Sunday, April 1, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

April, 1860

April 1-1 Clear and fresh in morning, windy, wind and some rain in evening. Mrs. Rawn and self and children at church morning and evening. Rev.. W.C. Cattell our pastor but preached and ministered the communion very [the rest of the entry is mostly obscured due to the following insert over top]

v. 30 April inst. per 30 interest paid to Elizabeth Sharpe, late Elizabeth Espy on $500, borrowed on the 1 April ‘59 would have been paid 1 April but she has not been here at any time in this month till today her husband present when I paid her today who indorsed payment and he signed it.

Monday, April 2, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

April 2-2 Clear, fresh, cool, windy at times.

I was back and forward at our State Street houses where Edwards lived through day and where Colmer was putting in the hydrant water where George W. Fry and James Leger coal men have moved.

Received of John J. Shoemaker in two judgment I hold against Michael Casey to wit. 319 April 7, 1858 and 344 Nov. 7, 1858-

Debt and interest in full$273.93
Attorney judge fees entry8.25

______and transferred said judgements to said J. J. Shoemaker at his risk and delivered Prothonotary Certificate of Entry of said judgements to M.S.

Met Mr. Warford and John Haldeman, and Mr. Pollock of building committee of our church With John B. Simon the builder at our church at 11 am to 12 1/4pm in reference to subject of spacing the pews &c.

I walked through day 4 pm to 6 pm, chiefly between 4 ½ and 5 ½ pm when I walked 3 ½ miles circular. Spent evening at home and to bed 10.

Tuesday, April 3, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3-3 Clear, fine, cold in morning and fresh through day, cloudy in afternoon after 3 to 4 pm.

I was _____ at North Street house with Peter Malay, new tenant, and Samuel Burton. We assisted Malay to repair fences. I sent a load of boards for that purpose by ______ cost this afternoon and also 8 boards by same load to State Street House where water put in yesterday to fix in cellar at hydrant or water trap.

Received of John Sauter 2 months rent in new lease $25.00

(April and May months next payable May)

Deposited in Dauphin Dep. Bank $320.00

Paid H. W. Hoffman for milk 1 month to 1st instant $2.19

Walked through the day back and forward to the North Street House &c, 3 to 4 miles. Samuel Burton and self engaged in morning till 10 am or longer fixing beds in our yard. Spent evening at home to bed 10 pm.

Wednesday, April 4, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

4-4 Clear, cloudy, fresh- coolish and dampish in morning. Mrs. Rawn at Market for her sister. . Mrs. Knox got butter for us. 2 lbs. butter .50 , twist bread 10. herring, apples, and smear case17. To church Sunday School text and sundry 7, at Peacock’s overdue for book for boy Routh (John) Sold to sister J. Rawn 3 for church amt. .95

Received of ______ Coverly bail of debts in case of William Reardon vs. Lewis Sent et al, in Dauphin Common Pleas Aug. 7, 1859

Amount of debt, interest and costs $56.43

Posted costs in said case to Prothonotary Mitchell 30.83

Debt and interest $25.60

Received of Prothonotary Mitchell out of said costs $16.90

Attorney’s fee $4.00

Writing paper acquired at Pollacks last evening.15
Surplus Market money to Mrs. Rawn.8
Calf’s pluck of John Casey (last evening) cr..20

Henry Miess and his brother in law (Andrew Taylor) as he said he was at office this morning to inquire about the right under the law of Capt. McAllister to ___ up his ___ for running on his mountain law adj. Taylor all of it being unfenced. Walked through day 3 ½ to 5 miles. Am a good deal unwell with extra long coughing from cold inflammation &c through the septum. Spent evening at home, to bed 9 to 10.

Thursday, April 5, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

5-5 Clear, fine, fresh in morning- Cloudy afternoon. Rain in last night.

Deposited in Dauphin Deposit Bank $90.00

Received of Mr. Casey $40 and of Dr. C. Seibert $50 of it in church ____. I am yet out of booklet for ___ said church

Paid Mary Gately, our hired woman, one half of wages $5.00

Called to see D. D. Boas and Kelker brothers about house for Mrs. Mary Henry also at Mrs. Marks in Kelker house and at Mrs. ______..

Paid William Blever his share of debt, interest, received 4 inst.$21.25

Retained by agreement one half debt interest at _____ Hill as my fee $21.25

Mrs. D. A. S. Eyster here this afternoon. Mrs. Rawn went out with her to assist her in making some _____ as I understood. . Mrs. Kemp, late Agnes Sauders, called last evening. Mrs. Rawn at meeting. I walked through the day 3 to 5 miles to Keystone Furnace between 4 and 6 to see own ____. Home and to bed _____.

Friday, April 6, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

April 6-6 Clear, fine, fresh, cool. Re-kindled fire in the furnace which went out yesterday but which we found it too cool today to do without.

A certain Mr. Bennett painter, penciller, crayoner, or something else on the picture order, an acquaintance of Mrs. Rawn, whom I believe I saw at Mr. Aaron’s in Norristown in 1856 and who has not made a call for some months, I believe was here this morning. As I am not in the line of his fantages, fancies, imaginary drawing &c, I know nothing about him except that he appears to me to be rather uninteresting but as I don’t know him being but just introduced heretofore and not in room with him today I ought not to give an opinion perhaps.

Paid Stewart Zollinger for my private check on Dauphin Deposit Bank for my own fund to be charged to check for furnaces &c at our church $100.00

Paid liquorice.12, fluid .9 .21

Paid William H. Coesher (Plummer) as follows to wit:

For 90 feet of 5/8 lead pipe for introducing hydrant water at State St. House, bought with William Pate few years since and for taking the said water our of cellar at North St. House into the yard.$22.00
Hydrant hook at North St.5.00
Stop Cork State St. House as above2.00
Fixing spicket (found by me) at said house.50
Repairing hydrant State St. House where Looker and Dailey live1.00
(v. R. Bank) Paid by check to his order on Dauphin Bank$31.00

Daughter Fanny, her mother and self walked around streets for exercise between 4 and 5 ½. pm. 15 to 20 minutes after they left for Mrs. Warfords’ I continued walking about that much longer, calling at said North St. House.

See Daily Telegraph of this evening for solution by me to a rather ridiculous and amusing "Arithmetical puzzle" by Loeffler druggist in same paper of 4 inst., I think. Spent evening chiefly at home to bed 9 to 10.

Saturday, April 7, 1860 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

7-7 Clear, fine, fresh and cool in morning.

Mrs.. Rawn at Market and paid 2 lbs. butter .25, twist bread .14, dried apples, rutabaga.13, ½ peck corn meal .10, 1 doz. eggs .14amt. .76
10 ½ lbs. veal and mutton of John Casey (cr).84
I paid Lewis Book for a Washington Plum Tree.20
Wm. Kline last evening for ½ gallon pure old rye for medicinal purpose.50

Samuel Burton and I planted the Balmar Washington plum tree bought by me this morning of Lewis Book.

6 feet barely from the fence between D. Hummel and self

18 feet strong from the wall of my rear brick dwelling house.

Sam. Burton has been here in morning till 8 to10 am throughout the week attending to furnace &c, getting his breakfast during the time and occasionally some old clothes.

Paid 1 week. Public Ledger to this day .06

Handed Samuel Burton for old nails .05

I walked through the day 4 to 5 miles between 11 am and 12 noon and in evening before tea.. Spent evening at home and to bed 9 to 10.

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