Sunday, June 12, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

12 – 1 clear. fine. cool all day – (Paste over covers the rest of the entry) who has several times [ ] ask for us before (Paste over covers the rest of the entry) Evening I was not at church either M (Paste over covers the rest of the entry) with my back and Kidneys – wife and (Paste over covers the rest of the entry) d evenings Daughter Fanny and Self (Paste over covers the rest of the entry) d the cemetery between 4 and 6 pm (Paste over covers the rest of the entry) n.

Monday, June 13, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

13 – 2 clear. fine. cool. Me (Paste over covers the rest of the entry) ½ am. drafted to fill Exemptions in (Paste over covers the rest of the entry) [ ] got through by 11½ am.

[Paste over]

June 13 – I paid Ald. Peffer .50 ea

for taking [asker owlidgme]!.

of [ ] from F. R. Boas and from

Mrs. Rawn Self to Jossiah Winer

for Daulphin Property (N 14 [af..])

Mr Boas may not sell his there fore

yet to [asker owlidgme] – I only paid

for Mrs R self two [asker owlidgme]

Recd. of am. F. Brem (?) I mos rent. due 1 inst $20.00

left town at 4 pm on Rt. Rd. carr with clerks of Board of Enrollment for Sunbury to finish examinations of drafted men – Neitzel. Ralp. Bucher left with me – Dr. C & Capt. C[lements] not to leave till in tonight

June 13 – 2 contd arrived at Sunbury some 45 miles from home we stopped last fall and I got same Room I had then to [ ] Room no 7 on the 3rd story – spent Ev[ening] >at hotel and to bed 9 to 10 pm

Tuesday, June 14, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

14 – 3 clear & fine. Pleasant. Dr. C[harlton] & capt C[lemment] did not arrive till bet[ween] 2 and 3 pm. Where by we did not get to commence work until 3 – 3 ½ so much as usual for night travelling. The Drafted men of course had to wait being all on the ground this morning.

I wrote long letter in the morning to son Mr. Calvin Rawn sending landlord warrant – against Mr. [Joheiohmm Whdegrose.] Pursued Examination of Drafted men through afternoon and till between 6 and 7 pm. Spent evening chiefly at Hotel. Rev J.N. Young [ ] [ ] of this place called to see me after ten Had talk about farm him [ ] [ ] – to bed 9 to 10 pm

Wednesday, June 15, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

15 – 4 clear. fine. pleasant. some lite Rain in last Night. Rev. Mr. Young and self took short walk after breakfast. Board pursued examination of drafted men all day adjourning about 2 hours at noon and at 6 in Ev[ening]. I walked before tea after 5 ¾ pm. 2 to 2 ½ miles circular Spent evening at Hotel and to bed at 9 ½ to 10.

Thursday, June 16, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

16-5 clear-fine-pleasant-warmer- I took ride round some 10 miles or so between 71/2 and 9 am. with Rev. Mr. Young in [?] with 2 black ponies belonging to Mr. Servant a member of the congregation which he drives whenever he [paste over covers this section] of the most beautiful rides for interesting [?] [paste over covers this section] [?] fiecent views that I have ever taken – we return[paste over covers this section] Resumed Examination of [paste over covers this section] the Board of Enrollment which we pursued [?] [paste over covers this section] ½ to 2 hours [?] as dinner- and till 6 ½ [paste over covers this section] self called between 7 ½ and 8 ½ pm and made invite to [paste over covers this section] Clement-to be 10.

Friday, June 17, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

17-6 clear-fine-very war [paste over covers this section] Examination of drafted men all day at the [paste over covers this section] here we examined last full. Walked some later though day [?] –to be 10 to 11.

Paste Over

[?] 17 [?] ? Mr. Hake

Prest. Town Council Mr J. (v 30 ul 1-)

for A.Nter who deposited same in

my [?] at Harrisburg in Dauphin

Dep. Bank to my audit and

who [?] ? same amount

Further FEE $ 50.00

(v 27 L 30 May)

Saturday, June 18, 1864 page icon [Intro & Addenda] pdf icon [PDF]

18-7 clear-fine-pleasant- not quite so warm as yesterday continued our examination of drafted men and finished Snyder & Union counties at 4 to 5 pm. I was at Mr. B. Parker’s [?] with Lieut. Rofs on Thursday evening last about depositing our commutation money in his safe [?] in the [Middleton?] Bank of which he is President & met there [?] Cameron Geo. Muller, & a Mr. Etter of Middletown dauphin county-closed up [?] [?] here at Sunbury for this week was to leave in the 11-40 train of cars this evening for Harrisburg which the whole Board and clerk and orderly 7 in [?] did [?] drafting {paste over covers this section} morning with his [?] [?] 25,000 of [?] {paste over covers this section}

I Paid, Henry, colored man [?] {paste over covers this section} .25

paid colored Barber for daily {paste over covers this section} .05

reached home (Harrisb {paste over covers this section} ight

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