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July 16, 1856 Wednesday

16-4 Clear-very warm-Fine harvest weather all this [month ?] Paid [this bial ?] 60 1 lb butter 18 3/4 3 dozen Eggs 37 1/2 (v.2. inst. - 24 3/4 dozen to that time. this makes then 27 3/4 dozen Eggs 1 - Rolls 15. - soap. Smear sure and [tab deivherrins ?] (8) - 14 - pint [turpentine ?] 9 -cakes Matches in 10 - See 8 for four days. Amt. $1.74 1/4. Nu [New] letter from Jno W Funk Cleveland July 12 in reply to mim 5 limit. attended at lup. Cb. Room of Lanhorn or mine about at 2 PM. - Judge Black via a opinion and leave & adjourned for futher [consultation?] (v Yesterday) . . . Standard Meeting of [Subseviss?] in Stack of view Gas Company[13] "Ceopies" at unit house upperroom at 3 P.M. Chas F Mueruh ch.. . My self Henry Gilbert secritariy - considerable discussion - I Made 2 or 3 short speaches offered Resolution di. (n daily Papers of srival. -) and fun about 8 3/4 to bed 9 PM. attended political meeting at Court House [*see figure 1] called on few [speech ?] [lives ?] Frotier and no advertisment to hear speech from Henry Wilson U.S. Senator from Mass. He did an excellent speach about [ong. ad:?] to bed 10 PM

Thursday, July 17, 1856 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

17-5 Clear-very Warm- Paid Hon or a Maliney are hired harness in of _ of ofher havs $5.00 (v Rept Book). Nu..[New ?] of Abraham Deltmer further Fee $2.00 (v RRHel) He and his Younger brother Henry here to day. I exm. their father Alslih Wettsmes's Will by their Request and gave them o his ior_ w apoint presented by them. also gave solebra further opinion on fami on July ect as 22 March best as to Mimi Book up daisu he ajain at Andrew Cronilish a contruction and wrote letter for jobbu to Expr Homer where he intends to sue said csimlish_I furbished fair copies of proceedings of Yesterdays Meeting to the Board of Directors then [?] and at so to Geo Pbrufr of Harrisburg Daily Item. Paid 1 at of Cooking Mud. Mine 50 & 191 Old Rye 50 at Hail many = $1.00

July 17 - 5 AM. Walked 3 1/2 Miles circular between 9 1/2 1 a M. spent rest of day and Ecs. at home [.] to bed 9 1/2 PM. .

Friday, July 18, 1856 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

18-6 Clear and very warm - Nu [New ?] of Philip Ensininger retaining Fee $5. to commence an action of Mauder for him this day against or Jno Heisley. Nu? of Jas.. Sozrel col..d man Rets. Fee $5.00 to commence action of Replevin or him this day against one John Woodward. both said suit commenced accordingly. Wrote to Son Charles Edgehill Pr. [Princeton] N.J. in reply to his letter sic 15 inst - - his mother also wrote in a separate sheet. also sent him Jnoh Funks first letter Ru? here inst & a copy of my reply to it dated 5 inst all who oh letters I enclosed to him in one envelope. also sent him 3 Newspapers to him - New York Campaign Tribune of 15 inst Harrisburg Telegraph of 17 inst - and the daily Item of to day which as well as the daily Morning Herald contains the Published preceeding of the Gas Company meeting of the 16 inst. - Spent day chiefly at home except that I was at [Mothey's ?] office twice with Ensminger & was with Jas Sozret. or. Wm Wallace son of Thos.. Wallace with whom I boarded in this town after I was admitted to the bar and before I was married called today to see me. We had a long talk on Political Matters [,] he taking the side of the slave and crazy & I the opposite for Freedom and Free Kansas. Human atniks [?]Esp and self walked 3 miles circulur after after tea . rest of Evs home to be 9.

Saturday, July 19, 1856 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

19-7 Clear and Windy - Cooler. Clear air all day. Po. [Purchased] 1 lb butter 16. squashes think -7. carrot 20. roll of [Nuercare ?] 8 1 oz Mutmugs 12 1/2. qt Molassas 18 3/4 ice 9 for three days Amt. $1.01 1/4. Wife and daughter Fanny went to Mechanicsburg, Cumb..a Coy, 9 AM. this morning in can at 9AM to pay Mr and Mrs. Riegle a visit. Mrs D. A.S. Eijster and Mrs Wm. Flanders went along - Ms. Calvin and myself went out to the cass with Fanny and her mother and helped carry their things. Wrote note to the [Merry Kephin ?] Thomas and jas Widson Portsmouth [Seru Eoy ?] of Rule on me to plead in [Synik?] against them in 83 of April [.] 7:54 put into [shffis ?] unit box to be delievered. walked [und ?] some little after two - attended Fremont & Dayton Meetings at Covenlys Hotel at 8 PM. was appointed one of the Secretaries[.] I was called away by my son J Calvin to see some man waiting for me at my office. Found there an Elderly gentleman of the name of Samuel Natfield Wagontown P.A. Chester County who it seems was a client of mine some 20 years or more ago. He has a claim of $200 & upwards against Mat. Smler lately a Stever Ninner on this town but within a few days left for Illinois (Rork Island)[.] Mr. Hatfield is to send me a retaing for often [OVU ?] which he siad he could not raise this Evening. His [mib?] is that [Ishullessen?] a Foreign Attachment. after talking with Mr. N[?] I started to return to the Meeting but found that they had adjourned home [?] and to bed at 10 PM.

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