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Harrisburg Penn April 1, 1852 Thursday

1 ~ 5 Clean and fine, Pleasant. Thos R Trimble here all day from 9 AM. He dined and supped with us + left for home in the call att to 7 PM. I called with him Mr Crepley who paid him $400, present also J (?) Earness on a/c of purchase of real estate – a $5 note Middletown Bank Letter C. no 3626 Date Nov 14/48 which John gave pronounced a counterfeit by Mr Kreide at Dau Dep Bk R, returned to K as such who left 5 with my son Chas in silver instead thereof which Chas (?) to Trimble at Beuhley Robt, Chas saying that K appeared angry when he left the silver job (?) the note from him saying it was not counterfeit and that the silver was not at any rate to the amirnt (?) Maid Thos R Trimble by CK to his order on Dau Dep Bank $ 178 .. 91 ½ Bal. In full of all the cents + Monies in my hands Rc d onestate of his intechate Wmes (/) Trimble du’4 (?) (V two recipt one in My Receipt Book + one in My Book of Accounts of said Rents + Rec’d (?) Thos R Trimble Fee $5.00 for writing deed from him to his son Thos A. Trimble for tract donation Land No 2017 in Hatesford Township Erie County Pa sold (?) former as a of (?) names to latter for $400 at (?) acre, also Rec’d of (?) Thos R Trimble Fee $ 25.00 being the same money for which he has My recpt to His Suppl afr (?) filid Mikle /51 not paid me then but him Mem. Given for Same (vante Mikle /51) so 4 (?) tha fr Recpts – del to Trimble – Depd in Dau Dep BR $ 194.00 and also further the sum of $90.00 Rec’d of (?) F Gellentniy tenant – one Mos Rent $5.00 to the first day + Mo in advance

April 1~5 Contd Rec d of Jacob F Haehrolen $204.66 in full of Debt + int (?) in my favor No 213 Aug 7 ’51 in Dauphin Company (?) Loff Rothy Miller on same my money for Entng of so July (?) + Atty Fee $4..12 ½ (Vante Nove 10) pd Dr E. W. Roberts b Check to his order on Dau Dep BR $9.25 Bill in full to this day for Med + Attendance in my family from Aug 29/50 inclusive (Vide Bile + Recpt Among loose Reciepts) pd Joseph Wallace Leaser $7.17 in full of my Pew Rent in Presbyn Ch of this place for 2/3 of a Pew for + Most to this date this is an increase of $1.00 per year Made without Authority of congregation by(?) aperiment on the Several Pew to Supply the deficit resulting from omitting the Sunday Morning penny collections. This is the same principle of apepment (?) –frahased(?) some years afoin(?) congregational meetings when the subject of building a New Church was geing discussed pretty Harmly(?) + which the Rev Wm De Witt(?) took occasion in the same Meeting to endeavor to render adious(?) by compersing(?) with the Made + Manner to some extent of keeping up the English Ch. Establishment and which has now been unauthorizedly adopted with his consent if not at his instance without so much as taking the sense of the congregation on the subject – (?) consistency there arta(?) jewel + aenly(?) time serving + false timidity + a vain courting of popular support harpen(?) Audiences ye(?) are admirable qualities in any body but especialy in preaching – I refused to pay this extra charge 6 mos ago to Mr Burnett because made without due authority + only pay it now under a full explanation of all these matters to and with Mr Wallace who I find has a full + proper appreciation of the whole subject and the subjects Connected with it + said old discussions. I walked throught day as I got time some 3 miles spent evg chiefly at home except at Wallaces as a fine said about Fam Home at 7 ¼ and to bed at 9 PM

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2~6 Clear Cloudy – Blusterly at 11AM home little rain I walked u/n mile between 10 + 11AM and Herman Alruks(?) self walked 1 ½ miles between 5 + 6 PM Recd 1mo 1Letters each dated Columbia Apt from Saml Shoch Esq one per mail the other by the hands of E Curzon per C.O. Zimmerman 40 cts School tax on Shell Rawn but lately sold by us to Hackiden(?) (Vaide Nov 10) which Z says my overlooked last year – have now paid all the taxes on so lot due while Shell (?) owned it viz Bourugh 60 cts State 30, County 25 + School 40 = $1.55 half of which Mr C.M. Shell must pay me, Re’d of Gen’l L.P. Brawley $10.60 owe me G W Bordin (V paper attached 8 May 51 being bal of Mr B’s studying fee incluing 60 cts interest + wrote to James Bredin Esqr.

The following is the above mentioned owed note (IOU) that is attached in the journal:


today Harrisburg May 8, 1851

ninety days after date I promise to Pay to Charls Rawn on order ten Dollars for value received without defalcation

$10..00signed (James Bredin)


In Harrisburg April 2, 1852 of Genl L.P. Brawley ten dolls and sixty cents in full of the principal and interest of the within, Vichue of anosder(?) in my favor from Mr Bredin to Gen’l Brawly to pay the Amt per certain Dau bak note for ten of Feby 24, 1851 at thirty days in favor of Him Mr Bredin to me in (?) charge here of which lay accordingly been done this day paid Daubak note paid order of Mr Bredin in my favour delivered (?) to Gen’l Brawley

10.1(signed) Charle Raune

Bulter inforoming him of paid payment releasing(?) him his note + My Recpt on back of same all according to (?) here to attached)

Spent evening chiefly at home and to bed at 9PM

Saturday, April 3, 1852 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3~7 Clear + fine Cold + fresh all day. Paid Yesterday for 2 books viz Reading + Spelling Books 25 for son J. Calvin at Bergners Book Store – part 2(?) riming fluid 18 ¾ today for 1 lb butter 25 ~ Beef 20 Sundries 6 ¼ + to Robert Parkhills Orlter 6 ¼ Amt $1.01 ¼ - walked 3 miles between 10 + 11 am Son Chas + Self rode with Judge Ruhns horse Gilbusy(?) from about 2 ¼ to near 4 PM. Nealvin(?) along part of time – Enclosed letter of David Kelly enclosed to me S T K Boas Esqr to Saml Shock Esqr Columbia.

April 3~7 cont’d said letter is addressed to "Mr Shock" inside is directed to Boas + by him enveloped as above to me + by me the whole enveloped to Shock, P Ganeh VanRiper per his son Christopher Columbus (presented My Son Chas)(12 ½ in full for Mending Charles’ boots a few days hense, Son Chas + self called at Steins Hotel to see Judge Rahn at 7 to 7 ½ PM found him again Sick in bed with complaint in Kidneys gravel or something of the kind. I Left word at Dr Rileys for him to call on him at Jidges reqiest. Home 7 ½ to 8 PM Wife at Mrs Pollocks till 9 – to bed 9PM

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