Sunday, February 28, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

28-1 Clear. Cloudy. Cold. I was at the Episcopal church morning and evening as there was no church at our church. Frances with me in the morning. Miss N. McCulloh in the evening.

Monday, February 29, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

29-2 Snowing when we got up and now at 9 A.M. 2 or 3 inches of fresh snow. Wrote to A. Provost "Germantown" in answer to his letter received 22nd inst. Paid [Barbara?] (black girl) for cleaning my office ready for painting 50 cts. Was at our office till 9 ¾ P.M. Snow fell five or 6 inches deep an drain or sleet com[menced].

Tuesday, March 1, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

March 1-3 Cloudy. Sleet. Crust on snow. First rate sleighing. Was at office all day. Rain nearly all day and slush. I handed bill of FEES to the Co. Com. Was at a large party with Frances at Mrs. S.D. Patterson. Introduced them to Miss Mott Badge Esq and others. Home at 10 ½ P.M.

Wednesday, March 2, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

March 2nd, 1836, Wednesday

2-4 Clear. Very cold. Hard frozen again. Received letter from A. Green Jr. Esq "Phila, Febr.29, 1836" in answer to mly letters of the 12th and 17th inst. with a receipt for the money in Hazelton [?]. Paid postage 12 ½. I was marketting this morning and wrote to Wm. A. Atlee, Highspire, Dau Co about conversation this day had with Jas. Mitchell (saddler). M. Stitzer client of Schuylkill Co. called at our house this evening to see me. I sent Caldwell a (black fellow) after and Power in relation to a suit at Sunbury. Frances and self were at meeting and after I was at a party at Mrs. D.W. Rutherford’s and went home at 10 P.M.

Thursday, March 3, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3-5 Clear. Beautiful. Cold. M. Stitzer at my office this morning and got Hon[?] Charles to enter special Bail for him in a suit to Law. Term last in which I am counsel for Stitzer. Wrote letter to Abraham Refsinger and Dau Koon’s Jr. Dauphin County to pay [?] the amount of their note and sent letter by M. Stitzer. Paid N. Henries livery man for bringing one horse sleigh at 12 o’clock to our door in Pine Street. 6 ¼ cts and I left town therein at 12 and 10 minutes for Bloomfield Perry Co. Paid 2 gates to 11 to Duncans Island 8 ¼ cts. Paid toll crossing bridge at Duncannon 15 cts. Arrived at Dr. [?] Hotel in Bloomfield Perry County 25 miles at 5 P.M. and put up. Went to the jail to see [sheriff]. Received of M. Stambaugh [sheriff?] of Perry Co on an excecution No.25 Janr.7, 1836 in Pery Com. Pleas. Thomas Evans [?] and Isaac Lawrence vs. Lindley and Speck $794.97 ½ in full of principal and interest up to 15h Febr. 1836 and at same time received in said case Atty’s legal FEE $3. Went to bed at Dr. Jekis[?] at 9 ½ P.M. after talking a good deal about U. States Bank with some half dozen fellows who are indignant at the recharter.

Friday, March 4, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

4-6 Clear. Beautiful. Hard frozen. Rose at 5 ½ A.M. Breakfasted and paid Dr. Jekis my Bill for supper, breakfast and room $1. In full and left Bloomfield at 7 A.M. Came home through Petersburg and Fairview on opposite side of River from which I came up yesterday and arrived at Harrisburg Bridge at 10 ½ A.M. Paid toll crossing Bridge 31 ½ cts and arrived at home at 11 A.M. less 10 minutes. Sent horse and sleigh home to N. Henrie’s by Brady’s Blackbarn[?]. Frances and self were at meeting this evening.

Saturday, March 5, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

5-7 Cloudy. Moderate. I was at market. I got a saddle horse at N. Henrie’s livery at 8 ¼ A.M. and rode [?] from town to M. Powers and was back in half an hour which as the whole time I had the horse. Witness M. Astler and Geo Hake[?].

March 5th, 1836, Saturday

6-7 cont’d Wrote to Jas. Pollack, Esq in answer to his letter received 24th of last month telling him to extend the time of taking the depositions in case his [?] refers to and paid postage 10 cts. [?] Forster at my office and I went with him at his request to Prov’s office in Huggins and Forster suit about bill of cont. Gov. Wolfe in our office today on a visit. Frances and self at preparatory meeting to Com this evening.

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