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19-1 Cloudy-cold-hard frozen. wife self and both children at church this morning-Daughter May for first time-church very crowded Jany 19-1 Contd –home from church at 12 ¾ PM. rode on horseback 6 mis from 1 to 2 PM~spent rest of day at home-went to our church in Evg ..Home at 8 ½ PM. To bed 9 ¼ PM.

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20-2 Cloudy & Soft-Snow fell in last night 2 ½ or 3 Inches deep. Shortly after dinner-Recd of Christ Kintzel by the hands of his son David amt of his acct of July 1/44 for $8.79 post office money then entered as paid to me which he would not conveniently make up (?)-(See Ante. July 1/44) was at Gov Shunks room morns ..& afternoon this (?) letter from Andrew M. Cay Mabfeix Marynd by hand of Wm D. Waldron. Volunteers coming to town in large numbers from Phila Franklin Lebanon Ln.-at Buehlers-at Governors room at room of Jesse Miller new levy of Comlth take with (name scratched out) McKeenes. Introduced to D. McClintock Chamber McKibbon of Pittsburg to them I took mine with Millers-home 9 or 10 & to bed 11 PM.

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21-3 Snow & Stormy all day & very wet under foot-after 9 or 10 AM-went with wife & son Charles and a number of ladies & gentlemen from Peacocks at 10 AM to Hall of RepS to witness inauguration of Gov Shunk. Tremendous crowd there-returned home at about 12 ¾ PM. Capt. Geo. Dunton of Phila & Dr Righ at my office (v. 6 inst) called with Hamilton Shucks Esq at Jno K. Kanes room but not meeting him there called at Governor Shunks room where we met him in afternoon and I handed to him Richd McAllisters recommendation for Depy Atty Genl in this Co. & also in compliance with his request made a few days since (v.12 inst) a letter from myself to him recommending Mr McAllister (w copy) went with my wife at 8 PM to a large party at Canal Commissioner Fosters where we remained till 10 PM. home at 10 ¼ & to bed 11 PM.

Wednesday, January 22, 1845 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Jany 22-4 Clear & mild-wet under foot all day after 9 or 10 AM. Pd for 2 lbs Butter 37 ½ Jno E Fossling for 4 lbs Coffee 40 cts (v. 16 inst) for Sugar 6 ¼ Amt 93 ¾ . Recd of Chas Caston for Ths R. Shunk in a/c rent-$40~. Recd of Jona Chandler Fee $5. on a/c of Gen Dol. fee agreed to be pd me by him & Chas Caston on which I recd of Caston (v Dec 13) one Ton Coal $3.50 was at Ececutive Chamber about noon & Introdd by E. O. Mackson to Messr Col. Krebs & Mrs Drebs of Pottsville. At jail twice through day to see Owen Dossey. This Bill put into jail last Evg for Drunkenness & violence or noise in street. Committed by Wm Kline Esq for 24 hours. I did not go to his cell to see him as I think it more expedient for his good, & proper punishment for me to stay away. Was engaged in court in afternoon, defending Owen Dossey on a charge of Larceny. Tom Nathans also tried at same time. defended by Tho Kinkle Esq.

Was at Buehlers Hotel & Governor Shunks room after supper-home at 10 & to bed 10 ¾ PM.

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23-5 Clear & fine-hard frozen till 9 or 10 AM. Then soft & muddy & mild-Received of Fredk Thollehamer Fee $5. in the matter of a complaint against him in our Court for Disturbing Peace at Election. Contd to next Court on a/c of the Sickness of his Mother & prospect of her early death-he and me yet to make a bargain for my pay to do more than I have done that is to defend him. Received of Mrs Maria Prime (Cold Woman) Act 8 Fee $5. in the matter of prosecution pending against her husband David Prime Maria Stephenson for Bigamy etc. Contd to our April sessions Recd letter from Dr. Jas Aitken "Edgemont-Dello. Jan 21" & from Mrs Margaret Lebo "Millersburg Jan 22" letter in reply to mine of 20 inst. Capt Dunton Ray Thessohoffer (?) was a large party at Peacocks with wife from 8 to 11 ½ PM. Home and to bed at 11 ¾ PM.

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