Sunday, March 13, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

13-1 Clear. Cloudy. Moderate. I was at our own church this morning and evening. I took walk 2 or 3 miles home 3 ½ to 4 ½ or 3 P.M. Very cold in morning.

Monday, March 14, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

14-2 Cloudy. Moderate. I was at the capitol a short time this morning with Misses N. McCulloh and E.C. Peacock. All our family dined and supped at Peacocks. Our little Daughter is just 1 year old. I paid Daniel Page for a wagon load of wood $3.12 ½ for the House. Paid Barber for cutting my hair 12 ½. Wrote to S. Chew Esqr in answer to his received 9th inst and informed him of Baldwin

March 14, 1836, Monday

14-2 Cont’d and provost cause on Trial List for week beginning 2nd May and that I had received a $10 fee of Michael Byrne in said cause some time since. Paid for little paper at Peacocks 12 ½ cts. Philip Newbeker at my office today. Wrote to Chas Cheyney Phila in answer to his received 16 last month and sent in said letter for "The Saturday Courier" for Alexander Wiles, Esqr per request of I. Peacock. Was at my office till 9 P.M.

Tuesday, March 15, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

15-3 Clear. Cold. I paid M. Jos. Clendenin my brother-in-law (who has been keeping house since I was married and with whose mother [?] we have boarded and who is going to quit house keeping and go to Arkansaw and which House I am going to keep from and after 1 April next) v. his Bill and Receipt. By a check on the Harrisburg Bank $40 in full for a cooking stove $16. Window blinds $5. Chains 1 doz. $7. A grate $7. And a dining table $5. Received of Mary Rorke FEE$10 in full of a note some time since taken from her for professional services. Paid for sundries 6 ¼. Paid M.C. Bronizer for a coal box for office $4. In full (v. his receipt in Receipt Book) Paid [?] in full for sawing and splitting and putting away wood bought yesterday 75 cts. F.R. Shunk’s family moved from Front Street into the House in Market Square in which I have my office. A.V. Hester moves into Shunk’s home left. I was at my office till 8 P.M.

Wednesday, March 16, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

16-4 Clear. Cold. Ground hard frozen. I was at market this morning. Received letters from Mrs. Lydia McClintock (cold woman and client) "Phila, March 14, 1836." Wrote to her in reply and also from Thomas Evans (Druggist) "Phila, March 14, 1836." Paid postage 12 ½ cts. Wrote to him in reply and kept copy. Received of M.C. Bucher $6. On account of the interests I represent in the McClintock estate by widow, her Daughter Mary, and Joel Baily, guardian of James McClintock, the said $6. Being our share of $10 which Bucher says has been paid to him by our tenant—Wolf in advance and on account of said Wolf Rent from April 8, 1836 to April 1837. Same time Bucher wished to pay one $21.57 in full of the money which he says he owes Joel Bailey as Guardian for Jas. McClintock which I declined taking because not half our claims, whereupon Wm. Catrell may called in to witness the tender which was made in two $10 notes of Bank of [Pennsylvania?], 3 half dollars of [cert?] at which trial he submitted the amt he had stated and [signed?] his name

March 16, 1836, Wednesday

16-4 Cont’d on it. Agreed with Joel Baily today without writing that I am to have $25 to bring prosecution a suit against M.C. Bucher for James McClintock money. Wrote to Jas. Pollock Esqr Milton to care of [provost] of Northumberland County at Sunbury enclosing to him depositions taken on 8th inst and two other papers referred to on the back of his letter of the 20th of Febr. Received on 24th of said month in a note by me of this day. (Quad vide for [?]) and handed said letter and enclosure to L. Burr of Northumbland. Paid for sundries 5 cts. M. Jos Clendenin and L. Wyeth left town about midnight the first for Arkansaw and the other for Alabama to seek their fortunes and practice their respective professions. Great distress at parting. They [traveled?] to Washington City by way of Baltimore, remain there a few days, and return to Baltimore and from there to Wheeling.

Thursday, March 17, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

17-5 Cloudy. Some Rain. I was at the Capitol this morning. Received letter from Jas. Pollock, Esqr Milton in reply to mine of 5th inst and paid postage10 also from [?] Weidman "Lebanon March 15, 1836." And paid postage 6 cts. Paid sundries 5 cts. At office till 9 ½ P.M.

Friday, March 18, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

18-6 Clear. Windy. Coolish, but not frozen. I paid for sundries 6 ¼. Dr. Wm. Culverton of Chambersburg a graduate of Jefferson College Phila of [?] last month took tea at our house. He is a beau of Miss Nancy McCulloh. A Mr. White. (commonly called "Money [Boss?]") Thomas G. McCulloh, and Dr. Milner[?] Roberts and Dr. Culbertson spent evening at our house.

Saturday, March 19, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

19-7 Clear. Coolish. I was at market this morning. Was at the Capitol this morning when a "Bill to recharter the Grand Bank in Phila" which had been passed and sent to the Governor was returned with his "veto" and immediately passed both branches by the Constitutional majority. I paid Wenrich in full of all deliveries for splitting wood 12 ½ cts. Paid Stephen Hamilton for D.W. Rawn (vide his letter received [9] inst) 75 cts in full of the demand against him for "The Harrisburg Chronicle" (v. this Bill and Receipt). Paid for sundries 6 ¼ cts. Received letter from S. Chew Esqr "Phila, March 17, 1836" in answer to mine of 14 inst and paid postage 12 ½ cts. [Arles?] Snyder took tea with us. I was at my office till 8 P.M. and went home and found [Daniel?] D. Ingham and Thomas McCulloh Esqr at our house.

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