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3 - 1 Clear & fine - warmer - Pleasant, went to Presbyterian Church corner of 8th and Cherry St. and heard most excellent practical sermon on the family institution - home 12 - dined 1 P.M. and Sat an hour in Rawn private parlour talking with the women, then came to our room and made this Mem. and rested till 4 P.M. when we walked out and around Franklin Square, Washington Square, State House Yard and back to Hotel 5-3/4 P.M. to 6 Recd Called [sic] from Ed. A. Lesley Esqr 7-1/2 P.M. and 8 P.M. went to Rev. E. W. Hutter’s Ch. near our Hotel with Mrs. Matilda Filbert (widow) daughter Judge R’s, and heard very good discourse prayers etc. I have not heard him Speak since he and myself with others used to make speeches at Political Meetings for David R. Porter I think he has done wisely by the exchange and is greatly to be Commended - home at 9-1/4 and to bed at 10 P.M.

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4 - 2 Clear & Some Cloudy. Coolish in Ms.- warm at making of this Mem. at 12-1/2 P.M. called on Amos Fishborn who owes me Some Money - He told me more lies than the money was worth even to him & promised to call at my Hotel at 8-3/4 A.M. and pay - of course did not do it. I have seen enough of him to believe that he is a great [line drawn in by author] and not to be confided in. We rode out in our carriage at 9 to 10-1/2 A.M. Called at Jonah Gresimers 2nd St. (My Taylor) - He not at home away to see Sick brother. Bought Somethings amounting to $1.95 at G’s a/c to be left open till I am through with them. Also called at Grahams Stine Market St. called again 2 or 3 times, at Fishborn - he said to be out - called later the Rev. Mr. Hutter - not in (Theodore Glentworth called at 1 P.M. I handed back to him papers re: 2 inst dined 1-1/2 P.M. at 2 P.M. Started to Hunting Park Trotting Course in our carriage - Judge Rahn & Dr. Martin with his Horse and hired carriage - witnessed a Race in 4 shackled [?] skeleton carriages between 2 horses - performed mile heats under 3 minutes. Paid toll giving 3 cts. Ground nuts 3 for Chas. and 25 for ticket to stand on Stage Erection to see Race - pd nothing for Chas. - Amt. 31. home 6-1/2 P.M. walked some little after then. Called to see Chas. H. Cheyney few minutes and got from him J.M. Willis Geist’s Due bill left with him Jany 10/50 for Collection -in at 9-1/4 & to bed 9-1/2 P.M.

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5 - 3 Cloudy - some clear - some little rain in morning - clear & very warm, warmest day since we came to city - walked around in forenoon - Called on Mr. Geist - at office of Sundy Mercury in 3rd St. He is to call at about 1 P.M. tomorrow and pay 1/2 of note (v.4 inst) called also at Grahams and looked at Seegar back to Hotel about 11 or 11-1/2 A.M. - rode in carriage from 3-1/2 or 4 to about 5-3/4 or 6 P.M. and Paid for 1 Pair Gaiters and 1 Pair lace boots for Daughter Mary $1.93-3/4 at Miss Smiths on Buttonwood St. above 9th - also at W. G. Milliston & Co’s Market St. No. 78 pd a/c there 12-1/2 = Amt $2.06-1/4 - Recd letter at Bar of Hotel on our return in Eve from My Wife Harrisburg Aug. 4. Wrote to her in reply under date of yesterday & today up to this Eve - put letter in P.O. at 8 P.M. and walked round Washington Square etc., in all perhaps 2 or 3 miles, & back to Hotel 9-1/4 & to Room 9-1/2 & to bed 10 P.M.

Wednesday, August 6, 1851 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

6 - 4 - Clear & Cloudy - warm - rec’d letter from James Fox Esqr Harrisburg my Aut. 5 by hands of Theodore Glentworth (v 2 inst) and called with him at Carlisle & Gaskills & looked at Seegar hardly there where Mr. G. introduced us. rode round in carriage from 10-3/4 to 11-3/4 or 12 noon & pd for 1 doz coats [?] Cotton 48 & 4 spools crochery thread 25 = 73 for My Wife also called at Harkness’ Auction Mart & inquired what he thought our carriage, horse etc. would bring. He says sales are dull now (that they are not doing much) & did not find proper encouragement to enter ours - while we were Standing there talking Mrs. Rebecca Hubbell late Brooks came up and saluted me very cordially & pressed me to call and see them. also at Gresimers after Pd Driver about 12-1/4 P.M. &bought pair Ladies Gloves 20 cts. (v Bill 4 inst.). At 3-1/2 to 6 P.M. we started in our carriage for Germantown 6 Miles distant from city where we called on Chas. S. Mister at his residence and Settled all accts with him & I paid him $42.98 (by check or draft to his order on the Dauphin Deposit Bank) Bal. in full of all acts. of Rents & in my hands in reference to Mister property in Harrisburg (v Receipt Book). He was very polite and clever, showing us Sundry curiosities just brought home by his Son a Surgeon in the U.S. Navy from a 4 Years Cruise round the world particularly a ladies & childs Chinese shoes. Sending in a servant black give with Brandy & water etc. I told him I supposed onexelt [one excellent?] Co. Bankers & Brokers in 3rd St. would cash the draft. He kept our horse & carriage there at Stefts Hotel where I pd. min’l [mineral?]water for Chas. & ostler 12-1/2 Toll 12-1/2 circular = Amt 25 - Recd of J. M. Willis Geist - Fee $5.00 on a/c of his Due Bill of Aug 18/47 for $10. and he is to pay the Bal. of Amt. of Prin & Int. to Judge Rahn by or before 1st next mo. his own appointed time. retd to our Hotel at 6-1/2 P.M. Spent Eve. at home & to bed at 9-1/2 P.M. Same [same day] T. Shunk Esqr called to see us at 1 P.M.

Thursday, August 7, 1851 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Aug. 7 - 5 Clear in forenoon - very warm - Dust blowing about some Rain at 4 P.M. [______] pretty smart abt. 5 P.M. when this Mem. Made Chas. Gelp walked out at 9 A.M. Called at office Drexel & Co. Brokers 3rd St. to see if they would pay my v dft for $42.98 to Mister yesterday. Said they would - told them I thought I had forgot to date it and they agreed they should amend it in that respect (v. 31 ult) - we met there Mr. Russell formerly Clk in Dau dep BK now Cashier of a Bank in North part of State - we also called on W. G. Milliston & Co. no. 78 Market St. & I recd from them Fee $5. in full for profl. services to this date for proceedings in there suit against Gage & Reisch at Harrisburg filing declaration obtaining Judgt etc. Had Good deal of conversation about Bell late Confectioner at Harrisburg who owes them money. Pd. at Park’s Boot & shoe Store 206 Market St. for 1 Pr. Shoes (62-1/2) for daughter Mary & 1 pair mauve Boots 1.12-1/2 for son Chas. = Amt. $1.75 - Ice Cream (6-1/4) for Chas. of Del. Coy Man in Market = Amt. $1.81-1/4 - returned to our Hotel 12-1/2 P.M. and in room till dinner 1-1/2 P.M.Spent afternoon at Hotel. We walked out after tea, and I paid at no. 85 No 2nd St. Grace H. Conrads for a Pair long & a Pair short Boots for son J. Calvin - Long Boots $1.50 short ones 62-1/2 Amt $2.12 Walked round by and along the wharves & home 8 & to bed 9 P.M.

Friday, August 8, 1851 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

8 - 6 Clear & very warm. rode out in carriage from about 8 to 11-1/2 A.M. to Fairmount - Mint, "Sims" (none of them nor Peacock, except Gibson at office, at home, also called at E.A. Lesley’s office & left card & on James Freeman and at Gresimers. Pd. Boys at Fairmount & Mint for minding horse 6 cts. & Made this Mem at 12 (Noon) rested etc. till dinner and after dinner till 4 P.M. when we walked to P.O. etc. rode in carriage from 5 to 6-1/2 P.M. to Grahams store Sugar & Barrelled to be Kept in his store till we return from capes on Monday. Then drove to dock St. Wharf. Thos. Powell since saw Capt. about excurstion to Capes price Tickets etc. Then to Arch St. Wharf where saw 2 men arrested for Small scrimmage before the well. Knew they had begun it - we followed to Ald [Alderman?] Mitchells office as I felt disposed to relieve them - white working men - one was bound in his own recog. to keep the Peace - the other to give bail in $300 for his appearance at court to answer a charge by the Police Man of Maliciously driving his cart against the other - home to tea at 6-1/2 P.M.- Recd letter at bar from My Wife Harrisburg Aug 5th - Chas & Self wrote in reply saying we will go to Capes tomorrow & start home on Tuesdy next & reach home if weather permit on Thursday. Ev. home & to bed 9-1/2.

Saturday, August 9, 1851 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

9 - 7 Clear & very warm, Presented Chambermaid Mary (Irish girl) with pair Silk Gloves worth 25 cts got at Gresimers - she claims that she had won them on a bet we had made about her having or not having towels in my room but I gave them to her for her cheerful faithfulness & disposition to oblige - wrote last Eve. & this morning Son Chas. & Self to Wife and deld to Porter to put in P.O. on his return from Steam Boat to which he carried our carpetbag Dock St. Wharf at 8 A.M. for which I pd him 25 - and we got on Board the Thos. Powel & at 8-1/2 A.M. left with a pretty full load of passengers for Cape May. About 10 A.M. when we were off Marcus Hook a Material part of the machinery of the boat broke whereby we were brought to an anchor and it was soon understood that it would take 1/2 day to repair at least, The "Roger Williams" opposition line came alongside in 10 or 15 minutes after the accident and took off all passengers who preferred going ahead. We were of that number. Some 200 or more got on also whereby each Boat was very much crowded. Met and conversed with Mr. Bowd on Powel but did not see him after accident. Dinner tables were set in all suitable places over the boat to accommodate the great crowd, but I understood the supply of some essentials was limited beyond the demand. I had taken the precaution to provide some bread & ham at our breakfast this Ms. and therefore did not seek a 3 o clock scant dinner. Fee down including carriage hire at Island $2.00 arrived Isld 3-1/2 P.M. and at our respective stopping places, after a drive of 2-1/2 miles over a good gravel Turnpike at 4 P.M. we stopped at the "Irving House" kept by a Mr. Mo. Black (old man) whose son Geo. and daughter a Md [married?] woman seem to be the Managers. We were given a room no 12 corresponding with our No at Swan in Phila - we soon arranged our new quarters and started for the beach about 1/4 to 1/2 a mile distant. Witnessed the most ludicrous scenes of bathing by some 2 or 300 persons men women children horses & dogs all in variously rigged. Took tea at 6-1/2 P.M. and again visited the Beach. Met Gilbert L. Parke-& Son-walked around the town-listened to Orchestra at United States House called at "Delaware House" looked at Room & inquired terms - told $1.25 a day for me and 1/2 price for Charly, home to our quarters at 9-1/2 PM and to bed at 10 P.M. The Irving is a private Boarding House pleasantly Situated having some 20 to 25 or 30 inmates at present though situated rather too far from the beach for Convenient Morning & other bathing - met a Dr. Lutz of Phila. a Mr. & Mrs. Gibson there - The Dr. a very sociable clever merry fellow - we soon got acquainted - The room we have is an attic but finely exposed to the Sea breeze and very pleasant - It was the only one about the house empty. Beds clean - every thing nice and no bedbugs which are a perfect terror to me --

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