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(Paid year’s subscription to "The Presbyterian" from Jany ‘51 to Jany ‘52 (v Jany 10/50 $2.)

July 31 - 5 (cont’d) - to our Hotel where I paid him the Bal. in full ( $1.87) due the Heirs of Hannah McKean, Abigail Potts, & Mo Miles (on orders by Sd. Heirs) out of the Mister estate Money in My hands (v. anteJune 2.) viz whole distribution to them $212.49-9/14 - 5 per ct my charges Fees $10.62. Balance due $201.87 pd. as aforesaid to Mr. Miles ( v his Receipt and said order attached - walked about 8-1/4 to 9 P.M. 2-1/2 or 3 Miles to Around Washington Square - To bed 9-1/2 P.M.

Friday, August 1, 1851 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Aug. 1 - 6 - Clear & Pleasant - fine & Cool - son Chas. & Self called on Carlisle & Gaskill on Water St. about taking Deps. on their behalf in Suit against them at Harrisburg by J.W. Kerr - walked along wharf after & home to Hotel 10-1/2 A.M. This Mem. Made 12 (noon) Remained in rest of Ms. - at 3 P.M. Judge Rahn, Chas. & Myself left Arch St. Wharf on the Steam Boat Edwin Forrest for an "excursion trip to Trenton landing at Browning’s Ferry etc. v advertisement hereto attached I pd Fare & supper for Chas. & Self $1.00 each being 25 cts. a piece & for refreshments at Hotel in Trenton for all three

18-3/4 = amt $1.18-3/4 - Cotillions & "The Polka" danced on lower Deck during about 2/3 the way of our return - the whole distance to Trenton by the River is 40 Miles, home Hotel 9-1/2 P.M.

Saturday, August 2, 1851 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

2 - 7 Clear & fine - Pleasant warmer - Chas. Self drove round and Stopped an hour or more at Harkness’ Horse, Carriage and Harness Sale commencing at 10-1/2 A.M. at Corner of 9th & George Streets - Saw J. W. Fitch, Oliver Bellman and one of the Young Colders there - offered my horse privately for Sale to Fitch, Helmbold & Some others - We returned to our Hotel at 12 (noon) at 1 P.M. I had call from only a Clerk (named Theodore Glentworth) of Carlisle & Gaskill with certain Papers for me to examine preparatory to taking Deposition [v?] wrote also to James Fox Esqr Harrisburg or in the event of his absence Robert A. Lamberton Esqr. for information as to cause of Action in Sd [said] Suit - at 5 P.M. we again rode out in carriage calling at Gresimers (who was out of town) at P.O. and at James Freemans’ Auction. Room Walnut St. and back to Hotel at 6-1/4 P.M. After tea we walked around by the P.O. State House & in all some 3 or more Miles & back to Hotel at 9-1/2 or 9-3/4 A.M. called to see Chas. H. Cheyney in Arch St. no. 130 at 8 P.M. saw Wm. Irvine there - [?] home order.

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