Sunday, February 4, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

4~~1 Clear~ very cold~ River nearly [closed?], was at our church Morning & [Evening] first with Frances being 1rst time Since her confinement & then with Mother & Peacocks girls with us

Monday, February 5, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

5~~2 Clear~ Cloudy~ Cold~ Paid Draft of [F.?] E. Brewster Esq $2.00 in full of The money to be [paid] over out of the 330.99 [received] in Hugh Scott vs. [L.?] Seiler 26th last month (v. ante 1rst copy of letter to [said] Brewster). & Drew [Check] on The [Harrisburg] Bank for [said] $200 & handed to Jonas [Shartte?] runner for [said] Bank through which said draft came.~ Bought of [John] [Zearing] 1/3 cord Wood for Dinah Walters, [Colored] Woman v ante 21 [December] last at $1.25~ Wrote to [Nathaniel?] Cooledge Boston in answer to his letter [received] 3rd inst. [paid] [postage] 18 ¾ & Kept Copy~ Paid E. [Zollinger] $3 by [check] on [Harrisburg] [Savings] [Institution] for New Hat & Gave him 2 old hats in the bargain the one I had been wearing since May 1836 and a fur one still older Wrote to Adam Weidman "Oakland Mills Juniatta [County] in answer to his letter [received] 2 inst. at my office till 9 ¼ P.M.

Tuesday, February 6, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

6~~3 Clear~ not so cold. Paid Stone Bill with My wife [Plats?] [?] [J.?] Fox [?] $3.92 & drew [check] on [Harrisburg] [Savings] [Institution] their [favors?] for that Sum. River closed for [first] time this winter. Frances & Self at the wedding of Miss Jane Nielson & Valentine Hummel Jr. at home

[days in office] [February] 6 1838 Tuesday

6~~3 [Continued…] of the Nielson next door [?] neighbors of ours & Father of jane went at 7 ½ P.M. & home 10 P.M. Rev. [William] DeWitt married them. Francis James & [?] 60 & his wife were there

Wednesday, February 7, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

7~~4 Clear~ more moderate but cold, I was at the Funeral of wife of [Jonathan?] Davies Esq. Wrote to Bartholomew Curry [Virginia] (ante 8th & 19th last [month]) on Subject of his Suit~ & informed him of [Arbitrators] to be Chosen the 13th of this [?] [month]. Wrote to [S.?] Graves [residing?] Rochester NY. Kept Copy on Subject~ of Money [received] of [Barret?] the [?] Drew [check] on [Harrisburg] [Savings] [Institution]~ favor of [William] [Allers?] for $3~ Charge. Called to See Hummel (Married last [Evening]) at 2 P.M. Took Glass or two of wine. Paid to my client Ulrich Schrader $16.68 of the $21.68 [received] from F. Wyeth [?] of S. Kling 1 inst. [Retained] as a Fee $5 for my Services & Drew [check] on [Harrisburg] [Savings] [Institution] payable to his order for [said] $16.68 Wrote to Mrs. Lucy Dow Montville [Connecticut?] in answer to hers [received] 29 last [month] referring her to my letters of 13th [January] & of 8 March last to herself & [Johann?] & informing her of interview this [Evening] in my office with [Hinibrenner?] on Subject of her letters 7 proposing compromise. Was at my office till 9 P.M.

Thursday, February 8, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

8~~5 Clear~ Cloudy~ very Mild~ Rain last night & no frost. Wrote to Peter Rickabaugh 6 miles from Town to pay costs [?] in Suit No [.] 1 [August] [7?] 1837. Cause of [Thomas Elder Esq. vs. Galbraith heirs. Commenced on Monday Week last was finished about 4 P.M. today after about a 4 hours charge from the ridge. Paid for Sundries 6 ¼ [cents] was at my office till 9 ¼ P.M.

Friday, February 9, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

9~~6 Clear~ Cloudy~ cooler but Moderate was in Court all day till 7 P.M. & at a larger Party Ladies & [Gentlemen] at Shunks from 8 ¼ P.M. Ayres in Orphans [Court] vs. Exceptions to J.C. [Brenizer?] [?] [account] in the estate of Balsley this [Evening]

Saturday, February 10, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

10~~7 cloudy, Windy~ Cold, was not at Market this Morning & Got no [hitter?] was at Court all day & till about 7 P.M. Met [Arbitrators] in 78 Nov. 7, 1837 Johnson [?] vs. [Grossman?] at 7 ½ P.M. & [?] to 24 inst. [?] Boyd Mr. Shunk at my office in Evening from 7 to 9 P.M. & home.

[days in office] [February] 11 ~ 1838 Sunday

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