks where our whole family Supped [?] & where was Dr Buel & Sisters & others – I pd. Leps. [?] R. Shunks Esqr $15 in full of 1 year. Interest to the 1 May 1834 on my note to him for $300 dated 1 May 1833 vide his Receipt. Ate Strawberries & Creams this Evening at Peacock for First this Season.

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