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February 14, 1836 Sunday

14-4 Cloudy and much colder. Very cold. I was at our own church morning and evening with Frances in morning and M.S.C. McCulloh in evening. Mrs. Peacock spent afternoon at our house. I read a book called "A Wife for a Missionary."

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15-2 Snowing. Cold. Good sleighing. Deposited in the Harrisburg Bank $40. I was at the Capitol a short time this morning. Received letter from William M. Biddle, Esq "Carlisle "Feb.14, 1836." Paid postage 6 cts. Wrote to him in reply also received a letter from M. Stambaugh, Esq [?] of Perry Co, "Bloomfield Feb.10, 1836" in answer to mine of 27th of last month and paid postage 6 cts. Wrote to D.W. Rawn Phila and paid postage 12 ½ cts in answer to Julianna’s letter received 11th inst and about Lamp shade, and also on one half of same sheet to "Editors of the Saturday Courier" to send their paper on to W.H. Parsons with 3 bank numbers. Paid for paper and steel pens at Peacocks 62 ½ cts. Paid for sundries at Mason’s Hall 5 cts. Was at a stated meeting in the "Lutheran Church" of the "Dauphin County Bible Society" where speeches were made by Rev. DeWitt and [?] and Hermann Shirks, Esqr. I had been requested by R. Leach and [?] to deliver an address but professional business prevented. I paid at a collection at 2nd meeting 12 ½. Went with Mrs. DePui.

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16-3 Clear. More moderate. I sent by mail to D.W. Rawn, Phila and to Uncle Wm. Cheyney, Del. Co. a pamphlet each, called "A Strike for Civil Liberty—the Constitution and the Rights of Man, exhibited in the conduct, letters, protests, and addresses of a number of citizens summoned to attend before a Committee of the H. of Reps at the Borough of Harrisburg appointed to investigate the evils o FREEMASONRY during the session of the Legislature of 1835-1836." Paid two Black fellows for moving my Drapes[?] into back office where Shunk is 6 cts. Paid for Sundries at Masonic Hall 6 cts. Received letter from Ashbel Green Esqr, "Phila, Feb.9, 1836" and paid postage 12 ½ cts. Also from Chas H. Cheyney, "Phila, Feb.3, 1836" in answer to mine of 29th last month and paid postage 12 ½ cts. Made arrangements to go to Bloomfield took passage in Stage, went to Shunk, and "ressigued[?]" Was a party at Mrs. Briggs this Evening at which Misses McCulloh and M.S.C. attended. Frances and self had "no horse" to it, by which they deprived their company of much satisfactions. They are rather a close contracted people especially the son [?] and perhaps with to contract the expenses.

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February 17, 1836, Wednesday

17-4 Snowing when we rose. I wrote to A. Green, Esq, Phila in answer to his letter of yesterday informing him of my letter of 12 inst. Wrote to M. Stambaugh, Esq, of Perry Co in answer to his of 15th ultim[?] and paid postage 6 cts and kept copy. Jacob [Rawn or Renn?] spent afternoon in our office. I was at meeting at our lecture room.

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18-5 Clear. Cold. First rate sleighing. I wrote to M.C. Bucher (present) stating an account between him and I [?] guardian of Jas. McClintock and kept copy. I hired a 2 Horse Sleigh of N. Henrie (Livery man) and at 12 ½ P.M. started for Middletown 9 miles off with my wife and child. Misses McCulloh, M.S. Clendenin and Mrs. Peacock arrived there at Gen’l Camerons at 1 ½ P.M. Put my sleigh horses at Kendigs Tavern where I paid 25 cts in Evening. We left Middletown for home at 4 ¾ P.M. and arrived in town at 5 ¾ P.M. I paid Jn. (Henrie’s astler[?]) for bringing said sleigh to our door 12 ½ cts. Paid astler in Middletown 10 cts. Paid for going to and coming from Middletown 16 cts. Frances and self went to our church and heard the Rev. Holmes Agnew give a glowing account of lands and the country in Missouri, Marion College, and sources of speculation.

Friday, February 19, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

19-6 Clear. Cold. Received letter from M. Stitzer, "Febr.15th, 1836 Dau Co" and paid postage 10 cts and also received letter of F.E. Brewster, Esq "Phila, Febr. 16, 1836" and wrote to him in reply. Received of Professor[?] Duck in No.229 of Novr.2, 1834 Dau. Com. Pleas Atty Legal FEE $3. Credited to my acct for writs by said professor and also received of same in same [?] Bill $7.12 and paid out of same to Rawn Jr. ([?]) his own costs proper in full $3.87 and also to Fred Houser a witness of his in said suit his costs in full $1.22 (v. their receipts) and also to F. Hummel Esq another witness by his brother David Hummel his costs in full (v. D. Hummel Receipt) his costs in full $1.16 ½. Wrote to H.M. Jamison Cumberland, MD, upon same subject as my letter to him of 22nd Decr last and kept copy, was at my office till 9 P.M. Shunk, Pennypacker and others there also.

Saturday, February 20, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

20-7 Clear. Cloudy, more moderate. Spent the day at my office. Frances and self took the Baby to Peacocks in afternoon. Paid Solomon Smith (boy) for sweeping office chimney 25 cts. Paid Mr. Miles (Bootmaker) for mending boots, 31 ¼ cts. Spent the Evening at home, reading correspondence [?].

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