Sunday, December 10, 1837 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

10~~1 Clear~ Snow fell Yesterday 2 or 3 inches thawing today~ I was at our Church Morning & Evening. [Received] letter from Sister Julia Ann Rawn "[Philadelphia] [December] 8 [1837]" in answer to mine to D.W.R. of 6 inst. informing them of birth of our little boy~ her letter Suggests that he shall not be named David or [William] but [Josiah?] Clendenin or Charles C.~ I have the matter under Consideration & have yet fixed no choice in my own mind.

Monday, December 11, 1837 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

11~~~2 Cloudy, Clear, Cloudy, Cold, I saw Sleigh for 1st this season, but it’s rather an apology for Sleights. [Received] letter from Dr. [George] Anderson Buchanan "Wheeling [Virginia] Dec. 4 [1837]" [paid] [postage] 18 ¾ [cents]. Wrote in reply Kept Copy Have been reading The Life of Aaron Burr & [about] now at the 2nd volume Was at my office till 9 P.M. Mrs. {Baab?] wife of Jacob [Baab?] Esq. of [General] [Democratic] paper called this Evening to speak to me on the subject of her said husband drinking & Squandering his Estate.

Tuesday, December 12, 1837 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

12~~3 Clear~ Cold~ Thawing~ [?] [Court] [Jonathan?] Weidman & his son Adam both of Perry [County] in my office. Employed me as Counsel about Adam’s [Hamaken?] Estate with [McClure] who has been Counsel for some years. I met them

[days in office] Dec. 12, 1837 Wednesday

12~~3 [Continued]… with [Mr.?] Douglass After tea at [McClures] office~ [Exchanged] Case and came to my office at 8 P.M. Stayed till 9 P.M.

Wednesday, December 13, 1837 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

13~~4 Clear~ Cloudy~ Thawing ~ I was engaged all day till after 9 P.M. in [orphans?] Court jointly with Mr. W. Cline on [Hamakers] estate, for [Mr.] [Douglass?] & Mr. Weidman & sons Adam & [?] exceptions &. [Received] letter from [William] S. Ramsey Esq. "Carlisle Dec. 12 [1837]" [paid] [postage] 6[cents]. Also from [Durden?] B. Carter "[Philadelphia] Dec. 8 [1837]" [paid] [postage] 12 ½ [cents] replied & Kept Copy. Also from Philip Dotts "[Philadelphia] Dec. 11 [1837]" & [paid] [[postage] 12 ½ [cents] Paid for Marketing this Morning 98 ½ [cents], home from Court at 9 ½ P.M.

Thursday, December 14, 1837 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

14~~5 Cloudy~ Coldish~ hard Frozen. Wrote to [William] S. Ramsey Esq. Carlisle in reply to his of Yesterday Was at Court principally all day. Home after tea from Court 9 P.M.

Friday, December 15, 1837 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

15~~6 Clear~ Coldish~ hard Frozen. I was at Court principally all day~ was at the Funeral of [Jonathan?] P. Keller at 2 P.M. at Court till 8 ½ & then home at 9 P.M.

Saturday, December 16, 1837 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

16~~7 Clear~ Coldish~ hard Frozen~ Paid for Marketing 65 [cents] that is 1 lb. Butter 25 [cents] 1 half of chicken 30 [cents] & beef Steak 10 [cents] ~ Paid at [?] store for Coffee 4 lbs. 60 [Molasses?] 47 ½ in all. $1.07 ½ & Drew [check] on the [Harrisburg] [Savings] [Institution] in favor for that [amount] Paid Dinah [Walters?] $1.00 on [account] of wages & drew [check] in her favor on [Harrisburg] [Savings] [Institution] for that amount. [Received] of [Provost?] [Duck?] no. 47 Aug. [7?] 1837 Price [?] vs. Fisher [Attorney] & [?] Legal Fees $4. [credited] by him in to me In my [account] for [?] [?] also of same in same Suit Similarly credited [Arbitration] pay $9 ½ [paid] by me in [same] case 28 last [month] Also [Received] of same inst. Suit 126 Aug. [7?] 1837 Bale vs. [Gilchrist?] similarly credited by same in my [account] for [meetings?] $16.30 that is today 25 [cents] [paid] by me for subpoena $1.87 ½ Mary Dotts [costs] $1.25 Philip Dotts costs, 92 ½ [cents] for Bale serving Subpoena, & $12~ [Arbitration] pay~ [Received] out of [said] $3.12 ½ due Mary & Philip Dotts 12 ½ postage [paid] on his letter [received] on [same] subject 13 inst. [Received] Fee $12.92 ½ [on] [said] Bale Money on [account] for Services in Suit no. 125 [August] 7 1837 Bale in G& M’s in which I have yet [?] [received] nothing. (v ante 2nd, 3rd Oct. & 11 Nov.) [Received letter from [Thomas?] Chambers Esq. Chambersburg Dec. 14 [1837]

[days in office] December 16 1837 Saturday

16~~7 [Continued…] & replied [thereto]. Commenced Snowing about noon & [continued] all day was at my office after tea till 8 ½ P.M.

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