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February 25, 1842 Thursday

25 5 Clear & Coldish Soft. Went to the Senate Chamber at 12 o’clock (noon) with my wife – remained till 2 PM. Spent afternoon in office. Paid J.G. Jauss $11.44 in full of all demands by Ck. on the H-g. Sav-g Jot to his order for Stoves Piper Tinnery etc (receipt Book and his Bills among loose receipts). Went to the Courthouse at 7 PM with my wife Sister to "Young Ladies Fair" for purchasing Scientific apparatus for their Seminary conducted by Mrs. Kingsford. Paid admission for three 37 ½ and for two Glasses Jelly 50 cts Amt 87 ½ cts. I am opposed on principle and expediency both and perhaps on grounds of religion as well as morality, to all Such modes of obtaining money no matter for what purposes and especially for religious or church purposes, and went against my private wishes & opinions merely to attend my wife and Sister. I left them there after myself staying abt 15 minutes intending to return for them but they left abt 8 just as I was going for them. Mr & Mrs Harford at my house this evening at 7 ½ to 8 PM - also opposed as they say to Fair. To bed 10 PM.

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Feb 26 1841 Friday

26 6 Clear & mild. Deposited in the H. Sav Inst $115 Paid for Lemongs Gegas Yester & Today 20 cts. I was at the Senate Chamber half an hour or more abt 1 PM. P-d Fred-k Shellehamer through his brother Christ on order directed to Rot. Will on file in office with Bill of Costs in case $18 Balance in full due s-d [said] Fred-k as recd by me in suit against Jacob Letzel no 56 Jan 7 41 DGP out of $25.50 recd 16 inst & ret-d surplus being $7.50 as fee which with $1 too little paid by deft (?) to be pd me. Makes FEE $8.50 (v. Recpt Book v 21 Dec last when he pd me $1 on a/c of Retaining fee and gave me a note for $3 by the (?) thereafter of $5 if not then paid) Spent ev-g in my office to bed or rather up stairs but did not get in bed till 2 hours after Midnight. My Son Charles being very unwell with cold & Fever and did not get to sleep any till about 4 hours after midnight. Dr. Rutherford has been tending him 2 days.

Saturday, February 27, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

27 7 Clear & Cloudy & Clear I did not get up till about 9 ½ AM. Handed my wife to buy marketing $1.00. My son was very unwell all day. Some better this evening. Rec-d letter from Lt. Harwood Cooperstown Otsego Co. New York pd. POS 18 ¾ Wrote in reply & kept copy. Wrote in reply to his letter rec-d 8 inst to J.W. Benedict No 72 Cedar Street New York sending his copy of defts. Interrogations in case of Carter Co Muncey 31 Ap-1 7 41 Dau C Pleas, informing him of rule to choose (?) culling for (?) In and a fee of $10 or $15 and whether we will want a commission. Also wrote to Henry W Brinton Thron Del Co in reply to his letter recd 24 inst and kept copy. Spent ev-g in my office (?) 10 PM.

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