Sunday, July 17, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

17-1 Clear. Beautiful. Cool. Frances, her mother and self at our church in the morning and also in the evening except her mother.

Monday, July 18, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

18-2 Clear. Beautiful. Cool. I received No.1 of "Celebrated Trials" in persuance of my letter of 7th inst. But only received one copy. Wrote to Isaac Myers informing him of my letter of the 25th of last month to which I have yet received his reply. Received letter from D.W. Rawn, "Phila, July 16th" in answer to mine of 14th inst and paid postage 12 ½. Wrote to M. Mitchell Esqr Logan B. Walker Town "Center Co" at my office till 9 P.M. After which I walked home and to Peacocks door with Miss J. Grimshaw.

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July 19, 1836

19-3 Clear. Pleasant. Received letter from Jos. Hemphill Jr Esqr "West Chester, July 16/36." Paid at Wyeth for a small picture book for Elizabeth our Daughter 12 ½ cts. Drew check on the Hbg Bank self and received money $5. Paid for sundries, segars and oranges 9 ¼ cts. Went home at 8 ½ P.M. with ladies.

Wednesday, July 20, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

20-4 Clear. Cloudy. Pleasant. Paid for marketing 48 cts. Handed Frances for family purposes $1.50. "Pick Nick" party. Grimshaws, Peacocks, and others went up near McAllisters on old campground. Frances and self went to Mrs. Musgraves with Daughter, her and self. Went to our meeting and after stopped at Peacocks.

Thursday, July 21, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

21-5 Clear. Pleasant. Hon Jas Buchanan at Shunks and my office yesterday. A. Mahon Esqr late State Treasurer in our offices. Misses C.J. and H. Grimshaw, Misses J.F. Peacock, M.S. Clendenin and Wm Grimshaw Jr Esqr took tea with us. I went home with some of them at 9 ¼ P.M. Gust and rain at 7 to 9 P.M.

Friday, July 22, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

22-6 Clear. Warm. I received letter from A. Green Esqr Phila, July 21/36 with the Power of Atty sent to D.W. Rawn on the 14 inst executed, and paid postage 25 cts. Wrote to him in reply and kept copy. Received and returned out of the money received from J. Myers Dec 28/35 and May 11/36 for my client L. F. Shewell by virtue of an assignment from Geo H. Berghaus $67.29 in full of Debt $61.30 int $5.51 and costs 48 which costs I this day paid to M. Davies Esqr (v his receipt). Received and returned of and from my said client Shewell in full of any expenses and FEE $15 for collecting said money, also received of said Green by retaining out of said $67.29, $2.50 paid by me to Samuel Pool Reg. For recording mortgage from [?] to A.S. Roberts in Oct. 1834 at request of said Green, 50 cts of said $2.50 being pos on the instrument as sent here by Mr. Green. (v. Pool’s receipt among my loose receipts) and this day told Green to draw on me at [?] per Bal of said $67.29 being $49.31. Also requested Green to have Saturday Courier sent to Samuel Urich. Our family, Mrs. Peacock, Harris, and M.S. Clendenin took tea at Shunks. Received letter from Lansing Witmore "Warren, July 18/36" acknowledging the receipt of mine of 27th last month having a certificate enclosed drawn by the cash of "The Lumber Man’s Bank" certifying that said Witmore had deposited in that Bank $21.63 to the credit of the

July 22, 1836, Friday

22-6 Cont’d of the Com’th of PA, with which certificate I am directed to pay for source 22 warrants for lands in Hamilton [Town?], McKean Co, which follows 22 applications entered by said Witmore and B. Bartholomew in May last. Also requested on the other half of said letter 2 applications for islands in the Allegheny River (v. post tomorrow). Paid W.P. Hays $1.50 in full of all demands.

Saturday, July 23, 1836 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

23-7 Clear. Pleasant. I went to Land office at 10 A.M. pursuant to Lansing Witmores letter. Received yesterday. Got certificates from Deputy [?] of said office (Mr. Henderson) for 19; 400 acre tracts of land in [?] and Co for applications named yesterday. Took said certificates to the State Treasurer and handed him the certificate of $21.63 deposit referred to [?] yesterday as pay for said 19 tracts of 400 acres each which amounts to $2112.12 and received change or overplus from him on said certificate of $50.88. Got duplicate receipt from St. Treasurer at 11 ½ A.M. Handed 19 to said Dep Secy of Land office and kept 19 for my said client and was done last out by 12 ¼ P.M. Paid for marketing $1.05 ¾ for 2 lbs coffee at Rhoads, 32 ½ cts handed Frances for Family purposes $1.50. Received of Jacob Boger on suit no 79 August 7, 1836, Dau Com Pleas this day brought for him in D. F. J Harris retaining FEE $5. Sent D.W. Rawn "the Reporter and Journal" of Thursday last. J. Peacock and Daughter returned to town at 9 ½ P.M. After an excursion to Phila, New York, West Point, Niagara, Montreal and Quebec and home, commenced in May whilst Frances and self were in Phila.

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