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Sept 28 ~ 1 Clear – Fine – Pleasant. Wife and children at church in morning her and Ch [Children] as in Ev [Evening].. I spent day and Ev [Evening] a home to bed [?]

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29 ~ 2 Cloudy, Clear & Cloudy – Bough a 2nd hand band box or "PoorMan’s" Stove (for dining room) or/ Pages and Mayer for $3.00. Chas [Charles] & Calvin went gunning to Nannaki Woods at 5 ¼ AM and returned at 7 AM. and Chas. [Charles] went again at 11 AM. Said Father Son Chas [Charles] doing some patching to our slate roof with tin between 9 and 10 ½ AM. [?] at it not over ¾ of a [?]. I went with John Wallower (in Tillary get him at Colders livery stable) at 3 ½ to 4 P.M. into York County 7 to 8 Ms. [Miles] from Harrisburg to make speech at Fremont Meeting at a School House near Rutter’s at crop Roads. [?] Rutter lives about a mile from School house. has a Member of [?] [?] from York County in 1855 when American and appears to be a very clever man – we took supper at his house Where they also took care of our horse. He commensed the Meeting about [?] ¼ P.M. hallower Made first speech about ¾ hour long [?] [?] I followed in a Speech of 1 ¼ to 1 ½ hours long. I took along in over carpet bag a goodly Number of Fremont & life. Colfax’s speech Republican Platforms & [?] [?] which I disturbed [?] among the people – They appealed Much [?] our speeches and gave us a vote of thanks – [?] had commenced raining and blowing before we left for home about 9 ¾ [?] and we had one of the darkest most perilous perfectly appalling journeys over the Mountain for some 3 to 4 Ms. [Miles] That ever 4 pennies – we were [?] 24 [?] men after [?] of Huret (Cousins) who were at the Meeting in an open topper Tillary who lived within some 4 Ms. [miles] of school house and Knew the road well, but who from the pitch darkness [?] rain & were obliged to get out and head their home and [?] and walk the greater part upward 4 Ms.. [miles] They arrived at the respective homes a Mile or so beyond New Cumberland. that beyond from [?] Harrisburg. We had then got over worst and most dangerous part of this Road but even after we got on to comparatively safe roads we [?] [?] [?] [?] inability to get along from the torments of rain, pitch darkness, wind [?]. I could not be [?] to in [?] [?] [?]. inconvenience & again I Think for any [?] [?] – The [?] seemed almost certain at times that we would be [?] [?] [?] in the Mountain all night. after we left the school house [?] even at [?] it these [?] no opportunity of [?] [?] [?] with lanterns – hallower I suppose Must have got very [?] and he was obliged to be getting out and in walking turnpike could save himself to some extent with my umbrella. I remained seated in our Tillary tolerably well protected from the wet and storm but in constant expectation is peril of being upset .. Hallower made his first public political speech , at School House and really did admirably not only as to manner and cool diliberation, but as to Matter. He was about half to ¾ of an hour after Midnight when we got to Colden livery Stable and about 1 hour after Midnight when I got to bed.

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30 ~ 3 Cloudy – Mild – Clear & Cloudy [?] little Rain [?]? letter from J.H. Southworth Phila. [Philadelphia] – Sept 29 wrote in reply Kept copy. [?]? Fremont Documents from Jno [John] Balch Esq Phila. [Philadelphia] per Express paid carriage 25 cts [cents] in pursuance of my letter of [?]. Spent day chiefly at home Ev. [Evening] also To bed 8 P.M.

Wednesday, October 1, 1856 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Oct. 1 ~ 4 Clear – Cloudy – Coolish – Fire quite necessary – Chas [Charles] sick head ache & since yesterday – We put old tin plate up stairs in wifes Room over store next [?]. Paid 2 black men for carrying same up stairs 25. Paid fro ½ Gal. [gallon] alcohol 50 - 1 lb butter 22 amt – 97 cts [cents]. was in court short time in morning & afternoon adjd [adjudged?] Court Chiefly for purposes of naturalization. [?] him R.C. Enright in reply to mine of 23 inst. 1 Dec.of Int. [Interest] of [?] Brannen. Attended as spectator Dem. [Democratic] Meeting [?] House from 8 to 10 PM [?] it listening to speech from Ex [?] Smith of Va. Some and to bed 10 PM. Dep [deposit] [?] DauDepBk [Dauphin Deposit Bank] $75.00

Thursday, October 2, 1856 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

2 ~ 5 Clear & Windy – Cool – Fire necessary – [?]? of my

tenant Chas. [Charles] Looker $8.33 one mos [month’s] Rent due 30 ult;

and from Henry Feass $10.00 " " " " " 1 unit

[?]? letter from J.H. Southworth Phil [Philadelphia] Oct.1 in reply to mine of 30 ult. Met or my attention called in Street by [?] comes by son of CASnyder to one Chas.. [Charles] James Esq of Wisconsin and J.L. P. Dinsmore of Maine who had just

Oct 2 ~ 5 cont’d.. [continued] arrived in town and appeared to be looking for suitable quarters – Fine looking men & strong Republican escorted them to Coverlys Hobt.[?] Where several of one Fremont men called to see there – I talked at Harris Hotel in [?] of afternoon with Mr. Johnson W.V. Bishop Esq to [?] pay our respects to Jno. [John] M. Read Esq of Phila.. [Philadelphia] who is to make a speech in Court house this Ev. [Evening] on the Political questions of the day especially the Repeal of Mis. Com. [?] – I attended said meeting and called it to order & [?] the officer from a Paper handed to one. I also moved for a Com. to hail on [?]! James & Dinsmore & units there to attend said meeting. Geo. W. Harris. Bishop Self said [?].. [?] del’d [delivered?] a most able and entertaining argument, which was listened to with great attention. [?] James & Dinsmore also made most speeches. [?] [?] about 10 P.M. a number of us went to their Hotel and Room with J.A.D. and [?] till near 11 – home to bed 11.

Friday, October 3, 1856 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3 ~ 6 Clear – Fine – Pleasant – wrote letter to Phila. [Philadelphia] Daily Times about failure of Dem. [Democratic] Mass. Meeting here 1 inst: walked [?] day 4 to 5 Miles about 3 ½ being with son Charles between 3 ½ and 5 ½ P.M. Spent Even [Evening] at home and to bed 9 P.M.

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