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June 1~1 [Sunday, June 1, 1834] Rain. Was at DE Witts Church morning & afternoon with “Frances” – Mahon preached in Afternoon. Saw & conversed with Jas Buchanan Esqr late Minister to Russia this Evening at Buckley Hotel – also with Wm White Esqr of Phila. & William Ramsey Esqr of Cumberland Co. Borrowed “Globe” of 30 May 34 at “Franklins.

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June 2nd – 1834 Monday

day of mo 2~2 [Monday, June 2, 1834] Clear & Beautiful – wrote to A. Green Esqr Col L. Co Pa enclosing Rule to take Depositions in 336 of aforsd 1834. Hetzel vs Shannon & sent it all by Mr Alexander Glafs – left the Copy of the Rule & notice to take Depositions in the Aforsd case at the home of Mr Shannon this evening by putting it into his Entry under his Door. Witnefs Mifs Thomas [?] Mr Davis. Paid for segars at Sheles 12 1/2 cs. Wrote to Geo. M. Dallas Atty Genl Phila & pd Pos 12 ½ to be informed whether he would consider it my duty to appear to suits brought by or against the Comth before I was appointed Deputy. Paid for Sundries at Knox’s 2 cs

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3~3 [Tuesday, June 3, 1834] Clear. Cool. have Fire in my office this morning Miss Nancy Shunk here at 7 ½ A.M. while I make this note. Paid Jacob (my valet) 6 cts. Took ride this afternoon on Natl Henries horse for 2 hours 6 or 8 miles in Company with S Shoch Esqr on one of Snyders Bays. Went with Frances & Mary half-way to Church this Evening. Was at Supreme Court short time this morning & afternoon.

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4~4 [Wednesday, June 4, 1834] Clear & beautiful in Morning – Rain in afternoon. Went to Su. Court this morning with Shoch Esqr & spoke with Canal Commissioner Mitchell about “Weigh Master” Rec’d letter from David Breed “West Chester, Pa June 1, 1834” Paid Pos. 10 - & answered Same day.

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5~5 [Thursday, June 5, 1834] Cloudy. Windy & Rain. Handed “Frances” $10.00 to buy Silk dress – called on Chief Justice Gibson at his room at Wilson Hotel at 9 A.M. to see how he was, having been Sick – found him better & going to Court today – Paid for Sundries at Wilsons and Hahulens 7 cts. Wrote note to Jos. B Henzy Esqr (present) to pay me $10 that he owes. Fire in my office this morning & in S. Court Room & Big Coats worn. R.Rofs married to Mary Halderman had a Son born last night at 10 P.M. I am told.

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6~6 [Friday, June 6, 1834] Clear & Beautiful & pleasant. Recd of Commrs of Dauphin Co Dept of Atty Genls Fees $8.50 in Nos. 2, 15, 22 of April SS 1834 being Comth vs Battis & Crabb, same vs [?], & same vs Cook. Rec’d letter Dr. Jas. Fitzpatrick Williamsport Mo. May 29/34 by hand of a young man (I think Brady) at my office.

June 6 – 1834 Friday

day of mo 6~6 cont do Rec’d of Mo. Fox Shff. Bal. Of Debt & interest $108 ($5 having been previously recd by Mr Evans) & Atty Legal Fee $4. in No. 104 of April Term 1834 (Evans vs Heis & Lowman) & of Mo Evans 5 pr ct. for collection making Fee $5.40 & entered Satisfaction for Pltff on Docket. Deposited in ‘The Harrisburg Bank” $112. Got on Bay Horse of Natl Henries in afternoon to take ride Retd him in 15 minutes on account of his roughnefs. Mr & Mrs Peacock took tea with us this Evening after which we all walked down to Peacocks after which they went to Church to DE Witts

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7~7 [Saturday, June 7, 1834] Clear & pleasant – recd letters from Geo. M. Dallas Atty Genl “Phila 5 June ‘34” & pd Pos 12 1/2cts also from Jas Benners aforsd. of D. Stuckert & Co Phila June 5 1834. & pd pos 12 ½ had Stove remd from My office into Small lumber room in Court House pd Black man to help Jacob (my valet) 3 cts & pd Jacob my valet 9 cts. Attended Arbitration of Stitzer vs Katterman for Pltff No 178 Apl 1834. B. Parke opposing counsel – Paid for a pair of Side Combs for Frances at Miss Wilsons 75 cts – Bought at Mr. Johnsons auction this evening (being then with Shoch & Harris Esqr) 3 Flowered handkerchiefs for 56 ¼ cts & gave to Frances one of which she gave to M.L. Clendenin.

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