Sunday, February 18, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

18~~1 Clear~ Cold~ First Rate Sleighing. Mother & Self at Episcopal church in morning & in afternoon our Minister absent. Rev. Mr. Sprecher preacher in our church in Evening. Mother, Self Mr. [L.?] C. who took tea with us went to our Church in [Evening]

Monday, February 19, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

19~~2 clear~ Cold. Thawing some, Sleighing first rate & being plentifully used~ Paid [Provost?] Duck the Costs in Price [?] [of?] [Tilghman] vs. Fisher No. 93 [January] 7, 1838 ([charged] to my [account]) $6.48 (v. [receipt]) Mary Peacock took tea with us. Wrote to the Editors of the [Saturday?] Courier (& sent by [William] [Grimshaw] [messenger]) to [dent?] their paper from 1 last [January] to [Thomas] W. [Lytth?], of this place, Also that I have $18 or $20 of [Subscription] money in hand, was at Peacocks at 8 ½ P.M. [?] called for my wife~ [Collected?] McClure & Mrs. A.B. Roberts there, Took my [Said] letter to [Grimshaws?] & spent ½ an hour, Frances & Self home from Peacocks at 9 P.M. [William] Boyd of F.R. Shunk at my office from 7 ¼ to 8 P.M.

Tuesday, February 20, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Feb. 20 ~ 1838 Tuesday

20 – 3 Clear – Cold – Fine sleighing. Wrote to Philip Keener Gratz at the request of Thompson re[?] Register informing him that his Daughter Mrs. Matter has a right to administrate on her deceased husband’s estate in preference to other persons, Thompson read and sealed 2nd letter and sent it away. Drew draft on Mo. K. Leilin Esq. of Chester Delaware County for $66.92 and handed to Harrisburg Bank for Collection (v ante 27 January + letter file) called at 4 ½ or 5 P.M. at M. [Lochmans?] to see child (Emma) of William Keller aged about 4 ½ years who died this morning – was at my office after tea till 8 ½ P.M.

Wednesday, February 21, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

21 – 4 Clear – Cold – Fine sleighing – paid for beef + butter 55 cents 25 being for butter. Frances + self were at the Funeral at 10 AM of Emma Keller daughter of William Keller aged 4 years a playmate of your little daughter. Paid pos.[postage] 12 ½ cents in letter by Frances to sister Julianna Rawn. Phil a.[unknown abbreviated name?] was at our usual weekly lecture meeting - + home at 8 ½ P.M.

Thursday, February 22, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

22 - 5 Clear – Beautiful – thawing but fine sleighing called with Frances + M.S. Clendenin on Mrs. William of Dillingham at Espys[?] – on Mrs. Hamilton Alricks + at Prince’s Hotel on Mrs. Francis James. Handed notices to choose arbitrators in 2 April T.[? unknown symbol, resembles ‘T’] 1838 vs. Ferlin to Abraham McNeal of Middletown. Paid George Beatty for refund of arbitrators in M. Mahon vs. M. Gabe no. [case number?] 86 January T. ’38 $4 + drew check on Harrisburg Savings Inst. in his favor for paid $14. Read letter from Samuel Reader "Newark Feb. 20 20/38" was at my office after tea till 8 ½ or 9 ½ P.M. [unreadable word?] there.

Friday, February 23, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

23 – 6 Clear – Cloudy – Cold – good sleighing. at my office all day. James McMath (new client) here in afternoon – got me to file bond for him to take benefit Jno[Jonathan?] A. Weidman M.D. at my house last Wednesday + at my office afternoon of that day with Mr. Weidel. I was at a Large General Ladies Party this Evening at Auditor General N. Hobarts – was dancing. The two George Kellys played – went home with Mary Brooks to their[?] door and to my own house at midnight.

Saturday, February 24, 1838 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

24 – 7 Clear – Cold – Windy – Sleighing. Paid for 1 pound butter 25 cents – Handed Frances 25 cents attended for Diff.[difference?] before Arbts[Arbitrators?] in Johnson Stockton vs. Hofmann no.[number] 78 Nov. T. ’37 at 10 to 10 ½ A.M. Received letter from Edward A. Lynch who writes for M. Byrne "Frederick MO [Missouri] Feb. 21/38" (vide ante finest) also letter from Bartholomew Curry Richmond Virginia February 19/38 acknowledged ["pos. 18 ¾" {postage}written above ‘acknowledged] receipt of my letters of 8th and 19th last month but not those of 7th and 13th this month. Wrote to him in reply and kept copy

Feb. 24 – 1838 Saturday

24 – 7 Continued – [1st word unreadable] 1/3 for Rykers Valley Coal of John Zearing for my office $1.75 spent – evening at home to bed at 9 ½ PM.

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