Sunday, January 24, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

24 – 1 Cloudy – some little Rain – very mild – R__[?]____ Niccolls (S.J.) of Chambersburg who preached in our church 26 July last preached for us Morning and Evening R__[?]___ McBlin of Carlisle preached for us 31 May last and with my recollection of his preaching I had confounded the name of Mr Niccolls but find he is not the man whose exceedingly fervent, earnest, pathetic and eloquent preaching I had considered we were to hear to day. Mrs Rawn self and children at church in morning + Mrs R and self there in evening Mr Niccolls is undoubtedly and very fine Preacher. Preaching without ______ with a good voice and agreeable manner – fine ____head + ________ ________ _______. But I certainly was not so struck with nor interested with his preaching as when he was here in July last – whether this was my deficiency of difference or his I cannot tell. There was a large turn out both morning and evening being more crowded in Eve. Than Morning and there being persons there on both occasions who do not very frequently attend there. Very soon after he commenced the services in the morning I became satisfied that I had been mistaken in anticipating him at the fervent pathetic and earnest speaker above who it seems was Mr Bliss, or else that his voice and manner had _____ changed – I am therefore let to anticipate hearing Mr Bliss again that I may also see if I find him not equal to before – home 8 ½ and to be 9 ½.

Monday, January 25, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

Jany 25 – 2 Clear – Fine – very mild – spring like – soft. I think it did not freeze at all last night. _____ through day. I walked on the Boardway between 9 + 10 am in all 1 ½ to 2 miles and went into Court at 10 am (collection in our Ch. Yest. [?] [?] 13 d. + I had no money with me ) Handed H.M. Naydon contribution to Board of [Publication] of ____ Church .50

Paid Martin Hoelle ____ bill from May 19 to Sept 29-63 both dates included 19 weeks + 1 Day at 35 cts per Week - $6.70

This is the first time this bill was presented to me Mr H’s ___ saying this was his fathers way not to present the bills till he wanted the money. Pd. By Chas R to his Order on Dau Dep Bank Mrs Rawn paid 1 Paper Gelatin 35, 1 lb Sugar + 1 lemon 20 - .55

1 lb Cake 50 + Handed Jno. Clavin 50 1.00

Philip Newbaker dined with us today $1.55

Mrs. Charlton her sister Miss E. Porter, Miss Dexter, Misses Smeed + De-Witt, Mrs Cresswell + her daughter Anna Mrs M.S. Beatty + her daughter Nelly spent Evening to 10 ½ P.M. Capt Jim Wilson + Ralph McClay came in 9 ½ PM. To bed 11 P.M.

Tuesday, January 26, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

26 – 3 Clear – Fine – very mild – soft – muddy – spring like – no freezing last night. Met Board of Enrollmnt. Morning and afternoon Dr Charlton + self only present – Capt Clement not returned from Mifflintown. I was in and out of Court yesterday and today. Walked through day 3 to 4 miles chiefly between 4 ½ and 5 ½ P.M. Spent Eve. At home + to bed 9 ½

Wednesday, January 27, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

27 – 4 Clear – fine – very mild – spring like – slight freezing in last night

Mrs Rawn at market and paid veal, beef and Sausage $1.59
1 lb butter 30, _____ Rolls 15. onions _____ Radish 31. 2 ______ 40 =1.16
Dried ______ 10, Whiting, Ginger _____ 25 .35
I pd. 2 lbs ______ Crackers. (______) .30

Recd. of [?] H. Louker 2 Mos Rent in advance on House and premises on Nate ___ ___ in possession of Fred R. Johnson on house to commence 1 Apl next per 1 Year – at $108 a year $18.00

______ of same _____ time ½ last of of Revenue Stamp to be put on our written or Printed ____ -- .25

said Charles A Louker is an old tenant of mine of the same premises who lived there several years and left there some two or three years ago – and has been living on the same street nearer the canal but has been wanting to get back to the old place ever since he moved. Wells [Overly] an old ______ Hotel keeper latterly living in ____ ____ died Saturday or Sunday last and was buried yesterday. He has been an extremely frail man for many years. _____ consumption Capt Clement returned last night. Board met in afternoon present Fr. Charlton + self. I walked through day at intervals 3 to 4 miles called between 9 + 10 P.M. to see Mr. Weitzel one of our clerks who was taken with fainting spells in one of our offices to day. Found him better and left him some ____. _____. Home 10 and to bed 10 ½ P.M.

Thursday, January 28, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

28 – 5 Clear – fine – very mild – spring like – slight freezing last night no _____ of Board of Enrollment today. I walked through the day 3 to 4 miles – H Kohler (carpenter) and self went to hullingers lumber yard and Bigher and Nilts Saw Mill in afternoon to look at shingles for the slate _____ house I bought of Wm Mitchell. We agreed to buy 5000 White Pine _____ shingles at Bigher and Nilts to be delivered tomorrow morning. Paid Mrs. Benjn. F. Noff present her daughter Lottie who signed the Receipt for 11 Pairs of Ribbed Woolen Hose Bought of Thomas Wenk of Milton _____ Pa in whose _____ the bill is. $3.93 ¾

6 Pairs of ____ Hose of Mrs Beatty + her daughter (Mrs B’s bill)$2.06 ¼
Which she paid Mrs Rawn for Mr Rawn "$1.87 ½

The other 5 Pairs for Mrs Rawn, Fanny, Juliana Rawn and the hired woman Nora Barry to whom that is JR I presented 2 Pairs and to Nora Berry 1 Pair, 8 Pairs of _____ stockings at 37 ¼ cts per pair. Recd. of Geo. Olris 2 mos Rent in advance from 1 Apl next on new lease to him from that _____ at $108 – (this leaves him due on 1 ______ next Mo one Mos Rent on his present lease) $18.00 Mrs R + self at Dr. Charltons after tea. Met Mayor + his wife (______ of Mrs Charlton) there whom we called to see. They are of Huntingdon County. I walked with Miss Elly Porter also a sister of Mrs C. to J._. Cresswells – left her ____ to Dr. C’s. Home from Beattys at 9 ½ to bed 10.

Friday, January 29, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

29 – 6 Clear – Fine – mild – spring like – warm – slight freezing last night - ______ summer appearance. Harry Kohler and two of his ____ roofing my slate _____ Mitchell house all day. I was up there in forenoon and also in the afternoon a half hour or so each. Malay was there in afternoon putting away the shingles – Met Board of Enrollment 4 to 5 P.M. ____ case under consideration. Spent evening at till 8 P.M. and then attended a tolerably large party of married ladies at D.D. Boas, Mrs Rawn there. Home 10 ¼ + to bed 10 ½ to 11

Saturday, January 30, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

30 – 7 Mist – Some Rain – very unpleasant all day – raw.

Mrs Rawn at market and Paid for Meat $1.15, 2 lbs Butter 60, ____ 8 -$1.83
______ and Buscuit 10 ______ 3 cts.13
6 lbs Sugar 92, Molasses 20, ½ lbs Pepper 20 1.32

Met Board of Enrollment from 11 a.m. to 12 ¾ PM and again in afternoon at 4 P.M. or so Dr. Charlton + self only present. Capt went home to _____ in afternoon. I wrote letter to H.W. [Bishoff] ______ (this boy) in reply to his _____ and kept copy. Met the Board of Trustees at a special meeting at Mr. Warfords ______ at 7 to 8 ¼ P.M. home 8 ¼ to 8 ½ - to bed 9 ½

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