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March 26th, 1842 Saturday

26—7 Clear & cloudy – coolish. Recd. [Received] of Esqr. Seiler on a judgment on his docket of E.S. Bear against Jas. Nightman rendered 11 Dec last for $23.21 the sum of $17 which same $17 I paid over in my office to said E.S. Bear, with agreement that I am to have the balance of said judgment when collected for my services in said matter (v. My Rept. Book). Handed wife to pay for 2 weeks milk & cream 50. I paid for a dressed sheep skin for plasters 37 ½ cts. For Sundries 6 ¼ cts.—Amt 3 Items 93 ¾ Cts. I attended at Esqr. Snyders again this morning in case of Fahnestock Co. vs. Elizth. Brenizer amdx. of JGB, decd. [deceased] took walk 2 or 2/12 miles about 2 p.m.- was for an hour or less in courthouse between 7 & 9 p.m. as a spectator of a Johnson Meeting—to bed 9 ½ p.m.

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