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18 1 Clear & Pleasant. Was at our church m-g & ev-g with mother C in morning & with my wife & sister-in-law in evening. Mr. De Witt preached his last sermon in it this ev-g as they are going to commence pulling it down this week preparatory to building a new one. His text was in 4 Chap Ezra and verse. I paid collection for purposes of New Church 25 cts. Home at 8 ¾ and to bed at 10 PM.

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19 2 Clear & Pleasant. Regular Ter Court commenced. Rec-d letter from Mrs. Eliz-th Fry Gratz Ap-l 17/41 by hands of Fred-k Garner with FEE $5.00 enclosed asking advice in relation to suit against her for injuries by son of hers to another boy. Wrote in reply per W. J. Cochran my student & sent by Mr. Garner aforesaid Rec-d of Jacob Ravin (old client in a new matter) FEE $1.50 cash, & his note for selling liquor by less measure than H without license. Jn-o Briggs Esq & self walked 3 or 4 miles from 5 to 6 PM. Handed wife 50 to pay Col-d woman for washing. Spent ev-g in office & to bed 10 PM.

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