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1837 January 1 – Sunday

1 ~ 1 Cloudy ~ Cold ~ Prospect of Snow. Rain & Snow after 3 P.M. – DW Rawn Self were at The Rev. A. Burnes Church this morning heard him preach & called on way home at Mrs. Ran[?] in 9th by Walnut St. where we talked with him his lady & for ½ an hour waiting for his Daughter Caroline to come from Church whom I had called to see – Sam[?] Shunk[?] at Mothers at 3 to 4 ½ spent Evening & afternoon at Mothers – Rain Snow in the Evening. Therefore did not go out.

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2 ~ 2 Clear ~ Very Cold ~ Very Slippery – Some [?] Sleighs running through Stones nearly bare but very [?] & slippery – I went to W.B. of Hunts Br[?] [?] breakfast – then to T.J. Bryants Esq – then to KEENS[?] watch maker Market St. between 4th & [?] then to J.B. Ellisons cloth Store 2nd & Market. Then to [?] Leo. Chas H. Cheyneys & spoke for luc[?] Shade then to Collation (in row of office, Chestnut St. [?] with Geo. Griseone[?] Esq) of Geo. W. Louth[?] County [?] about 12 ½ P.M. where I saw Ruff, M[?], [?] & others – dined at mothers at 1 P.M. – at 3 P.M. went to T.J. Bryants office & staid till 4 P.M. – then went to a Mrs. Coulters in Race by 3rd St. – then to Jonah [?]simers (My Taylor) in 2nd [?] - then home to Mothers to tea. Wrote to Frances after tea & delivered letter at Broad St. hotel where David & Self went at 7 P.M. to Mr. Hinkson Esq of House of Rep. From Del. Co. who is going to Harrisburg tomorrow [?] I newspapers & home to mothers at 9 P.M. was in Po[?] office to see about Morris Matson having taken benefit of [?] [?]

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January 3rd 1837 Tuesday

day of mo

3 ~ 3 Clear ~ Very Cold ~ went to Hunts at [?] St. at 9 P.M. ~ there to Jonah Gresimens[?] 2nd St. – then to Alderman Heintzlemans office East Side of Fifth St. below Race where I [?] dined from 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. attending to the taking of depositions – there went to office of F.E. Brewster Esq & done some writing then to Mothers at 2 ½ P.M. – Got dinner & DWR & Self went to office of Alderman T.J. Bryant. Call while t[?] 2nd St. – when I took the deposition of Michael Tracy John Ray & Arthur Spring in case of Mr Ny[?] vs NBJ[?] Hunt po[paid] Ray Spring 25 cts each for their attendance 1st Heitzerman to day for Sub[?] for my witnesses in [?] case to appear before Bryant G[?] it on [?] [?]. [?] [?] served it on Ray – done this on my way from Brewsters to Mothers po[paid] for Sundries DWR Self at B[?] Hotel 12 ½ was at Rands at 8 ½ P.M. in 9 St. and at Newbold in Sh[?] by 10th at 9 P.M. at little place to see [?] Galeka[?] [?]shaw home to Mothers at 10 P.M. Made of Mem.[?]

Wednesday, January 4, 1837 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

4 ~ 4 Clear~ Cold ~ Cloudy ~ Some [?] Snow was at several Taylor Stores R[?] & mine brew[?] [?] at Veron[?] Chas H. Cheyney at Ellisons Gresimers – Geo. Griscom Esq office where I wrote a letter to Sam [?] Reader Newark Essex [?] Co. N[?] also to my wife Harrisburg Sent latter by Lee- Esq of State Senate Paid for box of Brandonths[?] Pills 25cts – first I ever bought. Paid for ½ lb of tea & gave to Julian 50 ¼ cts. Took drink with Griscom at Chestnut of Fifth St Cellar – [?] to Adam Fahneatock[?] Harrisburg about a lost trunk of [?] heard of yesterday at Alderman Bryants – dined at Mothers at 2 ½ P.M. ~ called to see Ja. Grimshaw in 9th St at 7 P.M. ~ there to see Mrs. Misgrave[?] Wharton at JM Shinn[?] 2nd St where I saw Mrs. Linus also had an introduction to Dr. Neal – called about [?] again on Grimshaw about Peacocks Cantor & home to mothers at 10 P.M. Po[paid] for 4 lbs coffee & gave [?]

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