Sunday, June 5, 1842 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

5 ~ 1 Clear & pleasant -- pd. for my breakfast at 9 a.m. 37 ½ cts. Went to Dr. Spring’s Presbn. Church at 10 a.m. where I heard an excellent sermon from him, after which I walked down to The Battery and enjoyed the sights till 1 p.m. The British Frigate "Warspite" came into the river this morning and was saluted by the "North Carolina" near which she lies. I noticed that our guns cracked much the loudest. I went to St. Pauls (Epsl. Church) in the afternoon where I was not much edified by the appearance of the church & its fixens, nor with the Preaching. The great body of the Congregation looked to me very much like Roman Catholics and the Church a good deal like a Roman Catholic one. The pews bury a person of an ordinary heighth or that is rather short -- they come up to the top of my shoulder and require me to reach my arm above the level of the should to put it on the back. Paid for my dinner at 3 p.m. at Refectory (Lovejoys) 45 cts for sundries 2 cts. and my Bill at Bar at Lovejoys for 2 lodgings till tomorrow morning $1.00, amt. of 4 Items $1.84 ½. Walked a couple of miles or near it about 7 to 8 p.m. to foot of Clinton St. on the East River where the "British Queen" and "Great Western" steamers are lying along side of each other at the wharf. The former is much the larger of the two; the latter arrived on Friday last -- went to Dr. Springs Church at 8 p.m. to hear a China missionary -- was not much edified -- perhaps my fault. remained till 9 p.m. and till a second gentleman rose and followed the first on the same subject and I left, as going off in morning I wish to go to bed soon. To bed at 10 p.m.

Monday, June 6, 1842 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

6 ~ 2 Cloudy in morning -- Clear & beautiful from 10 or 11 a.m. very clear, windy & cool at west Point after 5 p.m. -- pd. Breakfast in New York, Lovejoys Refectory 37 ½ -- pd. for tooth Brush 12 ½ and left in steam Boat Albany (bound for Albany & intermediate landings) Capt. Jenkins, at 7 a.m. -- pd. passage to, and arrived at 11 a.m. at West Point 75 cts., 58 ms. [miles]. amt. 3 Items $1.25 -- this passage was stated to me by on [sic] of the other men to be a very slow one on a/c of burning wood and that bad instead of Coal and having on only 6 instead of 18 inches of steam. I was greatly gratified with the scenery along this beautiful River and consider it unequaled with reference only to the natural scenery -- but taking into view the artificial adornments, country seats, towns, villages and large tracts here and there of Cultivated land, I do believe it far surpasses any in my knowledge. I expected to find "West Point" a beautiful place, but was by no means prepared for the Grand & beautiful as they here exhibit themselves to the enchan -- spectator. I consider it indescribable and shall leave it for abler and Idler pens than mine. The Board of Examiners assemble here today -- They were saluted with 13 rounds by 6 pieces of artillery manned by 10 men each, about 12 (Noon) -- In the afternoon from 5 to 6 p.m. or later, there was an artillery Drill with 6 pieces fully manned horsed and prepared with "grape shot" for firing which they done at Boards erected into a short fence for that purpose which they fairly riddled -- This Hotel kept by Francis Rider is first-rate in all particulars. It is in character a private boarding house though in practice a Hotel for Comers whether their stay be short or long. at dinner today we had strawberries, Ice cream, Pineapple and other delicacies among the desert [sic]. -- this mem’m. is made up in my room No 31 after tea. from my going to "St. Pauls" church yesterday -- wrote long letter to my wife after tea -- to bed at 11 p.m.

Tuesday, June 7, 1842 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

7 ~ 3 Clear -- beautiful -- quite cold. Fine comfortable and in demand coal fire in grate in Parlour and ladies setting by it at 9 a.m. -- blew up very fresh last Evg. -- I had my big coat on last Evg. at 6 ½ p.m. at Parade. Went to the Examn. Hall at 9 ½ and remained till 11 ½ a.m. and heard several Cadets exd. On Engineering, who answered very promptly & fully. Met Chas. Mahon of the 2d. Class of Cadets, Wyeth Douglass of 4th Class both from our town who were much pleased to see me. The former introduced me to a Cadet in his Class named Hancock from Norritstown Montgomery Co Pa. Witnessed drill on Horseback by Co. of 2nd. Class of Cadets at 5 p.m. for ½ hour or more and after that on same Horses drill & sword exercise by first class, during which time Messrs. Douglass, Mahon, Hancock and myself were together -- remain very windy & cold in evening -- Mr. Mahon at Hotel after tea and spent Evg. with me till 9 ½ p.m. to bed at 10 p.m.

Wednesday, June 8, 1842 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

8 ~ 4 Clear & cold. Big coats & Fire quite requisite -- Mr. Mahon & myself visited several of the places of curiosity about the point from 8 till 9 ½ a.m. -- He then went to recitation and I visited the cemetery and Mr. Douglass & myself visited an old Revolutionary fort on the mountain at 11 ½ a.m. -- in a cell or arch in this fort Andre was confined. Pd. my bill $4 at West Point for 2 days boarding and left at 2 ½ p.m. on steam boat "Troy" (a very large & very splendid boat) for New York where we arrived at 5 ¼ p.m. Cloudy in afternoon & some Rain in evening. Stopped at Lovejoys again. Pd. for tea & bread and butter at Refectory 12 ½ cts. amt. 2 Items today $4.12 ½. went to Court House in City hall immediately where the exciting trial of Monroe Edwards, Col. Monroe Edwards, for Forgery by which he procured upwards of $50,000 is progressing. Persons are very anxious to get in but the passages to the Court are guarded by policeman -- I got in through the influence of a gentleman assisting at the Hotel. The Counsel engaged on either side are some of them quite distinguished Marshall & Crittenden of Kentucky with Emmet, Price and Everts of New York for Defs. and Whiting, Dist-Atty, Ogden Hoffman & two or three others for prosecution. I remained in the court about an hour or more till 8 ¼ p.m. -- The Prisoner is a very gentlemany [sic], well dressed, handsome looking man but may for all that be more of the rascal. -- to bed 9 ½ p.m.

Thursday, June 9, 1842 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

9 ~ 5 Rain in the morning till 8 or 9 perhaps -- Clear in afternoon -- pd. Bill at Lovejoys for lodging last night 50 cts. -- and went on board steam boat Independence of Camden & Amboy rail road line at 6 a.m. where I paid Passage to Phila. including 50 cts for breakfast $3.50. arrived in Phila. at 1 p.m. and at Eagle Hotel at 1 ¾ p.m. -- pd. boy for carrying Saddle bags & big coat from boat to Hotel 6 ¼ cts. Amt. 3 Items $4.00 ¼ --came into Room no. 12 again, same I had before. called at 8 in evening to see Dr. Sharpless -- to bed at 10 p.m.

Friday, June 10, 1842 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

10 ~ 6 Cloudy & some Rain early in morning, clear before noon & very warm. rode on Horseback an hour or more about 11 a.m. saw and conversed with Jno. King last evening Recd. letter from Juliann Rawn Edgmont June 6/42 Wrote letter to my wife at Harrisburg. Called at Dr. S’s by appointment at 6 ½ p.m. he again examined my chest, lungs &tc., and gave me a prescription, which I got at apothecary’s at Hotel To bed at 10 ½ p.m.

Saturday, June 11, 1842 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

11 ~ 7 Clear, windy -- very cold. Big coat quite comfortable and necessary -- I rode to store of Sheldon near Navy Yard after breakfast to see his hams and sugars then at 10 a.m. to auction of Arbuckle in 2nd. [and] Tammany Streets -- then home to hotel -- paid for Magnesia 12 ½ for Prescription by Dr. Sharpless same as got 3 inst. 25 cts. for paper called "United States" 6 ½ cts., and to Billy Greenwalt 10 cts. for brining letters in bundle from Harrisburg, named below. to boy for holding my horse at Sheldons 2 cts. Amt. 5 Items 53 ¾ cts. -- Recd. bundle of letters from Harrisburg as follows, viz from my wife "June 9", & answered by Mr. Swartz from Hulman & Hoge "Phila. June 7", pd. pos. 12 ½ in Harrisburg from H.C. Hickok Esqr. "Bloomfield June 3" and pd. pos. 10 cts. in Harrisburg, in reply to mine of 19 Apl. & 16 ult. -- also from my sister Juliann Rawn "Edgmont May 28" in answer to mine of 18th ult. was casually introduced to a young lawyer by name of McCulloh by a Constable or Police Officer name of Westheim -- spent Evg. chiefly at Hotel and to bed 11 p.m.

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