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Book 24, September 26, 1853, Monday

Sept. 26-2 Clear – Fine Pleasant. I got this Book bound at the Bindery of Theo. Feun[?]eo and brought it home to day. The binding was to cost 75 cts. and is left to be settled in my account with them. [Ms?] Gamber Finkesburg Carroll Ay Md in reply to his [?]. Bishop elf started with Heise Tillary procured by him at Golden livery at 4 1/m.P.M. for Pro Lig L. Meet in Londonderry I fun here. [We?] stopt at ol. Rops’ in Middletown the Bishop being an candidate for the Sej and took lunch instead of one regular [?] at his house, got to [?] of at 7 P.M. and I held meetings at Brenzen Stone. Bishop Alleman selfmade speeches. [?] walked there a Highspire where he lives. We started him about 9 1/m got home at 11.20 P.M. Toll 16 at one Gate. [?] at other two Gates 32. in 9 including change to children yesterday for Sunday school To bed P.M.

Tuesday, September 27, 1853 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

27-3, (September 27, Tuesday) Clear. Fine. Pleasant. Gibbons of Chester Creek near Uncle Wm Cheyney’s called to see us at 10, 11 a.m. on his way to Pittsburg, Ohio. saw & convened with Uncle yesterday who was well – as also Aunt – his wife – letter from Dr Patrick McMorris "New Buffaloe Sept. 27" by the hands of his son returned verbal answer. walked to [?] ullinger miles circuler at 4 1/n to S 3/n M. to see him about Bbl. Flora. Attended Pro. Sig. L. Meet in Court House from 7 to near 10 P.M. Professor Tiffany of Carlisle Dickinson College, Stephen Miller Rev. Alfred Coaman self made speeches. letter safe from James H Sprague "Phila Sept. 26". Sarah Fleishen of Phil. ther sister M David Neid here in at near 7 P.M. To bed 10 P.M.

Wednesday, September 28, 1853 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Sept. 28-4 (Wednesday) Cloudy & Clear. Some blusterly – Paid 1 lb. Butter – beef 16 for [?] Sweet Potatoes [?] – 2 Gals vinegar 45 [?]

Aunt 9 ¾ - of Hiram Duncan (new client) Ret. Fee $10.00 in the matter of a Prosecution against him by one Mary Ann Reed for Fornication & Bastardy. Sarah Fleisher called & left letter written by Jacob Houser to her mother (yesterday) I walked 3 ½ mile cir. Between 3 & 5 P.M. some little Rain whilst, out and I borrowed umbrella of Mr. Hirt spent Ev. at home. wife at Mrs. Warfords after we went to bed. To bed 9 P.M.

Thursday, September 29, 1853 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

29-5 (Sept. 29, Thursday) Clear – Fine – Cool – Pleasant. Called at Jacob R. to see new client – one Mrs. Margaret M.Clean in reference to whom and those complaint for slander against [StMr?] Goodrich I a letter or note from Ely last Ev – went with her at /4 P.M. to [?] Harris’ to her affidavit about said Flandeman of her in Ev at 7 P.M. $1.00 to pay for unit in said [can?] I had advanced for her to Harris forsaid affdt. I walked 3 1/n miles between 3 & 5 ¼ P.M. accounts with MHullinger who paid him $17.1/n in full for

1 1 lbs. Beef -.68 ¾
1 lb. Butter - 18 ¾
2 Bbl wheat flour$11.00
1 " "5.25
$11..12 1/n

[above] Delivered to me between the 25 Feb & 22nd July 1853 both dates included [?] & Book also Wm in cash $22.00 and he is to deliver my a Bbl. of wheat Flour tomorrow at $6.50 to close on accounts. which would settle my account against him at $45.0 v/2 of which are $24.1 v/n he having paid me a fee of $5 when he first came to me or soon after wife at Mrs Rose Goodrich’s spending Even from 5 ¾ to 10 /4 P.M.

Friday, September 30, 1853 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

30-6 (Sept. 30, Friday) Clear. Cloudy. Cool. Heavy Frost last night. settled with Saml Miller vpd him for 7 Bus Potatoes $4.37 /n got 73 inst that is to say [?] of him for Profl Counsel in reference to the estate of his ward Sarah Ann Holoman Neidy (the letter) and E. Nissley. $5.00 which paid first 7 Bus Potatoes, he paid me the diff. v/n in cash. (my Receipt Book). I walked 3 ½ miles between 4 and 5 P.M. of cemetery – children’s grand spent Event at home and to bed at 9 P.M. Bbl

Saturday, October 1, 1853 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Oct 1 (Saturday) 7 Cloudy All day. Some Rain & good deal of drizzle. paid 2 lbs butter 31 1/n Beef & Liver 3b rolls Sweet Pots. & chose 18 to old Mr Rinchart 50 for a PerkPeaches got at his home quet. For 7 ¼ Dozen Eggs 93 – Handed [Hundred?] 25 for Powder Whot. 12t burning fluid 18 ¾ the 2qlt. – segery 12 /n. amt 2.84 ¾ Depoin Bk $45.00 – got Horse & Ramay at Colder Sivery Stable and at 1 P.M. Henry Beader Engr sore no Calvin and Self started for Peter & no Smith near Linglestown to take Deposition in Hiram Duncans case (result). met Groh 6 Leilen & CM Shell E there. Hiram also there he and Shell took me RackRawery went to Linglestown for Harriet a daughter of said no Smith. we took her Dep. that of her mother & also her sisterinlaw Mrs. Pete we got home again about 5 /n P.M. spent Ev. at home to bed 9 P.M.

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