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30 -1 Cloudy -Rain -Heavy Rain in Evg. Exchanged $30 in Harrisburg Bank notes viz a $20 + a $10 with Wm. MClure Esqr. for $30 in Par funds which I recd. at the Harrisburg [?] Inst. on his C.F. to my order in silver which I promised to re-exchange in a few days if he reqd. it. (present Francis Carson)- Recd. of Hugh McIlwain for Trimble heirs $20: one yrs. rent to 1 July next. Also from Saml. Karns for Wister $4 on a/c of his years rent of $25. paid J.M. Halderman $240.00 in full of two years Int. to 1 ultimo on my mortgage accompanying bond for $2000 to Franics R. Shunk of May 1/38 [?] [?] to Halderman (without my Knowledge or Consent) May 21/38' [carated in margin "ck on [?] [?] dated 1 Apl. to [?] for $100 of said [?] [?]"] -pd. in specie kinds other than which he would not accept. for which objection on his part I did not pay him the Int. last year (v Apl. 1/41,

Monday, May 1, 1843 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

May 1 -2 Contd.- Handed C.W. Rinehart $1.00 to be repaid in few days Recd. letter from Ed. S. Sayres Phil April 20' +pd. Pos. 12½ Cts. Called at Mr. Grimshaws House on horseback +Jos. Pilkington my Carpenter Self went to Mr. G's saw mill yard to look at Lumber about 3½P.M. spent Evg. in office chiefly +to bed 10 P.M.

Tuesday, May 2, 1843 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

2 -3 Clear +Pleasant - Coldish - was in orphans Court short time in mg. in Kintzel's Wards Matter + Muench [?] -Mrs. M Lebo her daughter +Christn. Kintzel in my office -Recd. of Christn. Kintzel Fee $5 in relation to profl.. services about two judgements in Dau. Comm. Please in his favor against Jacob Crossen. also recd. of same further Fee $5 on a/c in relation to his wards main. by Jas. Lebo (v. 20 Mch last). was engaged good part of day in lumber yard with my Carpenter Pilkington + C.F. Muench - hauled first load of lumber I have got for my building to Wister house which not being occupied we are going to use as a carpentry shop for a few weeks, or till I can get tenent if we want it so long. Evg. in office. to bed 10 P.M.

Wednesday, May 3, 1843 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3 -4 Cloudy +Clear paid for Parsnips, 3Cts.- for 2lbs. Butter 40Cts. Mumma, sundries - Amt 49¼Cts. Recd. of Christn. Aldinger Bal Fee $2.25 including 25 Cts. Int. in full (v. 31 Oct 1840) present with him Faunce (butcher) both rather "warm".- rode on horseback 6 miles from 11¾ a.m. to 1 P.M. to Rutherford to look at line- Pilkington My Carpenter comd. work at shop for my house- I was in Court short time this afternoon- am busy all the time. spent Evg. in office and to bed 9½ P.M.

Thursday, May 4, 1843 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

4 -5 Clear +Pleasant, man named Roger Sheehy (Mason) commenced some stone wall in foundation of my building this afternoon at 50 Cts. per [?] tending himself. I was engaged in argument Court in argument of Exd. to Deft. Bill of [?] in Garlin vs. McCormick and in argument of Cases stated in E Kel vs. Oneily 54 +55 April 7. 1839. Received letter from A. Branyan "Petersburg May 1" pd. Pos. 6Cts. in reply to mine to his father 13 Mch last. also from Conrad J. Fry "Gratz May 1" +wrote in reply. I was engaged in arguemtn Court till 1 P.M. from 10 am as above

May 4 -5 Contd. - Recd. of Geo. Koch $10 for Carson Self on a/c of his bond (v. 18 Feb last.) and pd. $5 his half thereof to my partner in said matter Chas. Carson (v. Recpt Book.)- Recd. letter from Edwd. F. Evans Paoli May 4 with certain 93) state certifications enclosed by hands of Mr Thos. Cunnigham (car agent)- spent afternoon about yard +building Evg. in office -Recd. letter from Edwd. S. Sayres Phila May 3" pd. Pos. 12½ Cts. in reply to mine of 29 ult. with check Enclosed for $7.12½ viz to repay me postages pd. on his letters (excepting his last one recd. 1 inst. which are yet to pay) $2..12½ and as further Fee $5.00 in full for services in Sayres vs. Wilson 90 Nov 7.42 to 10 ultimo. that I have now recd. $15 fees in said case $5 being [?] fee, and $10 for trial before [?]- to bed at 9 P.M.

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