Sunday, January 21, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

21~~1 Clear~ Pleasant~ Cold~ Mother & self at our church morning & Evening. Rev. Mr. [McKirrs?] Young man of Carlisle preached in the morning~ I took walk about 4 miles circular between 4 & 5 P.M. [Received letter from [Mr.?] "[Chambersburg?] [January]] 19 [1838]"

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22~~2 Clear~ Coldish~ Beautiful [?] of Com. [Pleasant] Jury Trials. Wrote on [Saturday] last to Michael Byrne, Frederick, [Maryland] Kept Copy Also Wrote to him this day & Kept copy. Was in Court nearly all day. [Received] from [J. or is it T.?] Hunt for clients in [Philadelphia] J.A. [Molee] & Son, per direction from J.G. Clarkson Esq. 13 inst. $50 in full claim sent for collections. Was at my office till 9 P.M.

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23~~3 Clear~ Coldish~ Beautiful~ Wrote to [S.?] Chew Esq. [Philadelphia] about Byrne & [Provost?] Suits [?]. Also Wrote to Eli K. Price [advised?] [Tilghman?] about Suits against [George] Fisher Esq. Also Wrote to [J.] G. Clarkson Esq. [Philadelphia] in answer to his [received] 13 inst. & Enclosed him a draft by the M[indecipherable] [?] in the [Guard?] Banks in favor of [J.?] A. [Molee] & Son for $45 of the [said] $50 [received] of [S.?] hunt last evening for which draft I [paid] the [?] Bank out of [said] $50.22 [cents] & [received] the other as a Fee $4.78.~ was at court after tea till near 8 P.M. & then when [Court] [adjourned] to my office. Was at my office till 9 P.M. & Then went to Peacocks. Spent 15 or 20 minutes & Then home at 9 ¼ P.M.

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[days in office] January 24~ 1838 Wednesday

24~~4 Clear~ Beautiful~ Mild~ [Paid] for Marketing 60 ½ [cents] To Wit 5 lbs. soap 35 ½ [cents] & 1 lb. Butter 25 [cents], [Received] in Hugh [Scott] vs. Jacob [Seiler] no [.] 48 [January] 7, 1834 in [Dauphin] [County] [?] of [Provost?] [Duck?] $300 (v. 26 inst.) in part of the judgment [received] in [same] Suit which was this day [paid] off to [Professor?] in full but which was only part [paid] to me because he could not give me the rest of then except in Shin [Plasters?] which I never give nor take (Witness Bucher Ayres) was in Court all day and at a Gentlemens Party at Shunks after tea till 9 ¼ P.M. & then home.

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25~~5 Clear & Beautiful till about noon. Then Cloudy & Mist in Evenings. I deposited in the [Harrisburg] [Savings] [Institution] the $300 [received] Yesterday~ was Engaged from 10 ½ to 6 P.M., dinner [interrupted] trying case of Ricks [indecipherable] vs. McKinney & Wise 110, 109 [August] 7, 1836 [McClure?] my colleague Counsel, at my office till 8 ½ P.M. & Then home to Supper & remained home for [evening] [Received] [?] [Eli?] K. Prices letter dated [Philadelphia] [January] 24 [1838]" with will of [Honorable] [Chief?] [Justice?] [Tighman?] endorsed in answer to mine of 23 inst. & [paid] [postage] 50 [cents] Also [received] printed circular of [Kinderless?] & [Slottmyers?] [Philadelphia] [January] 18 [1838] ~ Importers of Books & [paid] [postage] 12 ½

Friday, January 26, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

26~~6 Clear~ Moderate~ Beautiful, I was engaged in Court till 10 A.M. [?] Yesterday when the case & another was Settled amicably~ [Received] of [Provost?] [Duck?] (v. ante 24 inst.) in 48 [January] [7?] 1834 Scott vs. Seiler $46.03 Balance in full of the Judgment being $330.99 (that is to say debt $306.03 & Costs $24.91 the [said] debt & Costs being for an [escape?] suffered in Scott vs. M. cord 111 [August [7?] 1832 [Received] of [said] $24.91 costs [Attorney] [?] Legal Fees $4. And [?] Bill as Fee $4.50 due in [said] Scott [&?] McCord Suit, the other $16.91 of [said] costs being for disposal whenever the [judgment] 111 [August] [7] 1832 shall be fully satisfied~ $15.04 of the Said $346.03 [received] of [said] [payment] [as?] [aforementioned?] the 24th inst. today being [Superior] [Court] Costs in [said] 48 [January] 7, [1834] Suit,~ [Received] of [said] $15.04 $7.04 [paid] by me to P.C. Sedgwick [Clerk?] of [Superior] [Court], 26 May last Also $5 for so much [paid] [said] [Clerk?] for [?] of [?] & [74?] in [said] Case 21rst of [February] 1835~ & [Received] as my Just Fee $3 in [said] [Superior] [Court] being the rest of [said] $15.04. [Received] out of [said] $306.08 $7.25 costs [paid] by me to B. Parke [Clerk] of [Superior] [Court], Nov. 28 [1836] on Record May 7, 1832 [Dauphin] [County] [?] as [aforesaid] ~ [Deposited] in [Harrisburg] [Savings] [Institution] $46.03, Paid for [Sundries] 12 ½ [cents] Handed Wife for Family purposes $1.00 was at court and my office till 9 ½ P.M.

Saturday, January 27, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

[days in office] January 27 ~ 1838

27~~7 Cloudy~ damp. Froze very little last night. Paid for Marketing 54 [cents] [?] 1 lb [butter?] 25 [cents] Beef Steak 21 [cents] apples 8 [cents] Paid at Wallace’s Store ([Buchlen?] house) for [Slaw?] Cutter 50 [cents] [Received] letter of [J.?] G. Clarkson Esq. (directed to me as [S.?] Rawn) what a botch) [Philadelphia] [January] 25 [1838] Acknowledging the [Receipt] of mine of 23 inst. with [aforementioned?] these sent for $45. and [paid] [postage] 12 ½ [cents] [Received] letter from M K. [Seilin?] Esq. "Chester [Dauphin?] [County] [January] 24 [1838]" & [paid] [Postage] 12 ½ [cents] informing me that [Samuel] Hardy had [paid] him 68.30 that is to say 69.37 principal & $8.93 [Interest] on the balance due on a Mortgage I [?] against [said] Hardy and requesting me to draw vis him for that [amount] and to send him a Power of [Attorney] to enter Satisfaction on the Mortgage (v. ante July 14 [1835]) wrote to him in reply Kept Copy & Sent him Power of [Attorney] as requested & drew on him at [sight?] for 68.30 & handed [draft] to The [Harrisburg?] Bank for collection. [Received] of [Sheriff?] [Cochran?] in [Samuel?] [Lentz] vs. [George] Taylor [?] of Jacob Weidman [D____?] on [Exchanged?] [?] no. 6 [January] 7, 1838 $326.54, that is to say Debt [payment] $319.29 [Attorney] & Legal Fees 46.75 and 50 [cents] [paid] by [?] on entering his original [Judgment] in [?] 7. 1822 no. 115 [Deposited] in The [said] Bank aforesaid $326.54. [Received] letter from S. Graves Rochester [January] 19 [1838] & [paid] [Postage] 18 ¾ [cents] on Subject of this letter [received] 24 may last. Wrote to him in reply & Kept Copy Also Wrote to Elijah Heath Esq. Brookville [Jefferson] [County] [Pennsylvania] ~ on Subject of [said] Graves letter & on same Subject I wrote to him 13 July last & Kept Copy. Was at my office till 9 P.M.

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