Sunday, September 27, 1863 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

27 – 1 Clear – Fine – Beautiful – I walked 3 Miles circular bet. 10 ¼ and 11 ¼ a.m. wife and children at am church in Morning and wife and Self in Evening – To bed at 9 ½

Monday, September 28, 1863 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

28 – 2 Clear – Fine – Pleasant – Spent day chiefly with Board of Enrollment winding up our Dauphin Coy27 draft ready ready to go to Morrow to Juniatta28 – We are through except the straggling cases – not reported – sick – Furloughed – contd. to which may amount to 100 or more.

Paid for Revenue Stamps for the Battis Deed 50 & 5 = .55

Walked through day morning and evening 3 ½ to 5 Miles

Engaged overcoat at Geo Kunkle Tailor – already made – Fall or Spring Coat – long & not to heavy – they are to paid it some about the shoulders by tomorrow To bed 10 P.M.

Editor's Note: Abbreviation for County.

Editor's Note: Spelling is Juniata.

Tuesday, September 29, 1863 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

29 ~ 3 Clear – Fine – Pleasant – charming fall weather – Paid

George Kunkle per Mr. H in full for overcoat} witness all Mr. Ford (Jour.)} $12.00

Met Board of Enrollment from 10 to Noon –

Handed Mrs. Rawn for Market Money & during my absences at Juniatta till 9 or 10 Prox[?] $5.00

Paid shoe Blacking & brush ~ latter at Kelkers ~ ~ ~ ~ .30

Left in cars for Mifflintown Juniatta County at 4 P.M. with Capt Clement & Dr Charlton constituting Board of Enrollment together with our Depy Pov. Lieut Ross, Clerks Weitzel & Norman Engle – orderly Sergt Osgood – Dr. Mosser asst. Exg.[?] Surgeon of the Board & my son Jno Calvin one of our Clerks making one Party 9 – arrived at Mifflin Station about 5 ¾ P.M. and crossed bridge across Juniatta some 300 yds long to Mifflintown where we all quartered at The Peoples Hotel Kept by one Jacob Will – Col. J.J. Patterson met us at Depot and conducted us to said hotel – This is a "Finished" town chiefly wooden standing on the North or Easter Bank of the Juniatta on hilly and sideling ground – rough streets – houses – hills - & appearances generally – population some 800. High hills all round & mountains greater or smaller not far distance – Hotel [unreadable] appearance – Brick house – best[?] in place in appearance I judge – Jno Calvin and Self Slept in two beds in same room – beds clean & comfortable To bed 9 P.M.

Last Ice got this day [note on side of page]

Wednesday, September 30, 1863 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

30 ~ 4 Clear – Fine – Pleasant – up about 5 ½ to 6 a.m. no bugs last night as I had feared – got in breakfast 7 a.m. Board of Enrollment met in 2nd. Story of Court House in Grand Jury room at 9 to 10 a.m. agreed further to adjourn the examination in the county until June time after the election – This at the instance of Sundry Prominent men both here and in Harrisburg – such in Harrisburg as Capt. Clement informs me as Gen. Curtin – Eli K. Sliper & others and that we have authority from Provost Marshal Genl Fry29 to make such postponement = His[?] supposes that to proceed with the Exn. here now would lose us 150 to 200 votes in the county. we believe under these circumstances that it will be just to the people of the County to make the Postponement and for the Public good and hence have agreed to it. especially as the examinations in the Copperhead counties of Northumberland & Snyder are not to be held till after the election. We spent day moving round to and fro through the [town to Rl. Rd. Depot [unreadable symbol]. Drs Charlton & Mosser – Leiut Dean of one[?] guard[?] some 20 to 30 of the Invalid corps from Harrisburg who came up with us. Capt C & Self took tea at Col. J.J. Pattersons. The Drs & Col. P. went to Pol. M.C.[?] [unreadable]. To bed 9 ½

Editor's Note: On 3 March 1863, Congress established the post of U.S. Provost Marshal General. Colonel James Fry, later a brigadier general, was appointed to the post. He operated with deputy provost marshals in each congressional district. The Provost Marshal General Bureau, which Brigadier General Fry organized, dealt mainly with recruitment and desertion issues, enforcement of the Conscription Act of 1863, and supervision of the Invalid Corps, which contained disabled soldiers performing garrison duties.

Thursday, October 1, 1863 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Oct.1 ~ 5 Clear – Fine – Pleasant – Foggy morning here which are by no means agreeable to me, as they keep me from walking early or even till an hour or more after breakfast. Dr. Charlton brought in a very fine black mare here Yesterday morning of a Methodist preacher for $150- We had a Meeting of the Board of Enrollment in the Grand Jury Room of the Court house (which we have occupied since we came here, this morning at 9-o.clock and fixed time or postponed time for Examinations in the county for 26 Nov. next – and let our clerks viz Engle, Wietzel Rwan Ross & Osgood to filling up the notices –

I had chiefly to assume the trouble responsibility of fixing the time and directing the clerks about the notices myself –

at 10 a.m. or so Dr. Charlton & Self started with his new Mare and Col. Patterson Tillwny[?] at Dr. C’s instance & [unreadable] for Academia some 7 or 8 Miles off where we arrived about Noon having stopped on the way at an[?] Hatternan[?] Tavern some 2 hrs short of the Academia where we each sucked 2 raw eggs – got currant wine – fried potatoes, eggs [unreadable symbol] at 40 cts per Bus[?] & 12 cts per dozen – whereas we give at least double of this in Harrisburg. called in Academia to see Rev Mr. Thompson he was not at home – spend ½ an hour in conversation with his wife & son and there called on Mr Shoemaker at the Tuscarora Academy30 where we met a number of Pleasant and agreeable females and Mr Shoemaker the Principal whom we found quite agreeable on ready to entertain us – we got dinner there and then walked some 300 yds or 10 to the female Seminary at that place on the top of a unriderable[?] hill or [unreadable] – From which place there is a most interesting prospect up and down the Tuscarora valley His[?] vacation with there[?] somewhat famed institution at this time. The locality for a rich agricultural country – intelligent and well toned locality – unsurpassed scenery & health fulness and superior [unreadable] Preacher is unusually desirable. The leaders[?] we met were chiefly of the family & relation of Mr Shoemaker & his wife – Music on the Piano appears to be prominently cultivated at the Seminary and in the family or Mr. S. we left there on our way home about 4 P.M. . called at the same hotel stopped at on our way [unreadable] where going[?] and coming[?] I paid for Eggs – currant wine [unreadable symbol] .25

we arrived at Mifflintown [unreadable] hotel about 5 P.M. I spent eveng chiefly at our Hotel and to bed at 8 ½ P.M. after declining an invitation from Col. Patterson to go and spend Evn at his house as Mrs.[?] [unreadable] Clure[?] ws to be there – Capt. C. & Drs Charlton & Mosser out.

Editor's Note: The Tuscarora Academy, the first institution of higher education in the Tuscarora Valley, Juniata County owes its existence to the Rev. McKnight Williamson, who was pastor of the Lower Tuscarora Church at Academia in the spring of 1825. The following year, he conceived the idea of establishing an academy for the double purpose of educating young men of the Presbyterian Church who desired to enter the ministry and of preparing teachers to conduct the public schools of this region.

Friday, October 2, 1863 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

2 ~ 6 Rain commenced at 6 ½ to 7 am. and rained more or less till some time in afternoon Rain in Evg – Having postponed the Examn. of the drafted men of June [unreadable] till 26[?] Nov. Our Board of Enrollment Party some nine or so in Number left Mifflintown for Rl Rd Depot at 10 a.m. and left there in cars for Harrisburg at 11 a.m.

I pd. shoe Black Anthony Mark of Mifflintown Hotel where I stop[?].10
Paid omnibus Fare at Harrisburg -.15
pd. Wm. Hughes cold. man for work 23 & 24 ult in full1.00
We arrived at home from Juniatta about 1 ½ P.M. 1.25

I was at Board of Enrollment office at Court House part of afternoon spent evening at home and to bed 9 ½ P.M.

* Note Attached To October 2

Tues 29th 5. dollars received
4lbs sugar50
Wed Beef40
Butter 25
Apple butter10
1 pair chickens35 all 3.00
Egg Plant5
Tole[?] to the Fortifications10
1 lb white sugar16
1 pint molasses8
Postage to Charlie[?]6
Roles for tea10
Marketing2.28 Sept 30th

* Second Attached Note on October 2

Sept 30th

Meat g. ¾ lbs 118
Butter 50
Potatoes - -20
Roles 5
Saturday, October 3, 1863 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

3 ~ 7 Cloudy. Clear & Cloudy – Pleasant – Mrs Rawn at Market & paid last Market day and this (v Paper attached)

I walked between 9 and 10 ½ a.m. 3 ½ to 4 Miles circular and was joined near the "Round House" of Mr Hirkernel31 who contd. walk with me round by Camp Curtin in Ridge Road [unreadable symbol] Mrs Rawn & Self walked round between 4 and 5 ¼ P.M. 1 ½ Miles or so –

was at Rooms of Board of Enrollment from about 11 am to near 1 P.M. Capt Clement & Dr. Charlton there –

pd. Sister Juliana Rawn 1 yrs Int. 2 July 63 on my bond to her. dated July 6/58 for $61.50 (v 15 Oct. 62)$3.69
also " " 1 yrs Int to 15 Oct. inst on my bond to her dated 15 oct. 59 for $100 (v15 Oct ’62)$6.00
v Oct. 1. 64$9.69
Recd. of Jno. Hamilton 1 Mos. Rent on house & premises by Water basin$7.50
" " C. Brownold 1 " " due inst on my Store Room$30.00
Paid per Mrs. Rawn 9 lbs crushed loaf sugar partly for preserving quinces$1.50

Oct. 3 ~ 7 Contd. – I was at Preparatory Communion lecture at lecture room of our church with Mrs. Rawn 7 to 8 ¼ P.M. Rev Mr. K of vine St. Methodist church conducted the services – Mr. Cattell was there – To bed 9 ½

Editor's Note: Directory lists Hickernell Jacob, sexton, N Fourth n Market.

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