Sunday, June 9, 1839 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

9 1 Clear, Cloudy~ Rain from 11 a.m. to noon & after. Was at our church afternoon Evg – Clergyman of the "associate Presbyterian church" preached- mother with me in afternoon Frances in Evening~ I was not at church in morning- Indisposed~ to bed 10 p.m.

Monday, June 10, 1839 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

June 10th 1839 Monday

10 2 Clear~Pleasant~ pd for sundries including newspaper~ Pos. 12 1/2 cts. Handed Frances for peas 12 ½ Paid Englishman for Razor Hone 25 cts.~ amount 50 cts. Paid Wm Boyde $45.65 Bal. In full of Harpers Rent Recd by me 3rd&13th April last after retaining out Of said monies then recd FEE $12:00 in full for My comns at 15 per Cent on $ 80 the years Rent of Harper From Apl 1/38 to April 1/39~ including all my services aft Said years rental. (v. Receipt Book for Boyds Receipt) Wrote to A. Steel care of J B. Ellison S.E. Cor. [?] Market St. Phila on subject of Bombazine for pants Court of Law Pos. 12 1/2 cts.~ Handed Frances 50cts. To pay Hannah Kelly for 2 days washing today this day week~ Paid Dennis Sullivan (on special order from L.C. Attinson Proprietor of Saty EvgPost.$6:80 out of $8 subscriptions to [?] paper in my hands. Retaining out of Sd $8 at rate of 15 per ct being FEE $1:20 ( v. acct. Book of Subscriptions) Bot. Of Mo Learing 2 1/2 cords of mixed seasoned Wood for $10 to be accounted for in our Set- Tlement. (deld this day) (v. 28 last mo.)~ Spent day Evg at my office~ messor Flenicken. HopKins- Fingas of H of Rep. Seated with me As of soon in Evs ~ To bed at 10 p.m.

Tuesday, June 11, 1839 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

11 3 Clear~ Warm~ Pleasant handed Frances 22 1/2 cts.-pd Dutchman for throwing 2 1/2 cords Of wood into Cellar 35- Handed Frances for 5 lbs Of sugar 50 cts. 5 cts.gave Mo Thomas yesterday when Done hauling my wood~ Amt 4 Items $ 1.12 1/2 cts. Pd Jacob Wentz Jr. Col. $11.88 my school tax in south ward for 1839, also pd same $5:18 school tax for same ward same year on [?]ister property.~ also paid same $10’18, School tax for same ward same year on five properties of Frimbles Heirs, & Drew CK on Hg Savs Inst fav. of said Wentz for aggregate of said Taxes $27"24 (v. ante 20th last mo. For county and Borough tax on same properties & my R Book Recd letter from John e Newbeker Powels Creek (subject June 8th 1839 & paid Pos. 6 1/4 cts.~ was at the Capital this morning with F.R. Shunks [?] & Miss Findlay, latter of baltimore, Recd of Wm A Baker FEE $3:50 in full (v. 24 last mo) for making deed from Him to his mother Sister, Mary Magdalene Cathe Baker, Which deed he [?] this Evs before Judge M. McKinney who with Myself witnessed it.~ Frances her brother Mc Jos. At a Party at a Peacocks to which I had no desire To go~ spent Evg at office To bed 9 1/2 p.m.

Wednesday, June 12, 1839 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

June 12th 1839 Wednesday

12 4 Clear Cloudy~ Some little Rain- Family party od peacocks, Mother C. Mc Jos. To Duncans Island at Heppfords 6 1/4~ Paid Barber doe cutting my hair 12 1/2 amt. Od 3 ferns 75 3/4 ~ Took ride before breakfast 4 or 5 miles by 6 1/2 a.m. on Horse of Mo. Mevily got at Hepfords Inn. Recdletter from L.B. Christ Esqr Lewisburg Un. Co. June 10/39 pd POS 10 cts in answer to mine To him of first Wrote to Parsey Oakford Esqr 2nd [?] Dock Street Phila Kept copy of subject of a letter from Him to Mo W Ryan Esqr of House of Red. Placed in my hands [?] ~. Paid for sundries, sugar, gift, 1 pt spirits for 29 cts. ~ paid Christian Forlney (taylor) $ 1.50 in full for repairing green cloth coat deld this Evg – spent Eveng at my office To bed at 10 P.M.

Thursday, June 13, 1839 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

13 5 Rain~ Heavy Rain in last night, Clear Cloudy till afternoon ~ Took ride from 11 a.m. till 12 noon, on grey mare belonging to Mo. Meirly got her at Heppfords Inn. Recd of Prot Beader in Ekel vs Meirly Nos 54 &55 apl T. 1839 $8.75 Pltffs Bill in latter, $ 3 [?] Pay in former (not chargeable to debt I think because [?] are paid in latter and not entitled to pay in two suits) out of which Pltffs bill I paid Thomas Forster William Graydon esqr Witnessing $ 1.00 (v. their Receipts on Copy of Bill of costs) $ Retained $ 4.00 paid by me to arbts. [?] last mo. Also 25 cts paid by me for a subpoena in said case 50 cts for serving said subpoena on 4 wittnesses which in whole amt. of Pltffs Bill $5.75, Retained said arbts. Pay in former [^?] as a FEE $ 3 on acct from Mo. Mevily as I am satisfied he may not be able to pay it And for which I have just given him credit in my "fee book", Also Recd from Prof in said two suits and in Eye for Eye [?] Mevily No. 168 of Same a April T. 1839, by him Credited to my acct. for writs [?] Atty. Wts Legal FEES$10 In no 168 receiving or being credited with the half of [?]. Fee only as P.C. Sedgwick Esqr is allocated with me therein- also Recd from same in Said suit no. 168, Pltffs Bill of Costs $14:13 1/2, out of which I paid Thomas Forster and John Unse wittnesses $1.00 (rd their Receipts on Copy of Said Bill of Costs,) and paid half of Bal. viz $6:56 3/4 to my Colleague in Said suit P. C. Sedgwick Esqr. (rd his Receipt on said Copy of said Bill.) & Retained the other half of Said Bal. as FEE $6:50 3/4 on acct. from our client In said cause,~ Recd note from J.R. Hollden Esqr Of H. of Rep. (Present) to send him 2 Books. Walking Dec7 And Jacob’s Law Dec.7~ sent them. Concert of Music in Court house by E.L. Walker and the Nipes Shaw spent Evening at my office to bed 10 P.M.

Friday, June 14, 1839 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

June 14. 1839 Friday

14 6 Rain all day nearly- handed Frances 10cts- pd Leonard Briley for splitting Oven wood 6 1/4 cts.~ for paper 6 1/4 for 50 Sugar 40 cts. Amt. 62 1/2~ spent day in my office till 5 ½ p.m. Went to State Library for 1/2 an hour, was also at Shunk a few minutes 3 1/2 p.m. and conversed with Judge Blythe an hour at his Chamber about 3 p.m.~ spent evg at office to bed 9 p.m.

Saturday, June 15, 1839 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

15 7 Clear~ Pleasant~ pd for marketing [?] $1.06 1/4 viz for 3lbs butter 56 1/4 cts.- 1 peck Pears 33 3/4,small cheese 6 1/4 cts~ Smear case 4cts~ Salad 2 cts~ Paper Pos [?] 4 Recd of M. McKinney Esqr amt. of Prin. Mt. Of Judt in My favour against James w. Morgan FEE $5:22 Found on Market Street near Wyeths Drug Store on Crossing from Johnson’s Hotel to Wyeths corner a small & Torn wallet^ with the name Lang Reese written on it inside pocket Book containing a 5$ note on The Lewistown bank, and a bill dated^[?]town June 14. 1839 of M. Lewis Hirxthal to john A. Taylor Dr. to a boarding Bill and drink $21.83" Handed Frances 50cts. For oil to Keltz 37 1/2 cts.~ Paid Peddlar in my office For 1 hundred quills $1.75 for 6 doz Steel pens 75 cts spent day Evg at my office~ went to Rev. Mr. Kelly’s at 9 1/2 p.m. for my wife where there was a small party ~ home & to bed 10 1/4 P.M.

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