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22.6 Clear. Fine beyond expectation. Calm. Streets in reasonably good walking order. Not cold, though dampish & chilly but take it for all in all an unusually suitable day for the Public ceremonies of raising a Flag at the Dome of the Capitol Receiving Mr. Lincoln Prest. Elect of the U. States. There are some 1500 to 2000 volunteers here from all parts of the State 4 to 600 of them from Phila. The line was formed at 10 to 11 A.M. and marched to the Capitol at 11½ where the ceremony of raising the flag was performed. Then returned & met Mr. Lincoln on his arrival from Phil. in the carg [carriage] at 1-40 P.M. He rode in a Barouche drawn by 6 White Horses to Coverlys Hotel where he was addressed by Gov. Curtain & [replied?]. The enthusiasm of the people was perfectly and literally wild & unrestrainable. Our Balcony being adjacent to the Hotel was crowded with our friends & acquaintances through the day the day till 5 ½ P.M: We got no dinner but took supper at 5 ½ to 6 PM. In the morning when Procession went to Capitol Mrs R. Fanny Eleanor Beatty Self went to Dr. Gildeas’ on N. Street where Mrs Eyster her mother [?] were. We remained late after 1 ½ PM. then retd. with mil. [mother-in-law] to witness Arl. [arrival] of Mr. L. Altogether it was such a day & time as Harrisburg has never before witnessed. The number Military here in time of the Buckshot Wars was approached nearly perhaps to the number here yesterday. Mr. L’s appearance is younger considerably than was generally expected and he is not so tall [nor so?] Rawboned as we had been given to believe from his pictures and what we had read. He left at 6 in the Ev[ening] for Washington it seems though this was not known to the Public at the time nor till next (tomorrow Mg). He dined at Coverlys private apartments next door to us at 4 ½ to 5 [?] P.M. We spent Even[ing] at home & to bed 9 PM.

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23-7 Clear & cloudy – mild – dampish – Prest. L. was expected by the crowds who met [around?] Coverlys this Mg to leave at 9am for Washington. But when all came to be known it appeared that he had left last Even[ing] at 6 o’clock and that the train of carriages at the door this morning was in part for Mrs. L & Suite [?].

Pd 2 lbs butter 3 ½ . 2qts dried apples 12 – rolls 6 – 10 lbs [?] 70 = $ 1.20
“ 5 “ White soft sugar 45 at [?]
“ 2 “ “ crushed “ 2 ½ “ [?]} [?] .67
“ for a Calfs Pluck & 2 lbs sausage in Ev[ening] at [Nuttzers?]40
“ [Postage?] Paper to son Chas & change [?] [?] & Fanny
including for Sunday School tomorrow10
$ 2.37

Recd letter yesterday from Wm B Young Parksburg [?] (articles of argument made with him & Alan A. Moore [?].

I was at the Hopple Property at about 10 am fixing & fastening Charley Duff along. Walked round bet. 4 & 5 ½ PM. on business chiefly. Mrs. [?] Lyman Gilbert son of Henry & [?] Minninger of St. Paul Minnesota & Mrs. O.A.S Eyster took tea with us and spent Ev[ening] till 9 ½ P.M. To bed 10.

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