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8~1 [Sunday, June 8, 1834] Clear & very warm. Was at DE Witts Church with “Frances” (who communed with them for the first time that she had communed in her life) three times today. Rev. Mr. McCulloh preached in morning. Paid for Segars at Wilsons 6 ¼. Rec’d Black Bombazine Vest & pantaloons from G.S. Kemble (Taylor) last evening.

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9~2 [Monday, June 9, 1834] Clear & Warm. Paid Mother Clendenin of Satty. Eveng last at Supper for Black Girl Susan credit my account for Boarding [intentional triple underline of ‘Boarding’] $2.00. Satr last paid John Evans by a check on “The Harrisburg Bank” $102.60/100 in full of money collected for him in 104 of April [?] 1834 (after deducting my Fees) vide his Receipt & vide Entry of the 6th ultimo supra – Treasurers Sale of Unseated Lands in the Court House today – I attended at Esqr. Davies.

June 9 – 1834 Monday

day of mo 9~2 cont’d office this afternoon from 2 PM to 4 ½ PM. in case of Charles Lee vs Lyon & Morgan, for plaintiff McCormick Esqr for Defendant – recd of Chas. Lee Fee $5, Paid for sundries at Smulls, & for Mineral Water “Frances & Self” at Lochmans 12 ½ cts & went home from Peacocks at 9 ½ P.M. where was all one Family & Ch. Jus. Gibson.

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10~3 [Tuesday, June 10, 1834] Clear. Very warm. Paid for white Grafs Material for Round about this morning at Elders Carson & Espys $1.87 ½. I Bought Lot 250 in Plot of Portsmouth near, or at Middletown Dau. County at Treasurers Sale for taxes for $20. Went with “Frances” & Mary Scott after tea to “Franklins.” Heavy rain & thunder gust this evening.

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11~4 [Wednesday, June 11, 1834] Clear & Beautiful, Cooler. A man by name of Mo. Walters from Linglestown in my office this morning Stranger to me but called me by name – a little fuddled – shook hands when he went away – told me “I see you’re a pretty Smart Young Fellow I’ll bring you Some business” & I wrote note by Jacob Walters to Jos. B. Henzy Esqr to pay me ten dollars he owes me – Jacob returned & said he had handed the note to Henzy who said that he would come down Soon to day & bring the money present Mr. Rudy in my office. Bought Several Lots in Portsmouth to day in Co with Charles Carson No _____ & No _____ by myself at Treasurers sale for taxes. Gave 12 ½ cts to John Hargens who says he was a Soldier in the late war between America & Great Britain, who came to this country from Ireland in 1794 enlisted in Little York in May ’98 was disbanded with the army in June ’98 is a nailor by trade, went from York to Pittsburg & from there into Kentucky where in ’99 he enlisted again & Served in the northern army in the late war. Mo [?] my Brotherinlaw reading in my office also gave him something. Shoch Esqr with Mary L Clendenin & Myself with “Frances’ went to Shannons at 8.P.M. to eat Strawberries & Cream. Got 4 Tumblers of them & pd 37 ½ My share of 75 cts. Then went to Mr. Peacock to see Mrs. Chief Jus. Gibson & Mifses Eliza & ______ Kennedy daughters of Justice Kennedy and went home at 9 ¾ P.M. [?] of Comth [?] with Many ------

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June 12 – 1834 Thursday

day of mo 12~5 [Thursday, June 12, 1834] Clear & Beautiful – I rode after breakfast from 7 AM. To 8 AM. On Grey [?] Horse of Natl. Henries to Cox’s Town 3 ½ miles up the river & back again & Served notice on T.A. Appleton defendant in 148 Jany T. 1834 that we will choose Arbitrators on the 1 July next. Personally he being in a Dearbourne with another man coming toward Harrisburg & near Mr. Cox’s house when I handed & left with him a Copy of the entry of rule & ----- after my return went down to Peacocks (to see them) where was Justice Kennedy & two Daughters, Chief Justice Gibson & Lady & Young Daughter with whom Mifs E. Peacock & M.L. Clendenin & Frances I went to Capitol to See S. Court Room &c, recd of Thos MCurdy of Lan. County for professional advice $5 Fee & wrote note again to Jos. B. Henzy Esqr for $10 he owes me & Sent by Jacob (my valet) & Recd in reply an order on Major Mr. Forster for $9. Paid Toll this morning 3 cts. Frances & Self took walk on the Canal this Evening. Paid for Sundries at Knox 2 cts. Rec’d letter with Enclosure in cases of Comth of Penn for Hugh Scott vs Sundry persons Nos. 261, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 323, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, of April T. 1834, from Chauncey Bulkley Esqr for F E Brewster Esqr Phila June 11, 1834”-

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13~6 [Friday, June 13, 1834] Clear, & Cool. Took ride from 5 ¼ oclock A.M. this morning to 6 ¼ A.M. on Natl Henries Gray [?] Horse. Paid for spool of Cotton, 10 cts. Last evening pd McCreary for cutting Round about 12 ½ cts. Timothy Lyons (Irishman) in my office with Danl Brady & left note of $40 against Mo W McKinney for Collection Paid Jacob (my valet) 3 cts. Gave a Poorwoman apparently aged 51 to 57 who says her name is Sarah Smith & that she lives 3 miles beyond Lebanon 12 ½ cts present. Mr. Jos. C. Shoch Esqr & Self took walk on canal this Evening & went to Wilsons Hotel where I pd for wine 12 ½ cts. Recd Letter from Ashbel Green Esqr “Col” Lan. Co. June 12/34 Enclosing Deposition of Mr Glafs in Hetzel vs Shannon No. 336 of April 1834 and Paid pos. 12 ½ cts. Thos G McCulloh Esqr of Chambersburg & F R Shunk were at our house this Evening a short time – I went to Meeting for Frances at 9 ¼ oclock

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June 14, 1834 – Saturday

day of mo 14~7 [Saturday, June 14, 1834] Clear & pleasant – Paid Jacob (my valet) 6 ¼ Took drink of Ale this morning at noon with Asher Miner & F.R. Shunk at invitation of Caller at Wilsons Hotel & in afternoon took drink of wine at same place with Shock Esqr. Went with Mary Scott & Frances after tea to Rhoads & CappStones to Mr Camerons, Judge Fahnestocks & Buehlens and then to Mrs Musgraves where was Mrs Wharton Mrs Darie & Miss Watts the three called just from Phila. Paid for Belt for Frances at Capps 28 cts attended “Shffs Jury” of Condemnation at Jail in case of Thos Woodsides property & then returned to Musgraves & took Frances home ----- Paid for Sundries 2 cts

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