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Harrisburg January 18, 1845 Saturday

18.7 Clear cooler-cond freezing in the afternoon~paid for 1 lb Butter 12 ½ for ½ lb Cast Steel Wrap 10cts. for Sundries 3 cts Amt 25 1/2. pd Susan Mordoch our late hired woman Bal. of her wages $3.25 in full. her name has been heretofore by me written Murdoch but she says it is Mordoch. I have paid her altogether $13.50 wages for which service since 10 Sept back to 15 inst-called on Jos R. Kane Esq (Mr Shunks to the Atty General) which RichdMcAllister Esq who wishes to be prosecutor in this county-also spoke to him in favor of Jno Hickman Esq for Chester County took letter to Jno Hickman Esq West Chester in reply to his received 18 Oct last. Met Board of School Ds.. afternoon (?) 7 PM. 15 minutes-Alexander McKeene of Del. Co. at office at 6 ¼ PM I was at Buehlers Hotel from 8 to 9 PM-home 9 ¼ & to bed 10 PM.

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