Sunday, March 14, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

14 1 Clear & Cloudy Windy Cold in Evening. Was at our church in morning with wife and at Metht Ch in Evg with her & her sister where pd collection 25 cts. Abt 11 or 1200 people there. Sermon the final night. Home at 10 PM. Stopd at PO to bid M R goodbye.

Monday, March 15, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Day of mo March 15, 1841 Monday

15 2 Clear & Cold raw but soft & slushy. Paid for a string of Rock Fish 37 ½ cts. Bot ½ ton of coal. Wilkes barre of Jno-Learing $2.00 del-d [delivered] this day. Also bot ½ ton Pine Grove Coal of C S Berghous 2 12 ½ (v Bill & Receipt) del-d this day, present Mr Henback when I pd the black fellow who hauled it and del-d me the bill & receipt. Recd letter fr Thos Snyder "Powels Valley Dau Co Mch 4/41 & Pd POS 6 ¼ cts with notice to put in "Reporter" which I had copied & del-d myself at Pap Office for publication tomorrow. Called to see Dr Jacob DeWees at jail where is in a copias for debt at the sale of a firm, to April 7 of own Court. Spent day chiefly in my office and evening also and to bed at 10 PM.

Tuesday, March 16, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

16 3 Snow nearly all day, Was at funeral of young child about 4 mos old of Geo W Layng at 11 AM. Very stormy & snowy. Pd for Sundries buttons silk 25 cts. Took walk 2 or 3 miles about 4 PM. Spent evening in office. To bed 10 PM.

Wednesday, March 17, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

17 4 Clear Coldish Thawing Handed my wife to buy marketing 50 cts. Pd Wm Bell Store Bill in full of all demands $16.05 (v. B & Recpt) same time recd of him for Wm McClure Esq my colleague & self fee $10 (Retaining) in Bell v Cumbl Val R Road No 64 Aug-t 7 1840 Dau Com Pleas this is today I pd s-d Bill the Bal by Ck on the H-g Sav-g Inst to his order being $6.05. Paid Wm McClure Esq $5 being his half of said ten dollars (V Receipt & Book) and Retd [retained?] my half being FEE 5.00 Recd of Wm McClure Esq my half of $40 fee sent by Eli K Price to his for us in suit 11o 11o Nov 7 1828 Hurst for Red is Fishing in Dauphin Com Pleas being FEE $20. Took ride from 11 ½ to 12 ¼ PM on horse of E M Pollock with David Humells saddle & Bundle. Tom Brown took horse back to stable. I pd Tom Brown 50 cts for cleaning snow from pavement yesterday throwing coal in cellar sawing & splitting wood and later today. Recd letter from Gen Adam Diller "Phil" Mch 15/41 paid POS 12 ½ in answer to mine of 9th inst with a dft [draft] in this hands "26.87 ½ Philadelphia March 15, 1841" "Western Bank pay to John G Jauss on order "twenty six dollars 87 ½ cts "Adam Diller" also recd letter from Thos Wallace Washington Mch 15/41 enclosed in envelope marked Hon Davd Strgen. Also recd letter with Enclosures from Francis R Shunk Esq Present Mch 17 see letter for nature of enclosure. Met Miss Eliz-th DePui in the Jt (?) after which walked with her to Brady’s store then home where I spent ½ an hour. Invited Jn-o H Briggs Fed-k Boas D Pool Esq Dan-l Boas & Wm J Cochran to take glass of wine with me in honour of Wm Jno Jos Clendenin’s marriage which takes place this day in Arkansas according as we have been informed by letter. They attended from 8 to 9 ½ PM when we ate nuts & applies and took a few glasses of wine. To bed at 10 PM.

Thursday, March 18, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

18 5 Clear & Cloud & Soft. Spent day chiefly in my office. Gave poor woman named Rosanna Kelly whose husband Dudley Kelly, an Irishman, lays sick with pluersy [sic] as she ? in lower end of town, a joul of pork of some 6 lbs. Paid for sundries including change to poor boy & box of Jn Jn vegetable Pills 32 cts. Spent evg in my office. M. Anderson of Perry Co of H of Rep in office. To bed at 10 PM

Friday, March 19, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

day of mo March 19, 1861 Friday

19 6 Clear & very mild. Walked couple miles or more before 9 AM from which time till 2 hours after midnight I was engaged as Judge of Elections for S. Ward of Borough in Court House. I was elected a School director together with Jacob Leiter for said South Ward. Recd letter & enclosures from Jas G Lewis Jr & Co "Phil-a Mch 18/41" & pd POS 37 ½ wrote in reply and kept copy. Pd for Sundries 10 cts remained as stated at Court House till 2 hours after midnight when we got through with our returns and I got home to bed.

Saturday, March 20, 1841 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

20 7 Clear & mild. Handed my wife $1.00 to pay marketing & got by her this morning before I was up. Paid John G Jauss $50, ($20 thereof by check to his order on the Hg Savg Inst), that is today $21.75 for the dft recd of Adam Diller 17th inst which repays my Pos of 12 ½ cts pd offd Diller’s letter and pays me for my services in getting paid dft a FEE $5.00, the residue of said $50 being $28.25. I paid him for Henry Sprigman’s note in his favour for $37 dated Jan 2/41 payable 60 cts after date. Spent evg in my office. To bed 10 PM.

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