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27 ~ 1 Cloudy – misty & Rain all day Rev T.T.[?] Theodon[?] of Rahnay N.J. preached in our church morning and Evg. – self and children there in morng. and Self and Jno Calvin in evening – wife not out all day being unwell – Mr T. preached for us some years ago whilst we yet worshipped in the capitol – He preached a very sound and well written sermon but his voice and manner are by no means agreeable in my apprehension – To bed 9 ½ P.M.

Monday, December 28, 1863 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

28 ~ 2 Rain all day & very unpleasant – met Board of Enrollt. Dr. Charlton & Self 11 a.m. to 12 ¼ P.M. and 3 ¼ to 5 P.M. Capt Clement not returned from Sunbury. wrote to J.C. Mc.Alarney Esqr. Lykins in answer to his recd. a few days ago Juliana recd. letter from Chas. H Cheyney in ans. to hers and slo mine of the 23 inst – Spent Evg. at home. Played Backgammon with daughter Mrs taught me to play To bed 9.

Tuesday, December 29, 1863 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Dec 29 ~ 3 Clear – Cloudy – mild – muddy. very dampish – Paid Jno Orth[?] on Dau Dep Bank Bill in full for Paper, Papering Paint Painting [unreadable symbol] in my office during my absence at Lewisburg & Mifflintown on draft examinations (v Bill & Recpt) $5.29

pd. N.I.[?] Rev. Stamp[?] new lease for my stone Room between M. Brownold & Self for Year From & Apl 64 to Apl 65 - - } .50

Paid last Evg 2 lb white sugar .34

Warning notices on my Tenants Served this day by Jno. Calvin

called at Mrs Robt J Ross to talk with her in respect of the house that Mr Cattell lived I for a Pastorate mansion for our church – we are to have it for the same rent Mr C. had it – Mrs Bird is in it now and is to have the refusal of it for next year should we not want it as by getting a single man for our Pastor as not securing one in reasonable time before 1st[?] Apl. nevertheless the House is absolutely our for next year to keep vacant till we get a Pastor of we desire to hold on.

met Board of Enrollmt. 9 to 12 and 3 to 4 ½ or 5 P.M. Capt Clement returned to town through day 2 to 3 miles chiefly on the Board way after tea between 7 ½ and 8 ¼ P.M. Rest of Eveng at home and to bed 9.

Wednesday, December 30, 1863 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

30 ~ 4 Clear – very mild – some of us at Market this morning as we have plenty on hand except that Jno Calvin got a twist

Recd. of Geo Olvis 1 mos. Rent due 1st. next Mo. (Jany)$8.33
pf. 4 lb Brown sugar 60, twist 5, handed Mrs. Rawn 25.90
Deposited in Dauphin Dep. Bank - -$200.00

at Board of Enrollmt. Rooms at 9 am for ½ an hour or so got leave of absence from Capt Clement & Col. Bomford for five days from this day to go to Phila. (v writing on letter file) also Transportation to Phila. & Return for wife & Self –

Paid omnibus Fare wife & Trunk to Rl. Rd. Depot .15
" 2 lb crushed sugar for " at " " "20
" Chesnuts of Isaac Davis " " " "5

got dinner 12 ¼ to 12 ½ P.M. and Mrs. Rawn left in omnibus & Self on foot for Rl. Rd. Depot cars ½ to ¾ hour behind time per the next – left at 1 ¾ P.M. about instead of 1 P.M. for Phila. in cars Mrs Rawn & Self – J.K. Wm. Kiener of Phila. House of Refuge who called at my office this morning in cars – called to see me about his drafted brother. arrived in Phila. about 6 ½ P.M. and at "Washingon House" (A. F. Glass) 7 P.M.

Registered manner of Self and wife – met Harry Mosser of Sunbury – appointed to Room 106 – got tea 7 ¼ to 8 P.M. – Then walked to Mrs. Jno le Sims’[?] 17 St – above Spruce – not in – saw Nelly Beatty – staid few minutes then to B.G. Peacocks 15th St. above Spruce – Found Mrs James Peacock and Miss Mary Kelly daughter of Elizth. late Elizth. Peacock daughter of sd. James in – Remained for an hour or more to 9 ¼ to 9 ½ P.M. then to Hotel and to bed at 10 P.M.

Thursday, December 31, 1863 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

31 ~ 5 Cloudy in early morn and Easterly raw wind & snow & Rain by 11 ½ to 12 Noon – Wife & Self visited Goulds[?] Piano store corner chesnut & 7th St after breakfast and looked at Pianos from there to Jas. A Friemans store on Walnut St bet 4 & 5th. after talking with him ½ an hour or so we left and walking to 5th & Chesnut parted see[?] up Chesnut St and I to my old friend & Tailor Jonah Gresimer[?] no 456 (now) in North 2nd. St – Paid him old Bill of 1853 forgotten and overlooked (r 13[?] 1 R[?]) $1.40

Mr. G & Self then called in at his next door neighbors (Smeitzers[?]) to see about Moyer Piano Mr. G. then walked with Mr[?] to Mr Fox tailor no 320 North 2nd. Street where Mr G. my old Phila Tailor who has quit the business recommends me to get clothes made – we there separated and I next called on De.[?] Conney Laforncade[?] & leo[?] Wm. Irvin a 2nd. cousin of mine in Chesnut St by 7th. where I looked at some clothes had called at John B Ellison & sons no 339 Market St. Sam Irvin as aforesaid – there to my Hotel Met Mrs Rawn

Dec 31 ~ 5 Contd. up 12 ½ to 1 P.M. – remained at Hotel and dined at 3 P.M. walked int at 4 P.M. in so leaving Mrs Rawn at Hotel

pd. Hat[?] Pins[?] in 4th St. by Arch[?]$0.75
pd. Chas. H. Cheyney advance by him ald Brazer[?] about a year ago. on suit against$1.37
Paid Jonah Gresimer[?] for 1 Pair Buckskins Gloves$1.25
2 Pair Woolen Stockings ~.75
Gloves for Jno Calvin Stocking Present to our hired woman$2.00

I spent n hour or so at Chas Cheyneys no 608 arch St. bet. 4 and 6 P.M. – Met Rev. Abel C. Thomas there and introduced to him by Chas.

after tea at 7 ¾ P.M. wife & Self walked to Jonah Gresimers[?] 2nd St above Willow N. Rl. Rd. where we brought gloves and stockings as aforesaid – Rain renewed – left there about 9 ¼ got into Rl Rd cars – rode down 2nd. to Walnut and up Walnut to 7th. & pd. in all ride 2nd & Ex. Trukets[?] .16

and returned to our hotel 9 ½ & To bed 10 P.M.

Friday, January 1, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

January 1 1864-Friday

1-6 Rain in Morning- Signs of clearing up around Noon- Mild & Muddy in Morning and up to the time 1 to 2 PM. Breakfast about 8 ½ to 9- I called [Ge Counsel] [?] Where Mr. [?] a 2cnd cousin that is [?]. Where I paid for 4 yds Black cloth for [?] $5 ½ = 22.00 I then went to [?] 320 N. 2nd St. [?] Recommended by Jonah Nesimer with whom I [?] paid for cloth to make up into [?] coat [?] Pantalooms- I got Measured and left his umbrella [?] yesterday [?]. I paid [?] often leaving Ches Cheynes for some Med. in Arch Street .28.

Returned to hotel at 10 ½ to 11- Met B.S. Peasak who with a Mr. Schneitzer and Wife (Mrs. Rawn) went to look at Piano by an Washington Square advertised in [?]. We then went the Party to look at Steinney Pianos in Chestnut St where we agreed to buy a $400 one, with 10 ½ cent off to be delivered to us safe destination. As beginnings of my week [?]. I got my shine at 2 PM at my Hotel. Wife having gone to [?] Peacocks in 15th St.-Spruce to [?] where I [?] to go [?] and where I arrived about 2 ¾ PM. We dined there about 3 ¼ PM. [?] Mary Beatty, Nelly, Mrs Mary Lee, [?] Sister. My Wife Mary Kelly niece of B.S. there to dinner. [?] Champagne wine at dinner. Drank [?] 2 bottles of the table. B.S. and I left going in must [?] we spent every [?] near 7 PM where my wife then [?] Nelly Mrs Clarke and Mary Kelly went into 17th to [?]. I walked with them [?] and then came to my Hotel as I did not wish to join or I had been [?] to the tea Party. [?] at the [?] where I met an [?] and a Young man whose name I did not know but who been with Mr. [?] and who spoke to me very sociably. The weather cleared up this evening at 4 to 5 PM. Very windy very cold [?] the temperature be [?] 9 and 10 PM [?] some 25 to 30 degrees. I went to bed about 9 ½ and my wife came in about 11 PM. Had a very agreeable time at B.S. [?] in his own home [?].

Saturday, January 2, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

January 2-7-1864 Clear & Cloudy- [the word very crossed out] some windy very cold- ground hard frozen and ice all around. Mary Beatty and Nelly came to my Hotel about 9 ½ AM- wife Nelly and I [?] walked out. We called and looked at Piano stools at Hinkels. We then called at the Mint and then on blindy along on eighth St. where paid for soaps .50 And my wife [?]. We then all called at 10 am [?] about 11 am Mrs Rawn [?] went to [?] Paid for

23 yds of the [?] at 1.15 yd.25.30
6 ¾ Hand spun table linen 1.067.16
5 ½ [Towelings] 351.93
Piano Cover4.00

Called at my tailor Mr. [Foy’s] at 320 North 2nd Street. His son [?] measured me again for the Pats [?]. We then called at Lee’s in 2nd between 3rd where I sold the casing of my old gold watch for $11.62. Said watch was given to me by [?] when I went to school at [?] in 1816. We then called at [?] in Chestnut where I

Paid [?]$2.00
& Glasses for Mrs Rawn 1.50

Called at [?] missings [?] at Presbyterian and where I paid for Photograph all them for Mrs R. 2.50. From there we proceeded to my Hotel at 2 PM. Dined at 3 PM. Walked out between 4 and 5 PM looked at Piano stools in Market Street and Spruce. Did to James A. Freeman on Penn Square we took tea and spent with wife [?] till 9 PM of after then home to my Hotel and bed 10 PM.

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